Retro sweet of the week… winners!

Wow! There really are a lot of Butterscotch fans out there! Thanks so much for all of your brilliant comments, we’ve loved reading through all the sweet memories :).

The lucky winner of our Butterscotch Retro sweet of the week has got her hands on one of our brand new Small Jars of Butterscotch. These Jars are really, really lovely and a delicious way to display your retro treats :D.


So this week’s winner is…

Caroline French for her brilliant comment:

“My dad always had (and still does!) a few of this in various pockets albeit slightly unwrapped and with a free amount of ‘fluff’ attached! fantastic taste, can be crunched in a second or sucked for ages!….i always prefer the suck then chew approach! mmmmmmmmm also a perfect aid to have out and about for restless children and a naughty mum trying to find a substitute for a nicotine carving on a night out!”

Because the comments were so good again this week (and we’re just so sweet) we’ve also chosen some lucky runners up to recieve a Mini Chewb of Butterscotch each:

Janice Channer

Ruth Worthington

Sue R

Cheryl Seddon

Congratulations everyone! We will be in touch this afternoon for details on how to claim your sweet prizes :D.

A new Retro sweet of the week is coming right up, so keep those eyes peeled!

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