Retro sweet of the week!

***UPDATE: Thanks for the great comments everyone, they’ve all been brilliant!

This weeks Retro sweet of the week give-away has now closed!

All addresses received before 11am on Thursday 21st October will receive Black Jacks!

In fact, we’ve been so pleased by all your comments, that we’re going to pick one lucky winner to receive one of our Spooky Chewbz!

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We’re feeling extra generous again this week at Chewbz…

EVERYONE that comments on this weeks Retro sweet of the week, will receive a treat in the post!

After the popularity of our free Flump week, we thought we’d spoil our lovely fans again 🙂

This week’s Retro sweet of the week is…

Black Jacks

Black Jacks!

The slightly more sophisticated older brother of the Fruit Salad, the Black Jack is a truly British chew.

With it’s aniseed flavour, and ability to turn your tongue and teeth black, the Black Jack is an unmistakable retro sweet.

We love Black Jacks sooo much, that we’ve featured them in our limited edition Spooky Halloween range, which you can get your hands on here.

If you’d like to receive some Black Jacks in the post, all you need to do is leave a comment, telling us why you love ’em!

Then just send us over your postal address, to, and we’ll get some black chewy treats sent your way :)

Plus, these will be perfect for the Trick or Treaters!

647 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Rebecca says:

    I just love the way they turn your tounge and teeth black. You can never go wrong with a good old Black Jack

  2. Barrie Jarman says:

    All hail black jack, king of a snack attack,
    Small wrapper, a bit of fun, provides you a blackened tongue,
    Chewbz are gifting the sweet of the week,
    but please dont send to me, I hate this sweet.

  3. Sue Ann Maben says:

    I have just ordered another Spooky Chewb because we love these Blackjacks.We love Blackjacks,we love Blackjacks,need more Blackjacks,Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!xSue x

  4. Ron Dunn says:

    What a great time to tease us with blackjacks, just before halloween to add a bit of sweetie make up for “trick or treat” time 🙂

  5. Rachael says:

    In process of ordering a spooky Chewb for my sisters birthday, altho not sure how full it’ll be when she eventually gets it (if she gets it at all!) – black jacks are amazing, i remember spending a lot of pocket money on them when i was younger 🙂

  6. Jade says:

    I <3 Blackjacks! Even though it does look like you've been chewing coal! (:
    JADE <3 BLACKJACKS 4eva! (:

  7. Alison says:

    Black jacks are THE original chewy sweets. I love them! I used to make a ‘sandwich’ with two or three of them and try and chew them at the same time. It was really difficult, especially when you’re only young and you’re missing a few teeth. Speaking of which, I sometimes substituted them for my missing milk teeth. Teehee.

  8. Sophie says:

    Black jacks are such a beauty, actually love them! Plus it’s still surprisingly fun to give them to your parents and friends before you go out without telling them that they turn your mouth black! 😀

  9. Emily Sargeant says:

    I love Black Jacks, but because of the way they colored your mouth, my mum insisted we switch to the Fruit Salads, which we did… when she was around, other wise it was Black jacks… of course she could always tell, and then it was off up to brush our teeth!

  10. shea says:

    black jacks are really nice and tasty they stick in between my teeth so i can save some for later and taste them all day yummy!!!

  11. Vicky Trudgeon says:

    Spent many years eating them in class, then getting caught with a black tongue and black teeth, never could lie about whether you were eating a BlackJack!

  12. Donna says:

    old time all favourite! great taste great colour and loved when i gave them to my kids and their tongues went black lol reminds me of the days i got tricked by them lol nice black teeth also 😉 xx mon the black jacks!! woop woop!

    I’d put my money all on black 😉

    Donna Elliott Glasgow :O)

  13. Sharon Watson says:

    Oh I love blackjacks (always have) :p They are always the first to go from the “chewb”….I have even got my 8 year old daughter eating them too :0 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  14. Gemma says:

    Mmmm I used to eat Black Jacks together with a fruit salad…not seen either of them for years 🙂

  15. hannah says:

    ohhhh i love these 1 of my fave sweets. best thing about them is you either love them or hate them. and if you do love them you arent having any of mine 🙂

  16. Margaret Bartell says:

    They taste fab and were a bargain at 4 for a penny even though your mouth, teeth and dribble was black after eating them. Yum!

  17. Anne Jones says:

    I have’nt had a black jack for years!!wow these were lovely unique sweets. Cant understand though how my mum always knew if I had eaten a sneaky black jack before my dinner!! :-O

  18. debra simmons says:

    I just love blackjacks, the taste the way they shut you up and the way they leave you with black teeth and tongue just like you did when you was a kid

  19. eileen says:

    i love them because them remind me of when i was small and i went to my nans house 😀 she would have tons of packs and gave me at least 1 pack everytime i went, this is now my weekly treat when i do my tesco shop 😛

  20. Carole Palmer says:

    I LOVE Blackjacks!!!

    Reminds me of childhood and spending my pocket money and bringing them home in a little white paper bag!

    Not that they lasted for long…

    Love the flavour and the way they turn your tongue black 🙂

  21. joanne frith says:

    I have always loved black jacks,when I was a kid they used to cost 1p for 2 at the local youth club and they were all i used to buy,and I still cant resist buying them today.

  22. John K says:

    I love black jacks, and while eating them I still go and look at my tongue in the mirror to see how black it is, and I’m old enough to know better!!!

  23. gurjeet says:

    My all time favourite sweet special with halloween coming up i can have a black tounge and black teeth to go with my witches mask… BRILL

  24. Louise Warwick says:

    I lurve black jacks- even though they did once get me in trouble after I ate the entire pack without asking my mum. I was only young and didn’t know they turned you mouth black for everyone to see. I tried to deny eating them but they gave me away! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

  25. maureen says:

    i love the taste and that it makes ur tounge turn black for ages used to eat these when i was younger and still love them now

  26. Jane says:

    Blackjacks are fantastic, they are the one sweet that reminds me o f being young, walking to the shop for my 10p mix up (Not 50p like nowadays!)

    They are nostalgia personified, not only that they taste fantastic too. I love the fact that they are still going strong :0)

  27. Sian Knipe says:

    I used to always buy black jacks on my way to school – 4 for an old penny, brings back memories

  28. Kunai Shah says:

    I don’t know what it is about Black Jacks but i absolutely love ’em. They just have this amazing taste and whenever i have them it takes me back to those good old days! Yum!

  29. Martin Ling says:

    Loved black jacks since I was a kid and still buy packs today. Nice and chewy and a tasty flavour. Thanks Chewbz for the freebie.

