Chewy gooey accidental Lolly turns long time favourite sweet…

Drumstick lollies are a chewy sweet, recognised by their split colours and dual flavours. The unique combination of a chew and a lolly is a long time favourite of sweet lovers. The original milk and raspberry flavours have been enjoyed for 60+ years.

This classic, retro lolly is smooth and creamy, a unique combination of raspberry and milk. The nostalgic flavour is hard to forget and is instantly recognisable as the delicious creamy taste of a Drumstick.

How do you eat drumstick lollies? Do you prefer to lick and suck it like a traditional lolly or do you like to dive right in there and bite into this chewy delicious sweet?

Did you know? The Drumstick lollies were actually made accidentally, talk about a happy accident! Trevor Matlow son of one of the founders of Swizzles-Matlow was experimenting in the factory when he had the idea to pour two flavours of chew sweets into a machine before adding a lolly stick, and out came the dual flavoured drumsticks we know and love today.