• Click to view Heart Jelly Bean Tin!
    Heart Jelly Bean Tin
    This small tin of heart shaped jelly beans is an ideal surprise gift, that you can slip in your pocket and pull out later when you want to surprise that special person, this tin is packed with lovely heart shaped jelly beans that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.
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  • Click to view Giant Gobstoppers!
    Giant Gobstoppers
    For patient retro sweet fans only. It will take you a very long time to break through these giants!
    View Giant Gobstoppers details
  • Click to view Anglo Bubbly Gum!
    Anglo Bubbly Gum
    From 1.15
    We reckon this is the best bubble gum ever, and we're sure all you bubble blowing fans out there will agree that nothing beats an Anglo Bubbly Bubble!
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  • Click to view Tuckshop Mix!
    Tuckshop Mix
    From 1.15
    A lollytastic piece of retro sweet heaven with a mix of double lollies, drumsticks, fruity pops, fizzers, parma violets, love hearts and climpies. Choice of 3 different sizes & containers!
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  • Click to view Flumps!
    All thatÊsquishyÊmallowy goodness, twisted and twirled together, is instant happiness inducing heaven!
    View Flumps details
  • Click to view Strawberry Cables!
    Strawberry Cables
    Pick Ôn' Mix bags became truly delicious topped off with a few of these curled in!
    View Strawberry Cables details
  • Click to view Candy Watch!
    Candy Watch
    What time is it? Candy time of course!
    View Candy Watch details
  • Click to view Friendship Rings!
    Friendship Rings
    From 1.15
    Many a playground marriage was made official by one of these sticky Friendship Rings!
    View Friendship Rings details
  • Click to view Gobstoppers !
    From 1.15
    Gobstoppers are like a retro sweetie challenge, they just keep going and going!
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  • Click to view Chocolate Jazzies!
    Chocolate Jazzies
    From 1.15
    Don't mistake these with the little jazzies you used to pop into your pick Ôn' mix, these are Jazzles and they are massive! Choice of 4 different sizes & containers!
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  • Click to view Drumsticks !
    From 1.15
    Drumsticks take us right back to the Tuck Shop, and all those times we got the chewy bits stuck in our teeth! So worth it though, as Drumsticks rule!
    View Drumsticks  details
  • Click to view Double Lollies!
    Double Lollies
    From 1.15
    Double Lollies are a lollytatstic British classic that will keep your retro sweet tooth satisfied for hours. Choice of 3 different sizes & containers!
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  • Click to view Love Hearts !
    Love Hearts
    From 1.15
    The most romantic retro sweet out there, give these to your sweet or keep them all to yourself!
    View Love Hearts  details
  • Click to view Fizzers !
    From 1.15
    A real fizzy favourite, these teeny tiny rolls of retro sweets are a rainbow of fruity flavours.
    View Fizzers  details
  • Click to view Parma Violets !
    Parma Violets
    From 1.15
    Ahh Parma Violets, the Marmite of the retro sweets world, you really do love them or hate them!
    View Parma Violets  details
  • Click to view Refreshers !
    From 1.15
    Refresher Chews are one of our most popular retro sweets. The blue and yellow packaging is bound to take you back to all those retro sweetie-filled trips to the corner shop.
    View Refreshers  details
  • Click to view Aniseed Twists !
    Aniseed Twists
    From 1.15
    A proper British boiled retro sweet, you can't mistake that pow of the Aniseed twang!
    View Aniseed Twists  details
  • Click to view Butterscotch !
    From 1.15
    Bound to take you back to the good old days, this creamy butterscotch classic is as popular now as it was way back when.
    View Butterscotch  details
  • Click to view Rhubarb & Custard !
    Rhubarb & Custard
    From 1.15
    An absolute British icon, there's a place in everyone hearts for a Rhubarb and Custard!
    View Rhubarb & Custard  details
  • Click to view Humbugs !
    From 1.15
    Not just for Christmas, these classic minty retro sweets make even scrooge come over all fuzzy inside!
    View Humbugs  details
  • Click to view Sherbet Lemons !
    Sherbet Lemons
    From 1.15
    The zingy lemon in these classics make them really tart, but we love them all the same!
    View Sherbet Lemons  details
  • Click to view Rosy Apples !
    Rosy Apples
    From 1.15
    We like to think that these yummy boiled retro sweets count towards our five a day...
    View Rosy Apples  details
  • Click to view Strawberries & Cream !
    Strawberries & Cream
    From 1.15
    Mmm Strawberries and Cream are like the taste of British summer, all wrapped up in a lovely little boiled retro sweet.
    View Strawberries & Cream  details
  • Click to view Chocolate Limes !
    Chocolate Limes
    From 1.15
    A zingy little green retro sweet with a whole lot of posh chocolate hiding inside its boiled shell...
    View Chocolate Limes  details
  • Click to view Black Jacks !
    Black Jacks
    From 1.15
    You're always telling us how much you love Black Jacks in our Chewbz, so now you can buy a whole load of them to enjoy!
    View Black Jacks  details
  • Click to view Shrimps !
    From 1.15
    A pick 'n' mix favourite, we always had a scoopful of foamy Shrimps in our paper bags.
    View Shrimps  details
  • Click to view Fried Eggs !
    Fried Eggs
    From 1.15
    The King of the pick 'n' mix! Fried Eggs have been around for as long as we can remember.
    View Fried Eggs  details
  • Click to view Cola Bottles !
    Cola Bottles
    From 1.15
    These are possibly the yummiest jelly retro sweets around, and we don't know anyone who isn't partial to a cola bottle or two!
