The forever sweet, Double Dip has kept it’s original recipe since the first release!

Double Dip is a sherbet dip confectionary. Aptly named double dip for the two different flavours of sherbet that make up this iconic sweet. The sweet consists of a sachet of two sherbet powders flavoured with zesty orange and juicy cherry, with a ‘swizzelstick’ for dipping. The ‘swizzelstick’ comes as a chalky sweet stick used […]

Wildly delicious and addictively sharp Sour Dummies!

Sour Dummies are a gummy shaped dummy that are coated in a sour sugar, a wildly delicious and addictive combination. These bright colourful dummies are tantalisingly tasty and an explosion of fun to eat, the perfect pick and mix treat! Sour Dummies come in an assortment of fruity flavours and colours. A truly tangtastic and […]

The History of Jawbreakers – a comfit and a bubble-gum all in one

Jawbreakers was invented in the early 1900’s by two brothers named Thomas and James Bowers. They were both born in 1883 and grew up in the small town of Newburgh, Indiana. Their father was a candy maker who had been making jawbreakers since he immigrated from Germany. He eventually opened his own shop where he […]

These sweets are the definition of sweet shop dreams…

Foam Bananas are a classic retro sweet! These sweets are the definition of sweet shop dreams, one of the definitive nostalgic sweets, a childhood classic for many. I think we all remember grabbing a handful of Bananas at one point and these delicious sweets are one of our most popular sweets, regularly making it into […]

A firm yet chewy confectionery, eye-catching with its bold colours…

Wine gums were first introduced in the late 19th century. A firm yet chewy confectionery, eye-catching with its bold colours and stamped with the names of alcoholic beverages. The texture is the perfect mix of chewiness and always a delight. Wine Gums are a truly British confection. They were originally created by a London confectioner […]

Candy Sticks originally a novelty confectionery…

Candy Sticks – formerly known as Candy Cigarettes – first appeared as a novelty confectionery in the 1930’s. This was following the success and growing popularity at that time of chocolate and bubble gum shaped as cigars/cigarettes. The sweets were even packaged in similar boxes to closely resemble actual cigarette packaging, the artwork often mimicked […]