For all the Sherbet and lolly lovers!

Dip Dab is a sweet composed of a sachet full of fluffy white zingy sherbet with that unmistakable red, juicy, strawberry flavour lolly stuck in the middle. A great combination of flavours. The red lollipop portion of sherbet dip dabs is succulent and sweet. The sherbet is sharp and zingy.

Once the lollipop has been licked, it can be dipped into the sherbet to create a wonderfully fizzy coating on the lollipop! Together they create a sweet fizzy sensation and if you take your time, the sherbet and lolly combination can last for hours!

Did you know? The exact date of when Sherbet Dip Dabs were first made is unknown! What we do know is that Barratt company’s Dip Dabs were first released sometime around the mid-1970s.