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Flumps are an iconic British confectionery treat made from sweet marshmallowy deliciousness…

Flumps are an iconic British confectionery treat made from sweet marshmallowy deliciousness. The squishy mallowy goodness is easily recognisable as it is twisted together in a colourful twirl. Their light and fluffy texture makes them quickly devourable and incredibly moreish! Lucky for us there’s plenty of sweet tasting mallow to go with these 20cm marshmallow […]

A hero among the pick’n’mix the Fried Eggs are a true retro classic

Fried eggs are an iconic sweet that take the form of their namesake, thankfully they taste nothing like egg! A moreish sweet containing a delicious marshmallowy base decorated by a sweet gummy yellow centre. They’ve continued to reign supreme as the most popular Haribo Starmix sweet, with their delightful mix of gummy and fun rubbery […]

Refresher Rolls a tangy burst of fruity fizz, a multicoloured, disk-shaped sweets come with a fruity flavour and that classic sweet chalkiness…

Refresher Rolls are another British retro classic, not to be confused with Swizzels Refreshers, Barratt’s Refresher Rolls have been around much longer. Invented in 1900s, these compressed tablet sweets are the big brother to the much loved Fizzers. Possessing a similar powdery texture and tongue tingling fizz to their fellow compressed sweets, Refresher Rolls are […]

Fizzzz…a moreish explosion in your mouth!

Funky, Flavoursome, Fizzy Bottles. Bubblegum Bottles are a yummy gummy sweet with extra fizz. These funky pink and blue bottles have that delicious distinctive bubblegum flavouring as well as a fizzy sugary coating, making them a sweet treat to remember. These pink and blue gummy bottles are a funky twist on the more traditional cola bottles. […]

WHAMMMMM! Salivate over this deliciously tangy chew sweet…

Thin chewy bars of luscious raspberry flavoured goodness filled with distinctive bursts of tongue tingling green sherbet caches. Wham Bars were the new kid of treats in the 1980s, now lauded as an iconic retro sweet. The fizzy sherbet bursts add an exciting palette teasing buzz to the classic raspberry chew. The Wham Bars packaging […]

Flying into this Week with another retro wonder we have the Flying Saucers!

Flying Saucers are small classic UFO shaped sweets of sherbet filled rice paper. Settled in your mouth the outer layer dissolves on your tongue for a burst of tongue tingling sherbet fun. There are plenty of different ways to devour a Flying Saucer. Some people like to dissect them by pulling the two halves apart […]

Everything you need to know about Jazzies, an internationally famed sweet

Jazzies are milk chocolate flavoured buttons peppered with brightly coloured hundreds and thousands. The melt in your mouth chocolate is complemented with the deliciously crunchy candy sprinkle topping. Their equally popular sister sweet Snowies are a white chocolate adaptation. The sprinkles we now term ‘hundreds and thousands’ were originally referred to as ‘Nonpareils’. The French […]

A popular ‘penny sweet’ invented right here in the UK!

Midget Gems are chewy, firm sweets similar to wine gums but smaller and harder. If you enjoy chewy wine gums, then definitely treat yourself to a bag of fruity Midget Gems! These small, chewy sweets come in a selection of intriguing fruity flavours including lime, pear, orange, blackcurrant, apricot and raspberry. Perfect for chewing on […]