Retro sweet of the week!

We’re back again to bring a bit of retro fun to your gloomy Monday and give you the chance to win some sweets!

Here at Chewbz HQ, we all agree that this weeks Retro sweet of the week brings back instant corner shop memories! Ever since we added these to our new range, they have just been flying out of the warehouse! They may have changed the name and packaging to be, er, more suitable for kids but they still taste just the same.

This weeks Retro sweet of the week is…

Candy Sticks

Candy Sticks!

Who remembers these? Share your sweet memories with us, tell us what you think of this weeks sweet, and you could win some Candy Sticks of your own!

All you need to do to be in with the chance of winning, is leave a comment on this post before 9am next Tuesday 31st May :D.

105 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Keith C says:

    Ahh, good old Barrats Candy Cigarettes….whoops!….I mean candy sticks of course 😉 You could pretend you were older and cooler (no wonder they were forced to change the name!) and you got a free football trading card. Awesomeness!

  2. Alexandra Cunningham says:

    Would love to win some of these, takes me back to being a kid again 🙂

  3. Winifred Davidson says:

    We used to think we were so sophisticated “smoking” with these candy sticks.

  4. andi says:

    OMG! We were just talking about these the other day, when we used to hold them like cigarettes and pretend to smoke them before eating them! I remember they were really sweet tasting too. I would love to try these again!

  5. Sarah Eggleton says:

    I remember these fondly! We also used to pretend they were cigarettes lol!

  6. Sue R. says:

    These & liquorice pipes were my favorites!
    I never did progress onto the real thing lol
    Happy Days!

  7. Sharon Edwards says:

    OMG I loved these as a kid. I would suck on them and see how sharp a point I could make. I can just taste them now. Shame they had to have the pink “lit” end taken away. I bet I could find some old trading cards somewhere.

  8. Gemma Harrison says:

    I loved these as a young child, we pretended they were cigarettes and we would bite a little off every time we put it too our lips as if it was burning down. My 2 young sons both love them now and I must admit when I open them for my boys I always nick a couple for myself.

  9. Ben says:

    OMG!!! i used to love these when i was kid pretending to smoke them like cigarettes lol!

  10. Tom Hayhust says:

    I’d forgotten these even existed! I remember being told off for pretending to smoke them!

  11. Katie Bancroft says:

    I remember buying these from my local sweet shop as a kid, eating them with my friends outside and then being sooo worried my parents would find me with these “cigarettes” that I hid the packet!!

  12. Tracy Nixon says:

    Yes – pretendy cigarettes!!! My brother used to stick them up his nose lol!!! I love those old sweets – still buy them and eat them at 36!!

    Please enter me into the comp xxx

  13. lucy osborne says:

    we used to love getting these although me and my mates used to sling the rubbishy football cards in them, we’dsit on the wall and pretend to smoke them thinking we were really cool. my children do the same now lol

  14. kelly smith says:

    yum i remember these, me n my friends used to pretend we were smoking with them. ah the good old days with yummy sweets lol x

  15. Charlotte Mountford says:

    My absolute favourite childhood candy!

    All the children at school and myself used to pretend they were cigarettes…

    …and then you could play the game of seeing how many you could fit into your mouth at once

    …plus they’re pure sugar, heaven!

  16. Sarah Laycock says:

    People used to give me filthy looks when I was a child thinking I was an early smoking starter!

  17. david w says:

    Wow candy sticks! Remember them well. Who remembers Pacers though, i loved them. Stripey minty versions of chewits and speaking of chewits what about banana chewits!!

  18. Isabelle Smith says:

    love these candy sticks used to pretend they were ciggartes back in prinmary school haha 🙂
    my favourite sweets are 1p pix n mix, a huge bag , yummy

  19. Rachael says:

    Yum! I use to pretend these were cigarettes when I was little. Soft or crunchie, I love candy sticks!!

  20. Ashley Whitehouse says:

    I actually bought a pack of these the other day, was delighted as you never see them around!