  30. emma says:

    theres nothing quite like a black jack, its one of the sweets you cant eat in secret as it leaves a black colour in your mouth ! you always get caught out eating a black jack !

  31. Michelle says:

    Ah i haven’t had black jacks since i was a little kid!!! Mhmmmmmm yummy :)Use love how it made me have a black tounge. Only use to be 1p at the local shop and i always bought them! 🙂

  32. john says:

    They alway remind me of the time when I got 10p pocket money and you could buy 10 for 5p and still have money for a small non fizzy drink. Kept you going at Saturday youth club

  33. vicky willson says:

    i love black jacks as they remind me of my childhood and the pick and mix from the local sweet shop.

  34. Lil Old Me says:

    I love the taste of these and the way they colour your tongue ! Brings back memories of going to the shop as a kid and having a 10p mix 😉

  35. Roger says:

    I havent had black jacks for ages. use to love them as a kid. I also remember being able to by 4 for a penny!!! Those were the days.

  36. hayley adcock says:

    black jacks are the best,
    black tongues are a pest,
    i love the taste of these,but can’t deny ive ate these sweets,
    for a halloween treat i can give the kids these sweets!

  37. Claire says:

    Blackjacks are sooooo yummy, they remind me of my childhood always used to get these and fruit salads at the local paper shop 😀

  38. Chris Fraser says:

    The best sweet for sharing with my dad as the rest of the family didn’t like them. We had lots of fun comparing the ‘blackness’ of our tongues. Mum had to judge who was blackest. In those days it was a lot of fun for a few pennies.

  39. Chris Fraser says:

    The best sweet for sharing with my dad as the rest of the family didn’t like them. We had lots of fun comparing the ‘blackness’ of our tongues. Mum had to judge whose was blackest. In those days it was a lot of fun for a few pennies.

  40. Lydia Bowes says:

    OMG what can i say. They were my favourite as a child and are still my favourite now at almost 50.
    A shop near where i live has just started selling them and i have to buy several at a time because they disappear quick and also my youngest daughter loves them.

  41. claire says:

    great to show ya kids wot u used to eat as a kid
    kids think their cool as they leave ya teeth and tongue black great for halloween

  42. Catherine Taylor says:

    My favourite thing about black jacks is watching my childrens faces change in amazement when their tongues turn black!

  43. Diane says:

    Thinks Blackjack are a classic sweet, loved them as a kid and still do now, not only do you get a yummy sweet but a black mouth and blue teeth, not a good idea to eat b4 an important meeting 🙂

  44. ramohna says:

    love em they are just chewey,make your teeth black,and an old fashioned sweet.They bring backchild hood memories.

  45. Pat Osmond says:

    Reminds me of school days in 1989 when I would ho into school with my bag of blackjacks and fruit salads. Good times!

  46. kim says:

    my 20p a week pocket money used to go on a big bag of black jacks, i could get 40 of them and make them last all week!

  47. tina hoff says:

    black jacks loved the taste but always loved the fact that when you and your mates had them you’d be sticking yoour tounge out at each other to see who’s was the blackest.

  48. Cherry says:

    I used to love Black Jacks as a child, the black tongue and flavour, my mouth is watering at the thought, they were my fav sweet, so much so I confess to spending my dinner money on them

  49. nadine dyer says:

    i love black jacks they are my all time favourite sweet and still enjoy a packet every now and agan 🙂

  50. Alex says:

    Speaking of behalf of Zombies everywhere, remember that Blackjacks are for life not just for Halloween!

  51. Peter Blake says:

    Black Jacks a lasting flavourite the sweet shop was always filled with goodies but we constantly bought Black Jacks we thought it great fun to have a Black GOB wonderful

  52. Maddi says:

    I haven’t had Black Jacks since I was a kid. They were fun when they turned your mouth black. Would love some free ones!!!!

  53. Dawn says:

    Love black jacks the flavour is like no other sweet and you always know who pinched em, their mouth is black and it takes ages to get it off your teeth. Loverly.

  54. TraceyH says:

    Oh my god these are my all time favourites – the way they smell the way they taste they way they make your teeth and tongue go black is truly the best childhood memory I have

  55. Dave Hindley says:

    At the age of 62 I remember spending all my poc ket money enery week on Blackjacks from my local corner shop…it is realy great to see them making a come back….Well Done.

  56. Eve Mitchell says:

    Talk about take you back to your childhood. We paid 1p (old coinage) for four. Its great when you have a blast from the past and blackjacks certainly bring a smile to my face

  57. Gill says:

    These little gems are a symbol of childhood for me. Being rich enough to have a penny meant you could but four of them!! But they had to last because you never knew where the next penny would come from. And I’m talkin’ OLD pennies. Yeah!

  58. Joanna says:

    I used to love blackjacks as a kid and still do now. Its nice to see that they have not been changed in flavour over the years. Now my kids enjoy them too

  59. Georgina says:

    The best thing about blackjacks – besides their yumminess – is that you can always tell when someone else’s been sneaking them!!

  60. maria d says:

    yummy yummy yummy!!!! these are the best sweets ever made and i couldnt wait till my son was old enough to have a laugh with him with them……….black teeth, black tongues and pulling faces!!!!!

  61. Tanya says:

    I miss being able to buy them at the local shop! They, along with fruit salads take me back to my childhood!!! I loved how they turn your tongue black but i could still eat them for days!!

  62. lindsay says:

    love them! the flavour is truly unique & you can’t beat that black tongue haha a childhood fav of mine…don’t think my kids have ever had the pleasure of tasting them though – I best fix that!

  63. Paul says:

    I love blackjacks and I’m only 16 but remember them, pretty sad that I missed the free flumps, love them too

  64. Niki says:

    I remember popping into the corner shop after school to buy blackjacks and fruit salads when I was a young girl. Happy memories!!!

  65. Paul says:

    Sorry for the double comment, well triple now. Obviosuly not expecting 3 sets of free blackjacks 😀

  66. Anitas says:

    I just love em, fatastic taste far superior to the fruit salad, used to have competitions on who had the blackest mouth!!

  67. michelle newbold says:

    Could i please please have some blackjacks, i haven’t had any of these since i was a kid and i’m telling you that was a very very long time ago. didn’t think the sold them anymore. I can also frighten the kids when they come to my door knocking when i smile at them with black teeth, lips and tongues, it will go with my witches costume i’ll be wearing.

  68. Stella says:

    Love blackjacks, they take me back to my childhood. Used to buy blackjacks and fruit salads every Saturday when shopping with mum!

  69. ClareHasart says:

    Love BlackJacks – loved the way they made my tongue black and love the way they become brittle in the cold and chewy in the warmth!

