The Return Of Sweet Of The Week!

It’s Friday the 13th unlucky for some, but it could be your lucky day if you win our sweet of the week competition!

As we have relocated up to Newcastle we thought this week we would stay true to Geordie colors and let some lucky reader win a jar, jam packed with black and white Everton mints! Definitely an easy way to sweeten up a rainy evening!

Everton Mints

If this tasty treat takes your fancy simply comment below with the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you! And if your story inspires us down here at Chewbz HQ today could be your lucky day!

Competition closes 7pm Thursday 19th July! So good luck and get typing!

Winners announced in next sweet of the week!

60 thoughts on “The Return Of Sweet Of The Week!

  1. Karen says:

    In 2001, I won £2000 to spend on a holiday 🙂 We had an amazing holiday to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

  2. Amy says:

    Getting a job as a nanny and being invited on a 4 month holiday to dubai everything paid for, sun, sea, cocktails and lots of shopping!

  3. Joanne says:

    The luckiest thing to happen to me is the date 14th Dec 2007 – the day my daughter was born (ok, sentimental, but true!)

  4. Sarah clarkson says:

    Well i have got to say the luckiest thing that has happened to me is marrying my hubby and have my 3 beautiful sons. you can’t get lucker than that. I don’t have much luck apart from that but i figure i have all the luck i need.

  5. James Gordon says:

    I was in the Royal Navy and thirsty. I only had a pound coin and needed change. The only thing that was giving change was a fruit machine. I popped the pound coin in and received 80p back and two goes (shows how long ago it was). Anyway first go, nothing, second go, chance £1-£2. I just wanted a drink so kept on hitting gamble to get it over with. Tap, tap, tap, £100. Spent ages waiting for 100 £1 to be ejected. Lets just say I forgot about the drink.

  6. Cassy Robinson says:

    OMG! These sweets remind me of going to my grandads house as he always gave them to me as a little kid.

  7. Gemma Holmes says:

    Have to say the luckiest thing for me is the invention of the internet, else I wouldn’t have met my amazing fiance who I am marrying on 1st September. Discovered your site looking for sweet Buffett ideas for our special day although still undecided on our choices!

  8. philippa lunn says:

    I have two gorgeous daughters I was extremely poorly with both pregnancies and had to stay in hospital for a large portion of the nine months which resulted in emergency c sections both times! We are all healthy today which makes me thankful for our NHS and medical advances as had it been thirty or fourty years ago we wouldn’t be here today! Thats my luckiest!!


    I have 3 wonderful kids and a housetrained hubbie and I’m still alive after years of eating my own cooking, so I must be lucky!

  10. al cartwright says:


  11. tony lathwell says:

    ok sounds mushy but, meeting my Wife 32 years ago, we met by chance in a place that neither would have ever visited again, so I am very lucky.

  12. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Wanting to visit a place that reminded me of my Grandmother (Northern Cyprus) and coming home to find out i had won a holiday to that very place.

  13. Emmy Moore says:

    Finding my ring in the garden several days after it had disappeared. Never knew I was sentimental till then.

  14. Manpreet says:

    Whilst on a training placement at a school, I took some students on a trip and accidently bumped into a chap which happened to be the head of maths at a local school. We got talking, he told me he had a vacancy and I applied and got the job. Great school, great kids – love my job.

  15. Edith says:

    Meeting my fantastic husband in 1995. We were both in our forties and it came as a shock. He now has stage 4 cancer and we take each day as it comes with no regrets.

  16. libby brown says:

    Randomly adding a guy who I thought was very good looking to my buddy list on a dating website. Wouldn’t have had the guts to start a chat with him, but cos I added him to my buddy list, he spoke to me.

    We have now been together 7 years.

  17. Lynn Blakeman says:

    Well for me it was VERY lucky that when I was admitted to hospital during my pregnancy due to high blood pressure I happened to be awake at midnight so they did one last test which revealed pre-eclampsia which meant both of us could be in danger. My daughter was born by emergency c section and luckily we are both fine, she is performing in her school production of Grease tonight 🙂

  18. Rebecca Coyne says:

    ooops I was so excited to see you are back I posted this on the wrong blog post at first 😀

