3ft of sweets!

Have you seen our Stupid Big Chewbz?

Stupid Big Sweetshop Chewb

Measuring a whopping 3 FEET TALL, these Chewbz are bigger than a small child!

Stupid Big Retro Sweets Chewb

We’ve noticed that we’re selling more and more of these gigantic Chewbz as Christmas shopping kicks off (only 65 sleeps to go by the way!)

Stupid Big Tuck Shop Chewb

Anyone lucky enough to have Santa bring one of these will have their sugar cravings sorted well into next year!

4 thoughts on “3ft of sweets!

  1. Alicia Maria says:

    I think if I eat 3 foot of sweets, my dentist would have a field day.. yet I find the idea strangely appealing.. this website is awesome!! I’ll be getting the young-uns some goodies from santa, with the help of Chewbz.. x

  2. Tracy Payne says:

    I simply have to buy some of your wicked sweets, my children are all older now but who says Santa can’t be nice to me…..he he he

  3. Bobbie Jones says:

    I have always loved chewy sweets, infact from a very young age I chewed thru yards of chews, especialy Blackjacks !! Thinking of them is bringing me back to my happy childhood sixty odd years ago!

  4. Karen Du Four says:

    Its very difficult to get these type of sweets in Jersey, Channel Islands, Black Jacks and Lovehearts, I was always eating Black Jacks when I was younger. I will definately have to get myself some of your fab sweets, a little treat for me from Santa I think 🙂 although don’t tell my dentist, lol

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