Monthly Archives: June 2022

Alphabet Letters are an old retro sweet favourite…

Alphabet Letters are an old retro sweet favourite. Otherwise known as ABCs, Alphabet Letters are fun fruity flavoured hard sweets aptly named for their shape of the letters of the alphabet. Have fun exploring what you can spell! Produced in a random mix of playful soft pastel shades including, pink, yellow, orange and white, each […]

Chewy gooey accidental Lolly turns long time favourite sweet…

Drumstick lollies are a chewy sweet, recognised by their split colours and dual flavours. The unique combination of a chew and a lolly is a long time favourite of sweet lovers. The original milk and raspberry flavours have been enjoyed for 60+ years. This classic, retro lolly is smooth and creamy, a unique combination of […]

A fabulous traditional sweet, Snowies!

A fabulous traditional sweet, Snowies are creamy white chocolate buttons coated in rainbow coloured hundreds and thousands sprinkles. Eye-catching and moreish, Snowies are a great addition to any sweet stash that won’t go out of style! Jazzies and Snowies are multi-colored old fashioned sweet treats that have many names, Jazz Drops, Jazzles, Sno-Caps and Chocolate […]

Double Lollies, double the flavour : Do you know all the flavours?

Double Lollies are a hard chalky lolly containing double the fun, each lolly is made up of two fruity flavours and colours. The original long lasting lollies, unless of course like me you enjoy crunching down on this toothsome retro confectionery. Their powdery chalky texture is a blast from the past with nothing else quite […]

A British sweet with a mysterious namesake?

Dolly Mixtures a sweet traditional British confectionery from the 1920s. Consisting of an assorted range of flavoured sweets in a variety of shapes and colours. From the soft fondant cubes and tubes to sugar coated jellies these small sweets are mouth wateringly good. A prominent staple of British culture, Dolly Mix pops up in the […]

The forever sweet, Double Dip has kept it’s original recipe since the first release!

Double Dip is a sherbet dip confectionary. Aptly named double dip for the two different flavours of sherbet that make up this iconic sweet. The sweet consists of a sachet of two sherbet powders flavoured with zesty orange and juicy cherry, with a ‘swizzelstick’ for dipping. The ‘swizzelstick’ comes as a chalky sweet stick used […]