A hero among the pick’n’mix the Fried Eggs are a true retro classic

Fried eggs are an iconic sweet that take the form of their namesake, thankfully they taste nothing like egg! A moreish sweet containing a delicious marshmallowy base decorated by a sweet gummy yellow centre. They’ve continued to reign supreme as the most popular Haribo Starmix sweet, with their delightful mix of gummy and fun rubbery textures they’re a joy to chomp at.

A hero among the pick’n’mix the Fried Eggs are a true retro classic. This sweet is instantly recognisable for its lush vanilla flavoured foamy base – a softer texture – which works to balance the slightly chewier lemony yolk gummy.

When eating a bag of Starmix, do you like to save them till last hoping to savour them or much like in my house are they the first to be devoured? Well with our bags you won’t have to worry either way they’ll be plenty to share and plenty to enjoy with a full bag of these delicious Fried Eggs!

Much like with any sweet there tends to be a trend of how to best enjoy eating such a classic sweetie. In this case there are more options than you might think. How do you eat them? All in one, or do you prefer to eat the gummy yolk first, saving the soft marshmallow to savour? Or are you one of the rouge few that eats the outer whites first before devouring the sweet lemon centre.

Fried Eggs seem like such a peculiar sweet to create and whilst retro British sweets are anything but the norm I found it mind boggling that Fried Eggs as sweets was ever even in question. So whilst I attempted to learn the motivation and process behind the invention of such a popular and beloved sweet I came across some first hand sources that claim they remember Fried Eggs being a package deal kind of sweet. A gummy English breakfast, if you will, much like the gummy pizzas and burger sweets of today. I’m curious to know if you remember something similar, or do you think Fried Eggs simply sprang into being from the mind of a creative genius?