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Rainbow drops are a sweet burst of nostalgia

Rainbow drops are a sweet burst of nostalgia, a throwback to the days of sneaky sweet shop visits between summer walks from school. The delightful coloured puffs of sugary maize and rice, have been a popular choice of confectionery since the 1930s. Spanning generations as a sweet shop favourite, whether you’re snacking on them for […]

Everything you need to know about Jazzies, an internationally famed sweet

Jazzies are milk chocolate flavoured buttons peppered with brightly coloured hundreds and thousands. The melt in your mouth chocolate is complemented with the deliciously crunchy candy sprinkle topping. Their equally popular sister sweet Snowies are a white chocolate adaptation. The sprinkles we now term ‘hundreds and thousands’ were originally referred to as ‘Nonpareils’. The French […]