  21. Jo McPherson says:

    I used to love these, haven’t had them in ages. Used to suck the ends for ages (pretending they were cigarettes)

  22. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Blimey. Haven’t seen these in a long time! We used to pretend to be smoking and funnily enough, no-one batted an eyelid! We’ve been looking for these recently as my daughter is in Grease and wanted to pretend to smoke!

  23. Georgina Ball says:

    I used to pretend these were cigarettes when I was a kid, they looked just like my Dad’s roll ups.

  24. Richard Holmes says:

    I seem to remember these having a red tip to make them look like cigs?

    They tasted better than cigarettes do, quit the real ones 8 years ago.

  25. SARAH says:

    O wud luv to win some of these,They were my fav’s when i was growing up me and my little sister used to share a box and wud eat them really slow lol 🙂 XX

  26. JoC says:

    Great for doing my Clint Eastwood impression 😉

    Probably very un-pc nowadays…which just makes them even cooler!

  27. celtic and conwy meredith says:

    Our mummy buys these for us it is a must!
    We love the taste so very much…
    But its our pocket money that we have to touch.
    To buy a little packet of sweets.
    Is our weekly treat.
    Daddy likes them so much too
    Candy sticks are so yummy.
    We like them to fill our tummy :)!!!

  28. nicole says:

    child hood sweties im 27yrs young and stil love them me and my son whos 3 yrs ild fights over them lol send me some plzzz x

  29. Lisa Wells says:

    owww we used to think we were sooo cool pretending to smoke these now our kiddies would look at us as if we were mad…we must be getting old argggggggggggg

  30. Judy Park says:

    Used to get a shilling pocket money on a Saturday morning, would go straight to the corner shop and buy these and a sherbert dib dab and still have change.

  31. Vicki Macdonald says:

    Oooo wow, i used to love these, i got through packets of them when i was pregnant, i craved them something awful & i also remember pretending to smoke with them when i was younger hahaha….they bring back so many memories, i hope they taste as good as they used too x

  32. kenny welsh says:

    Awwww i so remember these 🙂 Walking into the shop and mother getting me them then at the age of 6-7 walking down the road pretending to puff my head off 🙂 They are one of the very best sweets ever invented 🙂

  33. Jonathan Boulding says:

    I remember when these used to have football cards in. I was more obsessed with the cards than the candy! Now it’s the other way round …obviously 😉

  34. Claire Jones says:

    Yeah I remember these well! Hanging around the school gates ‘smoking’ them and thinking we were so cool. Would love to win some to bring the memories back!

  35. Sue Maben says:

    This will just make my hubbies day.He has always loved these but we haven’t seen them around for a long time.I am going to treat him to some as he is convalescing after a bad operation and this will certainly cheer him up.I am off to get some now.Thank you Chewbz you are wonderful.xSue x

  36. tracey scott says:

    used to pretend these were pretendy cigarettes for all i hated smokers! also used to like black jacks (great that you can still get them) and also sherbit and lollys. definitely the sweets of yesterday. great they are making comebacks.

  37. Sue Harrison says:

    Sweet cigarettes 🙂 oops candy sticks… wow that was a long while ago.. yes we loved them xx

  38. Jules Naybur says:

    Loved these a kid, and My Kids love them now( not that you find them in many places) Brill x

  39. will tunnicliffe says:

    Wow this takes me back. Used to love collecting the cards and swapping them while we “smoked” our sweets.

  40. aisling mccloskey says:

    oh my good i remember these thinking you were cool pretending to smoke one while lighting it with another lol my three year old son even does this now he loves them xx

  41. Emma Barron says:

    my kids love these – they sometimes have the spiderman ones. I remember these ones as a child. Does anyone remember the chocolate cigarette sticks wrapped with really thin paper. I used to pretend to smoke with these as a child – how sad, lol!!

  42. Emma Barron says:

    my kids love these – they sometimes have the spiderman ones. I remember these ones as a child. Does anyone remember the chocolate cigarette sticks wrapped with really thin paper. I used to pretend to smoke with these as a child – how sad.

