We ♥ you Chewbz fans!

Here at Chewbz HQ we absolutely LOVE receiving photos from our amazing retro sweet fans.

Since it’s been a pretty busy summer for  us, loads of you have been enjoying our new retro sweet range and spreading the Chewbz love.

Here’s a selection of the snaps that have really made us smile:

Maia, Molly and Gizmo

Here’s Maia, Molly and even Gizmo the cat enjoying some Strawberry Bon Bons. We’re loving the sign in the background too!

Tom and David

David and Tom were lucky enough to receive a visit from our sweetie-filled Sunshine Bus.


Isaac posted this pic of his yummy Milk Bottles on our Facebook page… before they got devoured by the looks of it ;).

Kerry Taylor- Hamper winner!

This is the lovely Kerry taking a sweet trip down memory lane with her birthday retro treats!


George’s sweet tooth led him to our Strawberry Bon Bons and Jelly Beans. Mmm, we like your taste in retro sweets George!

Thanks so much for all these brilliant photos guys, and to all you sweeties out there spreading the retro sweet word.

We ♥ you Chewbz fans!

If you would like to send us a picture, or tell us anything retro sweet related, drop us an email to, head over to our Facebook page or give us a Tweet!

We would love to hear from you :).