  70. Jane Garton says:

    Black jacks are the best!

    Remember going to thwe corner shop after school and getting your black jacks for 1p?

  71. Michael says:

    I loved the taste of blackjacks, and they turned your mouth black… gave you the urge to show everyone the contents of your mouth!! lol

  72. ZENA DEVILLE says:

    Love black jacks reminds me of being young and seeing who got the blackist tongue and putting on our lips to look like we were dead with black lips but of course the taste hasnt changed soon as i eat the I am a child again and hey can still make my tongue the blackest the quickist

  73. Katy says:

    My kids enjoy the comedy partner of fruit salads more than the straight part of the duo, the black jack and therefore, quite selfishly, I can just enjoy a bag full to myself without their requests for MY sweets and that is why I love them because they are MINE!

  74. caroline mccabe says:

    I would love some Black Jacks as I used to buy them as a kid – they would really evoke lots of childhood memories i.e calling at the local newsagents and buy single blackjacks as a treat on the way home from school! Caroline.

  75. Chris Bennett says:

    I love blackjacks as it leaves your tongue a great black colour and good for handing out at kids club

  76. Tracy Flather says:

    Love black jacks cos they are sticky, chewy and flavoursome and get stuck in your teeth meaning they last longer, mmmmmmmmmm!

  77. Liam says:


    Absolutely love them, they remind me of going to the sweet shop as a kid and getting 50pences worth of Blackjacks & Fruit Salads, good old days eh?

    Helps that I really like Aniseed aswell.

  78. Cazzy says:

    Oh I love blackjacks especially the aniseed bite – ever so chewy and reminds me of school days. Would like to know if the recipe has been changed ?

  79. Michael Jones says:

    Take me back to my school days when they were the best sweet ever and you got lots for your sixpence.

  80. Ian says:

    these sweets bring back memories of the past and the carefree life we lead without all of todays preasures

  81. Kellyasbo says:

    As a child me and my sister always ended up at the shop b4 school and Black Jacks were our guilty plesure and its still the same for me cant stop picking up a packet on my trip to the shops 🙂

  82. Julia Workman says:

    I vividly remember sitting in class sticking my tongue out at everyone because it was black!! The best bit is you didnt get told off for being rude 🙂 As soon as you see one of these little gems its instant memory lane

  83. Alison says:

    I love blackjacks – they’re such a blast from the past for me !! As a child I lived near a Trebor factory and you always new when they were making these because of the wonderful smell – my mouth is watering just thinking about it !!!!!!!!

  84. Sharon says:

    Well what can i say…These are the best sweets ever…Ive been eating them ever since i was little and love them just as much now as i did when i was a little girl..Im nearly 42 yrs old so just goes to show what a much loved sweet they are…I think many generations will love Blackjacks for many years to come :0)

  85. Julia Workman says:

    Whats not to love about a Black Jack. I remember finishing my paper round on a Saturday morning and going right back to the paper shop to get my wages then it went straight on to the pick and mix. First thing in was a handful of Black Jack / Fruit Salad mix.

  86. Elisa Robson says:


    I loved these as a kid and remember when you ate loads of them they turned youtounge blakc so we used to have competitions to see whose tounge as the blackest. I also loved the aniseed flavour you just cant beat it.

    Yum Yum

  87. joanna king says:

    trick or treaters? me dont think so….. I will be devouring these chewy little darlings!!
    They remind me of my childhood. I love the black jacks and my sister loved the fruit salads. whenever we got a botty bag, we used to swap the ones we weren’t so keen on so we had the best of both worlds! can’t wait to receive them yummmm…

  88. Jenny says:

    Blackjacks…. Love the black tongue & purple teeth.. Always reminds me of being a kid :O) I can remember them being two for a penny (new money!) Weird aswell, but I dont like aniseed in anything else.

  89. Hollie says:

    Wow, I just love black jacks  whats not to like?! They are still one of my fave penny chews, I used to buy them with my pocket money as a kid all the time, and I’m just as bad now and I’m 26! Although don’t get the pocket money any more !!!

  90. Joanne Fox says:

    Blackjacks. A blast from the past. They remind me of the long hot summer of 76. I can still see my friends and i having a picnic surrounded by green fields with pockets full of BlackJacks. Priceless!

  91. julie says:

    Love them, remind of when i was a kid and my nan used to give me a sixpence to buy sweets. Yu used to get loads of sweets for 2 1/2 pence.

  92. TERRY TURNER says:

    Blackjacks are a unique flavour and take me back to the early 1960s when I was a boy.They are just great.

  93. steve says:

    im 47 now but blackjacks were 4 for a penny in early seventies and great for taking to saturday morning pictures. i used to mix them with fruit salads, though these were my favs by far. black tongue/teeth so sexy, wonder why the girls wouldnt kiss me?

  94. warren taylor says:

    theses sweets are unique. nothing else is close or even similar to the taste and flavour.please dont ever discontinue making these. reminds me of my school days.

  95. susan cartlidge says:


  96. Sonia Payne says:

    Im loving black jacks, they are just bursting with flavour, takes me right back to childhood and believe me that was a long while ago ….

  97. Marie Thickett says:

    Black Jacks, Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Yummmmmmmy!!!!!! They remind me of the good ol’ days, when i used to scare my little brother with my ‘Black Tongue’.

  98. Haylea Davis says:

    Black Jacks are one of the best sweets going, ive like them since i was a little kid and still do so thats saying something ha x

  99. Mary says:

    Oh, memories of my youth. My mum wouldn’t let me have them as part of my sweet allowance because they turned your tongue black, but my friends had them and I saved my pennies and bought them when I was out with friends rather than my mum. And my auntie was sympathetic and bought them for me when I went to stay, though I wasn’t allowed them on the last day so my tongue “deblacked” before I went home, else we would both have been in trouble 🙂

  100. kathleen says:

    hello im 61 and used to have these as child of my what memeories i would like to introduce them to my 5 grand children, im sure they wil love them to,

  101. tanya adams says:

    i love blackjacks from the time i was a kid to now and now i am 33 but find it harder to find them the taste is like having a party in your mouth yumm

  102. Dave Hazel says:

    i love black jacks because they take me back to when i was a kid, chewing them up, make my mouth all black. happy days.

  103. Emily says:

    I LOVE Blackjacks!
    They also take me back to my childhood as my nan used to always buy some for me and my sisters, along with the Fruit Salads.
    I love aniseed in general and the taste makes you feel warm on a cold winter’s day 🙂

  104. Silverbullet says:

    Haven’t had since a kid when I used to get 2 for a penny. Remember then turning your tongue blue. What a kick to the memory. My kids would love them.