  43. joanne saunders says:

    I loved these when i was akid me and my friends used to walk around with them in our mouths acting as if we were smoking lol.they were so tasty the tastiest! if i remember correctly they used to have some promotional packs with like barbie cards in or something lol aw the old sweets memories memories memories 😀

  44. Jo Young says:

    I can definitely remember these and the way we used to pretend to smoke them LOL

  45. Jenny Casey says:

    I had these as a child, I recently found my dad after no contact for 20 years, and for easter he sent my children a chewbz retro hamper and it had these candy sticks in it, they brought back so many memories for me and have now linked my dad to my childhood, as I will now not only fondly remember my childhood but will also remember the hamper my dad sent.


    These were my absolute favourites and I used to buy them all the time. You could also get really long ones that were sold individually for 1/2p each. I remember clearing out the shop once as I spent a whole 20p on 40 ‘cigarettes’. While we were ‘smoking’ them in the street one of my elderly neighbours said she was going to tell my mum that we were smoking!

  47. John Aspey says:

    Used to walk around with these pretending to be grownup and smoking!! bad habit these where lol!

  48. Josh says:

    These things were a must in my weekly pocket money spending! they are sooooo tasty! Anyone else love the tattoos you could get with some other brands as well? haha Awesome!

  49. louise says:

    used to love these as a kid, now my son loves them…obviously he has his mams good taste!

  50. Suplementy says:

    Thank you for another excellent post. Where else could anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such information.

  51. Laura Sterling says:

    my mom has told me about these how she and her brothers /sister would pend to be smoking love to try some

  52. Rachel Medhurst says:

    I used to love these alot! I would take tiny bites and suck them so they lasted a really long time.

  53. Jacqueline Burton says:

    Oooh! Love these! I still buy these sometimes and secretly eat them all by myself 😀

  54. katrina walsh says:

    Oh how these little joys bring back memories. I used to love the little pink tinge some of the has at the end and loved nibbling it off.

  55. Rachael Lines says:

    We all used to have these and act like they were real ciggies, nibbled them down like we smoked them haha. Didnt they get rid of the red end?

  56. felicity morris says:

    omg I love these! And now am introducing my daughter, a whole new next gen!

  57. Chmaine Apaloo-Lee says:

    Love candy sticks, still buy them now …well for my little brother really 🙂

  58. Jennifer Kelly says:

    I loooove these, my all time fave sweet. The kids love them too but I always end robbing them off them :O :O

  59. Kelly Koya says:

    These were so nice, the superman ones you get today jsut aren’t quite the same.

  60. Amanda Wakefield says:

    Not sure they’re very politically correct these days, what with the smokiong connection, but used to love them as a kid! Both my parents smoked at the time, so this was probably my way of copying them – thankfully I never copied them with the real thing, so can’t have been too much of a bad influence!

  61. Luisa L says:

    I loved these, I ate loads and had them hanging out of my mouth like Dot Cotton all the time when I was a kid… and yet I was never tempted to take up smoking!

  62. RUTH PALMER says:


  63. annette hanley says:

    I used to love these and yes i admit it i used to pretend i was smoking when i had these saying that i have never smoked in my entire life so they did me no harm lol

  64. Hazel rush says:

    I used to think I was so cool pretending to smoke them! They were one of my favourites!

  65. Kelly Hooper says:

    I loved these as a child 🙂 my sisters and I would pool our left over pocket money together to buy a pack to share after school from the local post office


    i loved theses when i was young and would love to see if they still taste fab

  67. Afshan Qayyum says:

    Loved these when i was younger, remember popping into the sweet shop on my way home from school!

  68. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Good morning Candy Stick fans!

    Thanks for all of your great comments once again, they were all brilliant and we just love hearing all of your sweet memories!

    There were two comments that were really lovely though, and we just couldn’t choose between them… so this weeks winners are…

    Jenny Casey and Sue Maben!

    We will be sending you both an email this morning, so keep an eye on those inboxes.

    If you weren’t lucky this week, don’t despair! There will be a new sweet of the week coming up this afternoon :).

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