Retro sweet of the week!

Happy Monday to all you brilliant retro sweet fans, we love hearing from you all, so thanks for commenting, tweeting or Facebooking us ;).

After the amount of love we got from last weeks boiled sweet, we thought you might enjoy the chance to win another British classic.

This weeks Retro sweet of the week is…


Sherbet Lemons!

We love these so much here at retro sweets HQ. Especially when we offer someone one, then wait to see how long they can keep a straight face when they get to the sherbet centre. They make you go all squiffy ;).

If you’d like to win some delicious Sherbet Lemons, leave us a comment on this post and tell us what you think of our sweet. Do you love it, or even hate it (is that possible?!)? Do these take you back to days gone by?

All comments need to be in before 9am next Monday 23rd May. Good luck!

* P.s What do you think of our new bags of retro sweets? We’re so chuffed with them; you can now get a little retro sweet fix for under £1! Hooray! Hope you like them too :).

127 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Dawn says:

    Mmm I love sherbet lemons! The sweet outside followed by the sour powder middle that makes your eyes go all squinty!

  2. Sharne machin says:

    These are so nice 🙂 and aren’t they Dumbledores favourite sweet if there good enough for him , there good enough for me 🙂 btw your bags are reAlly nice and give a retro feel

  3. Keith C says:

    I love sherbert lemons, the only problem is I always try to suck them till I reach the sherbet naturally, but its IMPOSSIBLE, always crunch them too early 🙂

  4. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Wow! Haven’t had these for years. I remember my Dad loving these – and me trying to nick them off of him! Yummy lemon sweets – I can almost taste them now.

  5. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love sherbet lemons – but a good bag is so hard to find these days. Some shops seem to sell them but they have very little or no sherbet inside!!! (NO WAY!!!). The fuzzy sherbet – when it starts to leak out after plenty of sucking – is the most enjoyable part of the indulgence!!! I love all the old retro sweets – bon bons, sherbet dib-dabs, black bullets, rhubarb and custards etc etc etc….! If you can get a selection together and pop them in a nice big jar, complete with a ribbon, they make a fab birthday pressie!!! I’ll defo be checking out your site – glad I found you xxx Thanks for the great comp – liking, sharing and following and tweeting xxx @TracyNixon

  6. Jo McPherson says:

    These were my nan’s favourite sweet. Love them – always remember sucking the sherbert out then there would be a hole which your tongue got stuck in !

  7. Stephanie Llewellyn says:

    I haven’t had one of these for ages used to eat them all the time when I was a kid

  8. emma cella says:

    1: I love biting them then licking the sherbet out.
    2: They’re just simply delicious and addicting.
    3: Sherbet is one of the best things on earth

  9. Jenny Eaves says:

    I love sherbet lemons! They are my favourite boiled sweets, would love to win some! 🙂 x

  10. Katie Bancroft says:

    The reason I love sherbet lemons is because they’re vegan! A lot of sweets these days have gelatine, milk or god knows what else in them and so I’m not able to have them but boiled sweets are mostly always vegan. =D

    They also last me a lot longer than other sweets because I end up chomping through them so quickly. With boiled sweets you can suck them for ages.

  11. Gemma Harrison says:

    I haven’t had any sherbet lemons for years, I loved these and sherbet strawberries, both simply delicious x

  12. Daniella Abraham says:

    Love these sweets, especially when they have loads of sherbet in the middle!

  13. Rachael says:

    I LOVE sherbet lemons – they are my absolute fav and no other boiled sweet can compare! My mouth is watering at the thought!

  14. Jamie-Lee says:

    I remember my mums ultimate bribe when she used to bribe me into going to see my great grandad by giving me a bag of sherbet lemons to share with him. A kid would do anything for sherbet lemons. Come to think of it i would still get bribed for them now but best not tell my husband that

  15. sarah wilkins says:

    I love anything lemon flavoured. That sour taste that makes you screw up your face is great so sherbet lemons hit the spot. Lovely jubbly

  16. Josh says:

    MMMMM…tasty! Reminds me of Harry Potter! Haha just wish they changed colour inside too like the Harry Potter ones!

  17. Luisa L says:

    I love them, I used to try suck them but I couldn’t.. i had to crunch so I could get the fab hit of sherbet faster.

  18. liz denial says:

    Ooh sherbet lemons, my favourites, they’re the only sweets I ever buy, great for during a flight when going on holiday

  19. simone lee says:


  20. James Williams says:

    These are my all time favourite sweets!! IF NOT THE BEST SWEETS IN THE WORLD!!

  21. john meredith says:

    Lemon Sherberts are the best.
    The sweetmakers put these to the test.
    Their tingy tangy taste delights.
    Sherbert lemons are fizzy on the tongue.
    I liked them when I was young.
    It was then 2 oz or a quarter but I buy them now for my son and daughter :).

  22. Sandra says:

    Oooo sherbert lemons – my Grandma used to keep a bag to hand because she got a dry mouth, and I used to pinch them 🙂

  23. alex says:

    taste great makes me feel little again and odl coz they being called retro im only 22

  24. Richard Holmes says:

    Perfect sweets, used to beg my mother to buy these in a tiny sweetshop, next to the dentists!

  25. Lynsey Ward says:

    These make my mouth tingle, love them.. the way you suck them and the sherbert comes out.. or crunch them for a tingle tastic sherbert outburst.. yum

  26. Georgina Ball says:

    LOVE sherbert lemons! When you sucking away and suddenly the sherbert centre is released – delish!