  105. Emily Griffiths says:

    They take me back 20+ years to coming home from school with a black tongue and my mum panicking that i had some unknown illness. Had to own up but will always remember it!

  106. deb says:

    OMG!I thought you couldnt get hold of these sweets anymore i havent seen them for ages,they are my favourite sweets of all time,i scared my lil sis many times when id eaten one as my mouth was black she hated it.please,please,please send me some BLACKJACKS i would love my kids to try them too!thanks.

  107. Maxine says:

    These are classic!! I used to get these with my ‘penny sweets’ in the 80’s. The fact they turn your tongue black was unique in those days and brings back many happy memories of childhood innocence! The taste lingers after eating and that is great!

  108. Heather Lingard says:

    Can remember them from Sunday morning when I was allowed to go and get the papers from the corner shop when I was young and this was my treat for going best sweets ever.

  109. cazza says:

    Blackjacks, I remember the first taste i ever had of a blackjack and the way they coloured the inside of my mouth, leaving that yummy taste behind.
    The All time best sweetie EVER

  110. Linda says:

    I would love to try these, I first tried them in my very young days and thought they where great and also because I would have a black tongue hee hee I loved them

  111. Helen says:

    Mmmmmm….love these sweeties!! Can’t resist them in a mix-up!
    These will be great for Hallowe’en black tongue flashing!!

  112. Trevor Redgate says:

    I always loved blackjacks more than fruit salad. much more flavour! we used to call them ha’penny chews back in the 60’s cos they cost half an old penny each! that’s about a quarter of a new penny now! And my daughter of 17 loves them too! and at 53, I still love ’em!!

  113. george & patsy taylor says:

    untill i mentioned them,i didn`t know just how much my wife was in love with blackjacks,& fruit salads,i think it was every kids dream to be “grown up”,& able to buy them by the BOX,instead of tuppence worth from woolworths,happy days

  114. Suzan Aydin says:

    Hi there! Ever since I was a kid I’d eat black jacks for sweets. The aniseedy/liqourice taste just made me feel so warm inside. I’d love to get a free set of blackjacks… Have to be careful of my teeth tho 😉

  115. julia flowers says:

    i absoultley love black jacks have since i was a little girl i really like anything that tastes like aniseed. thanks julia

  116. Laura Hollingsworth says:

    I love these sweets, their taste is amazing, always reminds me of when i was little and you could buy them for a penny at the sweetshop 😀 there a classic thats never lost its taste!

  117. Toni tuohy says:

    they are a sweet past down the generations,my mum loved them ,i love them now my kids love them ,my kids hide them from my mum thou she trys to pinch some ,

  118. donna hawkins says:

    oh wow havent had these for years they ar the best used to love the way they turned your tongue black

  119. Dee says:

    Love Blackjacks – takes me back over 40 years to buying them on the way home from school. Decadent black chewy delights – loved them then and love them still today….inherited the love of aniseed flavour from my Mum, who could always be guaranteed to buy us such retro treats….even when other sweets were restricted.

  120. Diane Brown says:

    I love these sweets they remind me of my younger days. When me and my brother and sister used to go to the shop for a 10p mix. We used to save Black Jacks until the last just so we’d have black teeth. ha ha

  121. TracyE says:

    I remember when could could get 4 for a penny, ad I would spend all my sweet money on Black Jakes, and have loads of sweets for a few pence. The good old days.

  122. jon clark says:

    loooove blackjacks always been a fave of mine,used to make blackjack and fruit salads sandwiched together yummy lol.

  123. Angie says:

    hiya, …. I remember stealing blackjacks out of my sisters sweet bag because I’d eaten all mine lol totally love them :)they don’t make sweets like that6 any more x

  124. Debbie says:

    Absolutely love blackjacks, fruit salads, refreshers and all these sorts of sweets. You were lucky Liam spending 50p!!! I used to buy 4 sweets for one old penny

  125. MATILDA says:

    OMG!!,,The good old black jack is making a come back,Take that, move over, LOL
    Absolutely loved these as a child, with my 51st b’day approaching, it’s good to ,see an old favorite, LEGENDS.
    They were currency in the play ground,for best friend status, welcome back,can,t wait.

  126. Anne Shaw says:

    Black Jacks remind me of being a kid. Now a grown up i can eat tons and tons and not get told off, yummy yummy. Just give me more. My daughter got married this year and we even had them at the wedding meal .

  127. terry skeet says:

    in the words of JIM BOWEN (BULLSEYE) you cant beat a 1/4
    of blackjacks—- i know its supposed to be –a bit of bully
    but blackjacks are the coolestsweets ever made

  128. Pepper Nicholson says:

    I haven’t seen Black Jacks in ages. I used to love them as a kid, not just for the taste but also because they gave you a black tongue! 😛

  129. Steve Simms says:

    Black Jacks take me write back to the days when my Mum used to say “oh my god what have you been eating”, thinking the reason for my lips being black was I’d got into trouble!

  130. Jenny says:

    I loved these sweets many years ago! Remember getting loads for Black Jacks (and Fruit Salads) for 10p!!
    The smell, the taste and the leaving the tongue completely black…..Everyone knew you had been eating them!
    Happy memories!

  131. maria h says:

    OMG…i cant belief this
    reminds me of schooldays,i can feel its yummy taste in my mouth
    i would love to have it back
    cant wait to have it

  132. samantha says:

    They make you want to eat them really fast and then stick your newly-coloured tongue out at people.
    They were like the ‘Marmite’ of their day – you either loved them or hated them!

  133. sue says:

    wow this takes me back a bit. sunday was pocket money day, so down to the local news agent for sweets and these were 2 for a penny

  134. Dorothy Croney says:

    Makes me recall many happy days as a child picking them out at the local sweet shop and munching out of a paper bag!

  135. sheila says:

    i can remenber these sweets from so many years ago ,that i can still taste them. they were allways my favorite, but haven’t seen them around for so long.i’d love my grandchildren to try them too.

  136. Sandy says:

    These take me back to school 🙂 And my parents would look at me in horror, ‘what have you done now?!!!!’

  137. june dalley says:

    they have been my favorite since i was a child 42 years ago and still are i used to get 1 penny a week pocket money and would spend it on blackjacks because back then you got 8 for just 1 penny those were the days i know have 8 year old twins whom also love them so have to hide mine so they can’t find them

  138. jen says:

    they are so scrummylicious. love the old blackjacks.. they were my favourite as a kid and my sisters too we used to fight over them hahahaha

  139. michelle says:

    i absolutely love blackjacks coming from south africa we never had these so now been here 21 yrs and am addicted but cant seem to find them anymorre

  140. Jilly hazlewood says:

    Wow. The last time I had black jacks I was only little but the best bit was when it turns your tongue a funny colour. I remember having to nag mum to get them as a treat 🙂 very old school.

