A popular ‘penny sweet’ invented right here in the UK!

Midget Gems are chewy, firm sweets similar to wine gums but smaller and harder. If you enjoy chewy wine gums, then definitely treat yourself to a bag of fruity Midget Gems! These small, chewy sweets come in a selection of intriguing fruity flavours including lime, pear, orange, blackcurrant, apricot and raspberry.

Perfect for chewing on while at the cinema or sharing out on a car journey!

Midget Gems originated right here in the UK they were extremely popular in the North of England and were one of The Lion Confectionery Company’s biggest selling sweets. In 1995 the company joined forces with the Maynard’s brand of Midget Gems to market the sweet across the country. At the time the sweets were rebranded and the black Midget Gems were changed from the traditional liquorice flavour to the delicious blackcurrant we know and love to this day. This was only done however to the bagged product. The sweets sold loose, from jars and boxes, remained liquorice, and more recently the liquorice flavour has been reintroduced.

Did you know? Midget Gems were a popular choice of ‘penny sweet’ one of the leading selling points was that they were often sold loose from a jar or barrel. This made them inexpensive and helped bolster their popularity in traditional sweet shops.