Candy Sticks originally a novelty confectionery…

Candy Sticks – formerly known as Candy Cigarettes – first appeared as a novelty confectionery in the 1930’s. This was following the success and growing popularity at that time of chocolate and bubble gum shaped as cigars/cigarettes. The sweets were even packaged in similar boxes to closely resemble actual cigarette packaging, the artwork often mimicked popular brands of ‘smokes’ as they were termed in the thirties, and were given names that played on actual ‘smokes’ brands.

Did you know? In the past some manufacturers of Candy Cigarettes went as far as to dip the sweet into a red colouring on one end to mimic that of a lit cigarette. However during the 1950’s concerns raised about the potential future health risks to the generation of children exposed to these cool candy cigarettes reached a high. In some cases, candy cigarettes were even banned by several governments and states.

In the US state of North Dakota Candy Cigarettes were banned between 1953-1967. This was due to the fear that children would be led to try tobacco products at an early age, because of the sweet. This led to the name change to the now ‘Candy Sticks’ in the 1970’s. The sweets still maintain their cigarette shaped packaging, a remnant of a different time.