  141. Barratt Palmer says:

    Now aged 40+++ I still enjoy the blackjacks.The flavours saisd it all,and I’m sure that alot of the comments left are those that still enjoy a sneaky moment without the knowledge of the Mrs or the kids,bringing back the childhood memories.Never missed a day without them.Hey and don’t tell the family eh?

  142. ANJU SETHI says:

    i simply adore black jacks as a kid…. and now im a bigger kid and glad to c them back … hehe.. always got black jacks and mojos in my mix up with my pocket money ..;))

  143. rachel mechen says:

    one of my favs i love black jacks use to buy theses for 1p from my corner shop when i was a child

  144. bryan says:

    black jacks take me back to may days when i was in school over 20 years ago. they was my fav sweet along with fruit salads

  145. mark says:

    Fantastic !!!! it’s like watching an old TV program that you loved from the 80’s like Miami vise !!!! i loved it !! and i loved Blackjacks, me and me mates was always eating them and sticking our tongue’s out at each other ! or better still the “look at my black teath” joke. thats when you would chew a blackjack until soft and stick it over the front of your teath !! great days…

  146. Patricia Foxton says:

    What memories! My parents had a sweet shop back in the late fifties/early sixties. The shop was always full of school kids and black jacks (along with fruit salad) were favourites. Back then they were 4 for a penny. We used to see who could get the blackest tongue!

  147. Terry Murphy says:

    Along with Marmite and liqourice, BLackjacks were despised by my weak and uneducated friends with thier simple palettes and lack of taste.

    Fortunately, I am of a better breed, so naturally I ate Blackjacks in abundance. I come from a long line of sweet eaters and have myself tasted many many chewy cubes and sugary pills but never have I been able to find one that delights me more than the mighty Blackjack, to whom other sweets pale in comparison.

    I can’t wait to eat some!

  148. Pauline says:

    Blackjacks my favourites over 40 years ago.As I was the only one to go home for dinner I was the class tuck shop girl.Taking orders daily for all my friends 1 & 2p a time!!!! Ah what great memories Thank you!!!!

  149. Debbie Hopkins says:

    The Blackjack sweet reminds me of when i was younger and they used to turn my tongue black I did not know they were doing them again along with the fruit salad sweets which I also love.

  150. LARRY says:


  151. David Osborne says:

    Blackjacks remind me of being a kid, always the best sweets to get as they taste amazing and as my sister does not like liquirice so no need to share!!

  152. angela brown says:

    i love blackjacks they just remind me somuch of my childhood i still buy them now whenever i see them in a shop just cant resist em lovely

  153. Pauline says:

    over 40 years ago I was tuck shop girl as I went home for lunch.Blackjacks my favourite, What great memories.
    Good to have them back!!!!

  154. Stacey says:

    Black jacks are brilliant this time of year, trick or treaters chew on one of these to give you the extra goulish look with the black grin

  155. leah mason says:

    black jacks love them, remember getting a booty bag and they were full of them, it used to make my day..

  156. michelle says:

    yummy sweets… jacks were always my favourite when i was younger….they still are if im honest enough….lol…had loads of fun with them…great childhood memories…!!!

  157. Pauline Ford says:

    My gosh – Blackjacks – that takes me back a bit (6o years approximately)to my younger days. They’re back – can’t wait. They were truly delicious and scrummy and loved the fact that they used to turn your tongue black and as I’m too old to care now I can’t wait to try them again.

  158. Ken Fullegar says:

    I used to buy black jacks at a farthing each and they were one of the first sweets I used to buy when they came off ration – happy days !!

  159. Mandy James says:

    OMG!!! I sooooooooo love Black Jacks! A few years ago I had been eating these on and off all afternoon and we decided to go for a drink down our local. We had been there for about half an hour and a couple of people had given me strange looks! I went to the loo a little while after, looked in the mirror as i was washing my hands, only to discover my teeth, tongue and lips were a very becoming shade of BLACK! I could have died! And needless to say hubby had a flea in his ear for not telling me! He thought it was hysterical!

  160. Phil says:

    Great! As you get older the things that bring back childhood memories mean more and Blackjacks do .. that black tongue … great!

  161. melissa says:

    i lovee black jacks they have to be one of the best sweets out there
    i love the chewyness and wonderful aniseed taste
    plus the way they make your tongue black is great
    also they are wrapped so you can take them with you whereever you go!!

  162. karen says:

    Oh, this takes me back to the days when you could get 4 chews for a penny (old) and you felt that you were the most fortunate kid in the world! I still like to buy these, remebering how hot your mouth felt after several chews!

  163. Helen says:

    Is it me or are sweets smaller these days and they seem to have better flavour,still think it is great to change the colour of my mouth

  164. Alice says:

    Wow – these along with Fruit Salad were a much-cherished playtime treat as a young child. They sold them in the school tuck-shop… how times change. I feel nostalgic just remembering the taste! So pleased to hear they are back again 🙂

  165. John says:

    These were my favourite in pre-currency school days,4 for an old penny was a treat and affordable each day, I had no trouble enjoying them none of the kids in my class liked them and now if I get the mixed bags of sweets for my children they always pass the Blackjacks to me, just by luck none of my 8 like them. Of with the fruit-salads on with more blackjacks,keep them coming

  166. Mike says:

    Just like everyone else – take me back to my childhood and playground currency. Bring them back and I bet they are not a half penny each are they?

  167. Sham says:

    As soon as I saw the advert it took me right back to my childhood, I loved these sweets, I can remember spending most of my spending money on a Monday morning at the sweet shop buying these favourite penny sweets, LOL.

  168. Joanne Beckford says:

    I absolutely loved em as a child buying them for a penny or half a pence trading with my siblings and friends. Can you remember the advert about them and fruit salad?

  169. dave says:

    blackjacks,wow,these take me back,penny chews,bunking off and my first sweetheart,gill i no ur out there lol

  170. robyn says:

    I love these I used to go to my local post office type thing with about 5p and buy 5 for on my way home – cheap and cheerful made my day …occasionally i still buy them as a pick me up ..wonderful!

  171. Karen says:

    Nothing beats these sweets for a ‘blast from the past’, can remember getting my pocket money and going to buy these along with fruit salads from the local shop 2 for half a penny, those were the days

  172. Dillon says:

    When I was about ten my brother said he would give me a black Jack for my 37th birthday. He kept his word but said I’d have to wait till I’m 75 before he buys me another one.

