Jelly Babies! Need I say more?…

A true British classic, Jelly Babies are a soft sugary jelly type sweet that comes in a variety of colours and flavours taking the form of small plump babies.

Jelly Babies have been around as long as anyone today can remember, familiar to every generation they have somehow continued to be a popular choice of sweet to this day. Invented in 1864 these Jelly Babies are a timeless sweet, in a retro class all on their own. Curious to know how these juicy little fellas were created – well so was I. According to sweets legend the original ‘Jelly Babies’ as we know them were invented by an Austrian immigrant working at Fryers a sweetshop based in Lancashire.

Did you know? Jelly Babies were previously known as ‘Peace Babies’ concluding World War I in 1918, this popular sweet was renamed to mark the newly established peace in Europe.