Double Lollies, double the flavour : Do you know all the flavours?

Double Lollies are a hard chalky lolly containing double the fun, each lolly is made up of two fruity flavours and colours. The original long lasting lollies, unless of course like me you enjoy crunching down on this toothsome retro confectionery. Their powdery chalky texture is a blast from the past with nothing else quite like them.

The two toned lollies come in a variety of different flavour combos. My personal favourite is the delectable cherry and lime, a mix of pink and green. They also come in combos of pineapple, lemon and orange.

Did you know? Double Lollies were released in 1952 and have been hailed as a British favourite ever since. Interestingly they were launched the same year that Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. Will they continue to reign as the popular classic lolly of our childhood memories I wonder.