  173. Richard McArdle says:

    I used to love Blackjacks when I was a kid, with their lovely aniseed flavour, and the way they used to make your tongue black, had a few lately & bought back some memories. nice and small and chewy used to be 1/2p each when I bought them.(used to use my bus fare) please can I have some. Thanks.

  174. SHARON WILLIAMS says:


  175. Anna says:

    I used to love these sweets – I love aniseed type flavours! I didn’t know they were still available.

  176. janet sneddon says:

    i love these sweets always remember as soon as i got my pocket money straight to shop for my blackjacks and fruit salads couldnt get enough of them yummmmmmmmmmmmmy

  177. kate says:

    Love these l remember buying a ten pence mix and brought black jacks and my tongue would be black hee hee

  178. irene says:

    great i love blackjacks i used to eat these all the time when i was younger just got my 4 year old grandson eating them now when i go to see him we have to go and buy some the legacy lives on

  179. l sharkey says:

    i love blackjacks there really chewy i love how they turn your tongue black its funny and it reminds me of the time i was a kid hooray for black jacks

  180. sara says:

    Wow i love blackjacks..i used to get them from the shop that did 5p or 10p mixes…straight down memory lane for me..feel like a kid again when i have these

  181. joanne says:

    i love blackjacks…. when me and my sister was little we would go to sweet shop after school buy a 10p mix always would get blackjacks, fruit salad, cola cubes, oh and lets not forget the pink shrimps. always kept blackjacks till last. used to turn your tounge black, chew and stick them to your front teeth to make them look rotten. lol…x

  182. mrs jenny dixon says:

    hi i used t have these when i was a child.i used to buy them for half a penny which i had a bag full.all the old sweets should come back,i am 46 and i still remember sherbart dips plus fruit salads.

  183. mark gilbert says:

    the best thing i have ever had from black jacks is black jack vodka. Just put black jacks in to a blender add vodka, switch on and voila. watch out for the black ring around your mouth though…

  184. Daniel says:

    The old favourite that we all love, that has been around for years and never goes away.(Like something stuck to your shoe, hey wait its a blackjack)


  185. mina says:

    i love blackjacks because the taste is sensation and iv always have loved them since i was 10 blackjack is a legend and would love to see them around again

  186. brian cartan says:

    i remember as a kid getting a big bag for an old halfpenny and been told off for putting my tongue out as it was all black

  187. Emma says:

    Trying to hide the fact you’d been eating sweets but the black tongue always gave it away! good times!

  188. Jen says:

    Whoop, I love blackjacks. I once put as many as I could fit in my mouth. a total of 28!!!! My teeth where covered lol, I have the proof on my profile haha

  189. James Taljaard says:

    Just what we need to comfort us through these times of cuts, cuts, cuts. A sweet a cut above the rest.

  190. DENISE GRISLEY says:


  191. Alison Jenkinson says:

    I used to buy 3 Blackjacks and 3 fruit Salads for 2p to eat on my way home from school. This has made me feel very old.

  192. Amanda says:

    I always bought these when we were kids .. We used them on our teeth to make us look like no teeth on haloween!!! Oh the memories!!!! Lol

  193. Paul says:

    Hey these sweet remind me of my days at school and the tuck shop and the distinct taste that black jacks have, yum, yum.

  194. Hanah Green says:

    I love blackjacks for their aniseed flavour with the added tang. I used to buy them when they were a penny. When I could afford it, I would buy a pounds worth, but they never lasted long.

  195. Honey Foster says:

    WOW… I love blackjacks, child hood fav. I ate all my sisters as she liked the fruit salads more. Great to have them back.

  196. Don says:

    As a kid I used get 12p to go to Saturday morning pictures, it was 5p to get in to the pictures and the rest went on blackjacks, fruit salad and anglo bubblegum. Blackjacks bring back great memories of movies, mates and misbehaving!

  197. mark robinson says:

    Brings the memories flooding back, looking forward to a black tongue after 30ish years. Go Blackjacks!!!!

  198. jenny says:

    Wow , can’t believe Ive just found this site, got some great christmas present ideas now. Black Jacks are ace!!!!

  199. jane says:

    black jacke remind me of school days and long hot summers, how cool they are making a comeback – bring back all old style sweets to give the kids of today a taste of what they are missing!!

  200. chris iles says:

    There returning, i used to eat/chew these all the time, had them confiscated sevral times at school, bring em on. I will intrduce these to my son.

  201. melanie slade says:

    wow i love em they are THE classic sweet whatever age and you just cant beat the black tongue….. delicious

  202. paul says:

    WOW! what a blast from the past i rememver blackjacks extremely fondly, i used to love these as a kid, the taste was so strong, i do hope the taste is as good as it was back then, send me some and i will give you an honest opinion, also with halloween just round the corner what a great, easy and tasty way to make your teeth black!

  203. marie says:

    takes me back to when my kids where young they used to ask for 1p to get 4 black jacks, those were the days !!

  204. Hayley G says:

    I just love blackjacks! always reminds me of when i was young in the 80’s era! best era ever! 🙂

  205. Winnie says:

    Oh so remember these. Used to have them all the time and with my brothers and sisters we saw who had the blackest tongue.

  206. rowena says:

    I was gutted when blackjacks stopped being sold in stores around here, great to see them making a come back.

  207. JONATHAN DEADY says:

    Black jacks ! OMG they are just the best ! takes me back to school when i used to buy 10 for only 10p yes people a penny a sweet , gotta say that they are gert lush like 🙂

  208. Alex Armstrong says:

    i remember having competitions against my brothers and sisters as to who could get there tongue the blackest. greatv days

  209. Ellie says:

    I don’t like them but my dad does! and hes really stressed right now would like to make him happy <3

  210. Lisa says:

    Now a Family faverite! My six year old loves the fact that they turn her mouth black and we just love the flavor!

  211. Susan Pace says:

    No trip to the sweetshop with my pocket money was complete without a 10p mix up including BlackJacks!

  212. carl says:

    I love BlackJacks because they were the only sweets that My aunty gave me when I was a kid. & so they remind me of her, God Bless her soul !! Love you aunt May !! :o) xXx

  213. maria says:

    yum yum, black tongue, aniseed flavour, taste to savour, chewy sweet, my favourite treat, too good for kids – keep them well hid!

  214. jo says:

    hooray blackjacks part of my childhood always prefered them to fruit salads loved the aniseed flavour and the fact they left ur tongue a bluey black colour

  215. cheryl says:

    who didnt love blackjack??? used to buy a 50p mix up bag with just them and obviously being young i loved the fact they could coloured my tougue! <3

  216. valerie says:

    they take me back to my childhood blackjaks and fruit salads were my favourate. sometimes you can find find at M & S my grandkids love them

  217. alison m says:


    Ive grown up eating them, and my mouth waters with just the thought of eating them.

