We’re Back!

We’re back, and we’re back with a bang!

To celebrate our new management and working team we teamed up with Channel 5’s Big Brother for their sweetie based reward to the housemates on Sunday 8th July. The housemates tucked into our scrumptious sweets whilst getting a dousing of truth by watching their fellow housemates in the diary room

If this tickled your taste buds and you want to have your own Big Brother feast, get yourself across to Chewbz and bag yourself a tasty discount! Simply enter CHEWBZBB15 at the checkout to receive a generous 15% off!

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There will be chances to win delicious sweetie prizes every Friday right here. So stay tuned and good luck!

2 thoughts on “We’re Back!

  1. Rebecca Coyne says:

    Well the luckiest thing that happened to me isn’t a one off more a randomly reglar occurance. I seem to have the luck of finding money and i am not just talking coins… Its always notes. It started when i was very young and i told my mum there was £10 in the garden. She said it was just newspaper so i went outside and picked it up to show her that it was indeed money. Since then I have numerous occasions i have found cash on the road. Usually when its been pouring with rain. One weekend i was in london it was absolutely pouring down we were rushing down street when i found a £20 note lying on the floor soaking wet. I took it back to my hotel to dry out and then bought myself a nice meal. The next week i walked to work and found yet another £20 soaking wet on floor. Also found £40 on street once when was picking my brother and sister up from nursery and have had times when ive found £5 notes too. Just waiting for the elusove £50 note now

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