    Well the luckiest thing that happened to me isn’t a one off more a randomly reglar occurance. I seem to have the luck of finding money and i am not just talking coins… Its always notes. It started when i was very young and i told my mum there was £10 in the garden. She said it was just newspaper so i went outside and picked it up to show her that it was indeed money. Since then I have numerous occasions i have found cash on the road. Usually when its been pouring with rain. One weekend i was in london it was absolutely pouring down we were rushing down street when i found a £20 note lying on the floor soaking wet. I took it back to my hotel to dry out and then bought myself a nice meal. The next week i walked to work and found yet another £20 soaking wet on floor. Also found £40 on street once when was picking my brother and sister up from nursery and have had times when ive found £5 notes too. Just waiting for the elusove £50 note now

  19. Carol Peace says:

    The luckiest thing that has happened to me is having 6 wonderful grandchildren. I was diagnosed with an illness in 2001 that could make my sight really bad but I am so lucky that it is just the normal wear and tear and this means that I can enjoy reading to my grandchildren. Oh yes and reading myself too. I was worried for a while. Now that is good luck.

  20. Alison Wakefield says:

    We were on holiday in Brittany and we had just had crepes very nice aswel and then just having a little walk to walk themoff abit and low and behold in front by a drain was 30 euro’s and not a sole in sight so that paid for our crepe’s we did hang around a while to see if anyone came back looking for something and we would have give the money to them.

  21. Gemma Clark says:

    won 3k a month or so before xmas one year 🙂 came in very handy for christmas pressies for all the family

  22. Johan Sijbesma says:

    I fell down a mountain during a holiday when I was 16 and survived. Later found out that a couple of local kids fell earlier that year and weren’t so lucky.

  23. Keiron Buckley says:

    I haven’t really been a lucky person, not with love or money! But since moving to Brighton in October last year I think my luck has changed! Within a week of living here I find the man of my dreams, I moved into this fantastic house share and made some very good friends:) started this amazing job with the Council supporting child and their families who are on Child Protection Plans, it’s intense and challenging but thoroughly enjoy it:) and to top everything off I’m now living with my partner and have never been soo happy. It’s my 28th birthday next week and my partner is throwing me my very first house party:)

  24. lisa williams says:

    The most lucky thing that happened to me was dropping my friends off at a concert after being unable to get a ticket myself. Whilst walking back to the car a total stranger gave me a ticket for free as he had just had a phone call with bad news. I offered to buy but he refused and asked me to have a good time as that was what he intended to do. I had a brill time and i only hoped all turned out well for the stranger.

  25. laura banks says:

    finding £100 on the floor in my local pub handed in no one claimed it so was allowed to keep it

  26. carol coldicott says:

    The luckiest thing was being found,hidden in bushes,when I collapsed. A lorry driver spotted me from his high cab, was non English speaker, but got 999 help. I had blood clot suddenly burst on my left lung – was near death. Lucky for me, the lorry driver had gotten lost, or he would never have been there to save my life

  27. Donna Lawton says:

    My luckiest moment was when my life was saved by a voicemail.

    I was walking home one day when my phone went but I didn’tanswer it in time. I looked at it and I had a voicemail. I paused briefly to listen to it and then kept walking.

    As I walked an old wall collapsed just 2 metres away in front of me. Unfortunately it killed the lady who was walking in front of me.

    However I know that if I hadn’t stopped to listen to that voicemail there is no doubt it would have been me. x

  28. claire matthews-curtis says:

    i feel lucky every day, i have an amazing family and partner, what more could i want 🙂

  29. kate says:

    Luckiest that happened to me? Probably being born into my family. I have amazing parents and a great brother!

  30. Lyn says:

    I was on my way home from a uni interview and stopped off in my local park. I sat on a bench and a woman asked if I had found a bunch of keys. I hadn’t but I spotted them five minutes later just outside the park gate. It wasn’t until I went back into the park to give them to her that I realised that I had left my folder with all my qualification certificates, passport, birth certificate etc on the park bench. Oh yes, and I got my uni place! How lucky am I?

  31. Catriona Pavey says:

    I’m generally not a particularly lucky person! So if I win this competition it’ll be the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me!

  32. kerry Locke says:

    The Luckiest thing to happen to me was to have my kids … in my early twenties I had to undergo radioactive treatment and was told it was highly unlikely I would ever get pregnant naturally … but.. to prove them all wrong I successfully had 2 beautiful kids .. All’s well that ends well !!!

  33. may burgess says:

    it happened 4 years ago .i had a brain tumor successfully removed at the age of 72

  34. melanie stirling says:

    Meeting my wonderful husband at college,we have been happily married for 21 years now 🙂

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