    So glad they made them into a bar form for extra blackjack goodness!

  218. becky says:

    i used to look forward to a friday when my mum would give me a pound to go buy some sweets, i would buy 100 of these beauties and would be set for the week.

  219. Rosie says:

    A real blast from the past. I used to LPVE Blackjacks and always included them in my sweets mix when I had pocket money!

  220. Anne Robinson says:

    I remember the good old days when we used to buy Black Jacks, Fruit Salads
    and penny whoppers. Brings me back!!

  221. Jill Cory=Wright says:

    Leaving school in the afternoon with 3d in my purse, getting off the bus a couple of stops early to go to the shop, buying 12 Blackjacks and enjoying every chew on the way home.

    One of the great pleasures of sweetshops in the 1960’s!

  222. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I live in Chesterfield where Black Jacks used to be made and I so miss the fragrance of them drifting accross the town. I eat them to bring back memories of this and love it now you can get big ones.

  223. Jenny Johnson says:

    Takes me back to the 1950’s I used to spend my sweet money on black jacks and fruit salads. Loved the black tongue it used to give me

  224. daniel bellamy says:

    i love black jacks they are great for halloween and any other day!! i love them when i was younger because they use to turn your teeth black

  225. Katie says:

    OMG!! I love blackjacks, not had them in ages though. Used to buy them off people back in primary school!

  226. william maginnis says:

    i have been eating black jacks for nearly 50 years now still as good as the first one i ate

  227. jean pitman says:

    i am 63 and a great grandmother, i buy blackjacks for my three great grandchildren,i tell them how my dad used to bring them every friday night when he got paid. we used play a game called five jacks, where you throw one sweet in the air and pick up another and every time i did with succes i was allowed to eat the sweet. happy days.

  228. sallyann lomas says:

    i love these sweetss me and my cuz used so see how black our tongues could get i still buy them now and do the same and steal the kidss too they are fab just love um xx

  229. Chelsea Blair says:

    I love everything about Black Jacks!
    The taste, the texture….
    You were once considered cool to have Black Jacks!

  230. sharon too says:

    Um black jacks I really loved these aniseed chewy sticky tofees when I had one in in my mouth everything turned black and this was the Fun I had with my friends pulling out our tongues showing each other to see if there tongues were black like mine snap.

  231. celia says:

    Well Well Well, superb return of a traditional sweets. My dad used to sell these at his shop and as a little girl I used to sneak in the penny mix and grab a handful and they were yummy. I wished they were the same size too but they seem to have shrunk a little.

    🙂 Luscious liquorice sweets

  232. Beth says:

    Even the smell of black jacks makes me think of childhood and I can’t think of a better retro sweet xD

  233. SANDRA MCDAID says:

    I buy these when I was at school,they cost 1p each I y bought them for my 10 year old son and he loves the taste For Halloween this year I am going to buy these with some other retro sweets so the children can try them !!!!

  234. nic clayton says:

    ohh a blast from the past, the best by far, these black jacks are the best, don’t ever stop making them

  235. susan says:

    the were and still are my favourite sweets along with fruit salads, just like being at school again

  236. gary smith says:

    love blackjacks as they remind me of my youth standing in the school playground with a 10p mix bag and hoping they had put a couple in

  237. DEBI says:


  238. cindy rigby says:

    wow! i am so glad that blackjacks are making a come-back, it takes me back to my childhood when i used to get a mixture bag of blackjacks, fruit salads, and swizlers. i hope they all come back.!!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Karen Bowley says:

    Being 61, I remember eating these many years ago. Pocket money was for an equal amounts of Blackjacks and Fruit Salads. Ahh the old days!!!

  240. Gary says:

    when I waz a lad we ad blackjacks & fruit salads the were something like 8 fo a penny,we used to get a gret big bag full fo a bob (5p to you young uns)There were more kids with black chops, you could tell they were a favourite.
    Making my mouth run just thinking about them

  241. Kevin says:

    Blackjacks remind me of the 1970’s tuck shop – the thrill of choosing sweets i liked and my mum didnt normally approve of!!! Black tongues – great 🙂

  242. nikki says:

    loved em as akid love em now .reminds me when i was a kiddie seeing who could get the blackest tounge lol

  243. Gemma Darrington says:

    I used 2 look in the cupboard every 5 minutes to see if my mum had bought some and then i would nick them and she would always get confused as to where they had gone..good times

  244. Anuska Pritchard says:


  245. kelly says:

    black jacks are defintiely the best sweetie. i remember buying them from the shop every afternoon after school and enjoyed seeing my tongue go black.

  246. sandie says:

    oh no I missed the blackjacks, I love them and it always makes me laugh when I get a black Tongue! aww never mind :0(

  247. Shane Hall says:

    Love these, I always love these sweets along with fruit salad sweets, 2 for a penny when I was on my way to and from school

  248. joan says:

    blackjacks were my favourite sweets when i was pregnant and when my son was old enough to try them he said they were his favourite too !! im not surprised at that cos of the amount i ate when pregnant !!!!!

  249. Maggie says:

    These are fab!! When my children have them I nag them until they share – and I can smell them a mile off!!!

  250. Scarlett says:

    Blackjacks are my favourite, i used to always buy a bag full of them almost everyday after school!!!

  251. jenna brawley says:

    i used to buy them from the tuckshop all the time i love how they leave ur toungue black :L

  252. Genna says:

    I looooove Blackjacks, they taste lovely and i love it when they make your tongue and teeth black, i definately take me back to my childhood, eating as many as you can to make your mouth as black as possible!!

  253. Araminta says:

    I have always loved these since I was a child, and whenever I can get hold of them I have them, I absolutely love the aniseed flavour, it reminds me of childhood

  254. Eddy Wilde says:

    I love black jacks because they make your toung black! And the juicy flavour kicks my taste bud!

  255. lesley Allan says:

    I remember when you couldn’t fit a “black jack” in your mouth it too big at least theyve kept the taste the same ;~)

  256. Peter says:

    Blackjacks take me back to the tuck shop on a scout’s jamboree camp when I was 13. Now they are one of the few sweets that still seem to taste the same! (I’m now 55!)

  257. lawrence edwards says:

    i remeber when i wwas in year 9 i brought some blackjacks from the corner shop a snuck them into my class. I got away with it for a while until the teacher asked me a question and my mouth was diyed black.