  27. Teresa says:

    Wow…major flashback, I used to love these. These and Strawberry Bon Bons were 2 of my fav sweets ever!

  28. Helen Garner says:

    These were my dad’s favourites when I was little and they are my husband’s favourites now!

  29. Lynne OConnor says:

    I used to love going into my local newsagents as a kid with my dad as I could choose a quarter of sweets. I nearly always chose Sherbert Lemons and lemon is still my favourite dessert flavour.

  30. kelly smith says:

    aw i love these sweets, they remind me of when i was little and we used to go to the tuck shop with my mam and there were tons of jars of sweets – this was one of my fave, yum x


    I love sherbet lemons but they do cut the top of your mouth after a while of sucking, like pear drops or cola cubes. Love the squiffyness when you get to the sherbet.

  32. Karen Painter says:

    Ooooh sherbert lemons….I remember my grandad meeting me at the school gates with these nearly 40 years ago. Loved tem then and still love them now!

  33. alison wakefield says:

    Wow I love these and always have a handfull in a little bag in my pocket.

  34. Cheryl Seddon says:

    These are still one of my favourite sweets; my Mum always used to buy them for herself when I was little but I used to try and pinch one when she wasn’t looking. Even now I’ve moved away from home, whenever I go back to see her, there’s always a bag of these in the fruit bowl – I usually pocket a couple on the sly and eat them in the car on the way home :-))

  35. julie reed says:

    Would love a bag of sherbert lemons! Sooo fizzzy! Celebrating my 40th on 29th what a better way to celebrate with the kids in half term a bag of @chewbz lemon sherberts! Xx

  36. Rick Smith says:

    Yummy I love sherbet lemons, one of those sweets that has the little fizzy suprise.

  37. Amanda Wakefield says:

    My Dad always used to have these – my Nan used to buy him a bag every week when she came to visit (not sure why he got the sweets and not us kids!) They bring back memories of Sunday afternoons when we’d try to pinch them from Dad!

  38. Jennifer Stokes says:

    Yum, loved these so much I’d still eat the whole bag despite having a sore tongue!!

  39. Jennifer Stokes says:

    Yum, love these, they’re so tangy they give you a pain behind your ears!!

  40. Christopher Bell says:

    Sherbert lemons are pretty kewl….if its the ones that make you scrunch up your face with the fizziness! OR is that the sour ones? I forget now!

    Maybe they are just nice instead of kewl? Either way I’d love to munch on them! 🙂

  41. Ruth Worthington says:

    I remember sucking so many lemon sherberts as a kid that I used to get little cuts in my mouth, never stopped me doing it though !

  42. Cheryl Morris says:

    I bought some of these for my office a few weeks ago and they disappeared within minutes! They’re really gorgeous. Not too sweet but they really hit the spot!

  43. Stacey Schofield says:

    OOOOHHHHHH flashback to childhood!!! cant remember the amount of times i used to make my tongue sore from eating too many of these! not had them for years!!! fantastic competition!

  44. Yolanda Barker says:

    i love lemon sherbert – although if eat the whole bag those tongue mouth ulcers were a tad sore.

  45. Lisa Altinkupru says:

    Sherbit Lemons take me back to a Sunday afternoon when my nan used to bring us a bag of sherbet lemons 🙂

  46. Laura says:

    Sherbert lemons are awesome. Can’t crunch them though, too big a taste explosion!

  47. Nicola Perkins says:

    sherbert lemons are amazing! always used to have then at my nans when i was little.

  48. Steph says:

    theses are one of my favourite sweet, you don’t see them much in the shops though, I would love to win some.

  49. MAZZ MULLARKEY says:

    These have to be my favourites, along with the coconut mushrooms!! It’s very very hard to find the retro sweets in any shops, so this site is a fab place to hunt down your favourite sweeties.
    Good work all.

  50. Sally W says:

    It’s always been one of those ‘on the fence’ sweets for me for as long as I can remember. I eat them, sometimes I enjoy them and sometimes I really don’t like them at all – can’t see it ever changing now.

  51. Stuart Osborne says:

    If i’m in the mood for them, then I will eat them. Definitely avoid them at all other times though.

  52. Richard R says:

    Always liked them but why just lemon? There could be sherbert oranges and limes too.

  53. Jo Bryan says:

    I adore lemon sherberts. I love lemon flavours the best. I find the sharp tang and sweetness together makes my tongue tingle. Yummo is what I think.

  54. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Thanks again for all the brilliant entries guys, you cheer our Mondays right up with your retro sweet memories!

    After much debating in the Chewbz office, our favourite comment this week, is…

    John Meredith for his brilliant poem:
    Lemon Sherberts are the best.
    The sweetmakers put these to the test.
    Their tingy tangy taste delights.
    Sherbert lemons are fizzy on the tongue.
    I liked them when I was young.
    It was then 2 oz or a quarter but I buy them now for my son and daughter 🙂

    Well done John! You will be recieving one of lovely new jars of Sherbet Lemons 🙂

    We also liked these so much too, so they will all be getting their hands on a bag of Sherbet Lemons too:
    Karen Painter
    Julie Reed
    Amanda Wakefield
    Tracy Nixon
    Katie Bancroft

    Thanks so much for taking part, we really do appreciate each and every comment, so don’t forget to try your luck again this week!

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