    View Cola Bottles  details
  • Click to view Flying Saucers !
    Flying Saucers
    From 0.99
    The sherbet retro sweet sensation that's truly out of this world!
    View Flying Saucers  details
  • Click to view White Chocolate Jazzies !
    White Chocolate Jazzies
    Don't mistake these with the little jazzies you used to pop into your pick Ôn' mix, these are Jazzles and they are massive!
    View White Chocolate Jazzies  details
  • Click to view Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles !
    Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
    One of our favourite bottles, these pink and blue chews are packed with fizzy flavour!
    View Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles  details
  • Click to view Traffic Light Lollies !
    Traffic Light Lollies
    Traffic light lollies were a big part of our childhood, and we're sure you have sweet memories of them too!
    View Traffic Light Lollies  details
  • Click to view Jelly Button Spogs !
    Jelly Button Spogs
    Used to buy Liquorice Allsorts just for these? Now you can treat yourself to some uninterrupted Spog munching!
    View Jelly Button Spogs  details
  • Click to view Sour Fizzy Dummies !
    Sour Fizzy Dummies
    A real treat for fans of all things tangy, these are our favourite fizzy sweets!
    View Sour Fizzy Dummies  details
  • Click to view Dolly Mixture !
    Dolly Mixture
    Not just for girls, we know a fair few men who are partial to a handful of Dolly Mixture too!
    View Dolly Mixture  details
  • Click to view Fruit Salads !
    Fruit Salads
    From 1.15
    The Fruit Salad is an ultimate, retro sweet chewy classic, with flavours of pineapple and raspberry that make your mouth water!
    View Fruit Salads  details
  • Click to view Candy Cones !
    Candy Cones
    Just like your favourite seaside treat, but without the sticky ice cream melting all over your fingers!
    View Candy Cones  details
  • Click to view Pink And White Mice !
    Pink And White Mice
    A regular in every pink Ôn' mix bag in Britain, these are the sweetest critters around!
    View Pink And White Mice  details
  • Click to view Aniseed Balls !
    Aniseed Balls
    Only for the most dedicated Aniseed fan, these little balls pack quite a punch!
    View Aniseed Balls  details
  • Click to view Liquorice Comfits !
    Liquorice Comfits
    A colourful treat for all you Liquorice lovers out there!
    View Liquorice Comfits  details
  • Click to view Everton Mints !
    Everton Mints
    You told us just how much you love these, so now they've joined our range of brilliant boiled sweets!
    View Everton Mints  details
  • Click to view Pear Drops !
    Pear Drops
    Who could say no to a juicy Pear Drop? One of the best boiled sweets around, you can't beat one of these for a jolt of nostalgia!
    View Pear Drops  details
  • Click to view Strawberry Bon Bons !
    Strawberry Bon Bons
    One of the Nation's favourite sweets, brilliant Bon Bons are one of life's sweetest pleasures!
    View Strawberry Bon Bons  details
  • Click to view Milk Bottles !
    Milk Bottles
    The original and best milky sweets, everyone has a soft spot for these!
    View Milk Bottles  details
  • Click to view American Hard Gums !
    American Hard Gums
    Who's childhood memories didn't involve a Hard Gum or two? Now you can get your hands on a whole load of these pick Ôn' mix favourites!
    View American Hard Gums  details
  • Click to view Yellow Bellied Snakes !
    Yellow Bellied Snakes
    We've sought out the sweetest serpents around to bring you these scrumptious Yellow Bellies!
    View Yellow Bellied Snakes  details
  • Click to view Wine Gums !
    Wine Gums
    The original and best Wine Gums for your chewing pleasure!
    View Wine Gums  details
  • Click to view Bananas !
    From 1.15
    If only the real thing tasted quite as sugary sweet. Then we'd be well on our way to five a day!
    View Bananas  details
  • Click to view Black Jacks & Fruit Salads !
    Black Jacks & Fruit Salads
    From 1.15
    Fruit Salads and Black Jacks were meant to be together, and now you can have your very own mix!
    View Black Jacks & Fruit Salads  details
  • Click to view Jelly Beans !
    Jelly Beans
    Bright, beautiful and delicious, you'll be taken right back to the good old days with the sweetest of beans!
    View Jelly Beans  details
  • Click to view Giant Strawberries !
    Giant Strawberries
    A true fruity great, these almost taste better than the real thing! Just thinking of that fruity flavour gets our mouth watering!
    View Giant Strawberries  details
  • Click to view Jelly Babies !
    Jelly Babies
    No jelly sweet collection would be complete without the humble Jelly Baby; these have been a favourite since 1918!
    View Jelly Babies  details
  • Click to view Bubblegum Balls !
    Bubblegum Balls
    Loads of little Bubble Gum Balls, these will keep you chewing for ages!
    View Bubblegum Balls  details
  • Click to view Coconut Mushrooms !
    Coconut Mushrooms
    Now this is what we call a real traditional treat! These are a firm favourite of every coconut fan in Britain!
    View Coconut Mushrooms  details
  • Click to view Assorted Toffees !
    Assorted Toffees
    A terrific toffee collection, that's like the selection box of dreams for your favourite toffee fan!
    View Assorted Toffees  details
  • Click to view Kola Kubes !
    Kola Kubes
    Could this be the most popular classic boiled sweet ever? You all think so and we have to agree that Kola Kubes are just brilliant!
    View Kola Kubes  details
  • Click to view Candy Necklaces !
    Candy Necklaces
    We'll never grow too old to wear the sweetest piece of jewellery ever around our necks!
    View Candy Necklaces  details

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