  258. Sara says:

    I remember these. I used to go to the corner shop and buy 2 sweets for a halfpenny. Brings back memories!

  259. Kirstie says:

    I adored these when I was growing up, mind you i still do when I come across them, even my friends and family buy them me in bulk. Don’t like many sweets, but these are LUSH.
    Glad to see there back, yum yum…..

  260. Lindsay says:

    I love the way that Blackjacks just make your mouth water so much. Even in cold weather when they are really hard, a quick chew and your mouth is watering.
    They’re great.
    Also. They change the colour of your tongue – what more could you want in a sweet.

  261. tanya says:

    i love them cause they turn ur mouth black and so u cant hide the fact that u have been eating them. they are so much fun and taste so great

  262. Kevin Lockley says:

    Used to get these all the time when I was at school. Used to love it when they turned your tounge black 🙂

  263. diane says:

    will give my grandchildren the same memories that i had growing up…..the taste…..the black tongue…..the smell….oooh im right back there!

  264. Elaine Thompson says:

    I still love the taste of Blackjacks- after over 45 years since I first tasted them, they are still taste as good!!

  265. paul smith says:

    brings back my childhood days.every friday on dads payday we often black jacks and fruit salad chews or pineapple cubes and coconut mushrooms.those were the days.great

  266. Robert Hall says:

    Yes as a child I remember going into Woolworths and going straight to the sweet counter and slipping one or two Blackjacks into my pockets so I hold my hands up and say its a fair cop gov.

  267. Christine Ball says:

    They bring back memories of my school days in the 70’s when I used to visit the tuck shop every day with my pocket money from the previous week and there were so many that I could buy. They did however play havoc with my teeth as for some reason they changed colour

  268. LINDSAY SLATER says:

    Black Jacks are something I remember from when I was younger. I remember the first time I tried them I wasnt too sure about the taste but I gave them a second chance and decided I loiked the taste and used to ave them regularly along with fruit salads and alternate them which tasted fab. Like to eat them now but have managed to lose one or two fillings along the way, lol

  269. marie says:

    i love flapjacks ever since i was at school which is over 15years ago now and iv got my kids eating them to and they love em also thanx for a great tastin sweet 🙂

  270. Siobhain Farrell says:

    i love liquorice it is my absolute fave 😀 n black jacks are awesome cuz of their chewiness yum, chewy liquorice what could be better!

  271. lisa says:

    Just the smell alone takes me right back to primary school where I had the prestigious and much envied role of collecting sweets from store cupboard for morning tuckshop! I also have happy memories of comparing ‘blackjack tongue’ with my friends! Ah happy days of fruit salads, wham bars, fizzbombs & many many more!

  272. natasha toothill says:

    what can I say you got to love blackjacks but then and again they will always be one of the very few things i have a soft spot for.

  273. Valerie Baker says:

    I was given a gift box of childhood faves for my fiftieth birthday,very nice-and full of schoolday tuckbox treats.

  274. Valerie Baker says:

    I was given a gift box of childhood faves for my fiftieth birthday,very nice-and full of schoolday tuckbox treats.

  275. Valerie Baker says:

    I was given a gift box of childhood faves for my fiftieth birthday,very nice-and full of schoolday tuckbox treats.

  276. Valerie Baker says:

    I was given a gift box of childhood faves for my fiftieth birthday,very nice-and full of schoolday tuckbox treats.

  277. Elaine Price says:

    OMG these wee my favourite, my sister like the fruit salads, but I disagree completely, and they leave your tongue black. I used to work in a small post office at weekend and serve the children ten pence mix ups, I have to admit, I did pinch the odd on! Glad to see they are making a come back

  278. Jason Credidio says:

    I used to love these as a kid! Me and my mates would chew them and see who could get the blackest mouth!

  279. lucy ewart says:

    i love blackjacks i used to eat rhem all the time wen i was walking to school and i still have them now

  280. Gail Davies says:

    I love blackjacks because they bring back memories of walking home from school eating these and seeing who could get the blackest tongue and teeth!!

  281. jodie says:

    uuuummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! you cannot beat blackjacks!!! i love tem sssooooooooo much!!! they remind me of my child life!! i use to eat them all the time whan i was younger and i still do now!!! 🙂 !!! aaahhhhh good memories!!! :):):):)

  282. Sue Reaney says:

    Mmmm, who says that sweets are just for kids?! Mind you, I am a big kid at heart! – Have favourtised the site for gifts. Weelll, ok, for me too!

  283. Sue Beck says:

    Have loved Black Jacks since I was a kid (many years ago) they used to be 8 for a penny (1d old money) they used to be bigger or could it have been I was just smaller, whatever, I still buy them now for my rand children but have to have some myself, well old habits die hard.

  284. Tori says:

    They deserve a place in history!great that theyre here to stay so kids can have great memories of eating them like I do!They rock,take you back in time every time you eat one 🙂

  285. Lorraine says:

    On my way to Infant school we used to call in at the newsagents and buy Black Jacks – 4 for an old penny!! whenever I have them now they remind me of those days.

  286. heidi woodcock says:

    i love black jacks they reid me of my nan giving me some pocket money and running off to th shop and coming back with a bag full of sweets yummmmy

  287. K. leppik says:

    I love blackjacks as they take me back to being 10 years old, racing to the sweet shop on my bike.

  288. Zac says:

    I like Black Jack’s because they remind me so much of my childhood where me and my younger sister would get money sometimes on Sunday to go down to a corner shop and get some sweets, and I used to get Black Jack’s mostly…. then eat most of my sisters!

  289. debbie says:

    mmm they so remind me of growing up and my 10p mix from the local shop, its so good to have original sweets still available xx love em!!

  290. Jasmine Howarth says:

    We love backjacks because there really yummy and we cant wait to order off this site for christmas!!!!!!!

  291. zoe leeman says:

    mmmmmm black jacks takes me back to my childhood when you get them in a 10p mix sweety bag from the local newsagent and when i first brought some i was amazed by how it turned your tongue black it was magic lol

  292. andy says:

    I love black jacks but can’t find any local (salford lancs)shops that sell them, either in the single portion sweets or the chew bar form 🙁
    anyone know where to find them near where I live? they take me back to being a kid n at my age anything that can do that is fine by me lol.

  293. TINA BROWN says:

    I love black jacks they remind me of when I was a child spending my pocket money on them! (those were the days) xxx

  294. louise says:

    They take me back thirty years when I used to spend my 5p pocket money on a bag of 10 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  295. fran mclellaan says:

    i love black jacks always takes me back to my childhood days ,always made your tongue tingle after you had too many ,still didnt stop me though lol

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