Retro sweet of the week!

Afternoon retro sweet fans!

Hope you all got to enjoy a delicious long weekend, filled with treats ;).

To bring some cheer to your working week, we’ve chosen an real nostalgic Retro sweet of the week. This one’s sure to bring back sweet memories a plenty!

So this week you could win some…

Coconut Mushrooms

Coconut Mushrooms!

Who remembers these?!

We just can’t get enough of our mallow mushrooms and we bet there’s lots of you who love these too!

If you would like to get your sticky fingers on these retro favourites, just leave us a comment on this post :D.

Our favourite comment will win the Coconut Mushrooms. So tell us your sweet memories or just put a great big smile on our faces here in the retro sweet office and you could WIN!

Make sure you get your comment in before  9am next Monday 5th September, when the competition will close.

110 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Stephanie Parkinson says:

    My boyfriend absolutely loved these and still does! If I won them, because I am such a lovely girlfriend, I would give them all to him!

  2. Keith C says:

    Literally a bazillion times nicer than real fungi tastes. Bleurgh to mushroom, yum yum yum to Coconut Mushrooms!

  3. Tina Watson says:

    Kaylie…it was like Coloured Sand but Sugar and came in different flavours, i never used a lollipop i always used my finger lick and dip and my finger use to turn Green Yellow all sorts…

  4. laura crewdson says:

    love these. and theres 2 ways of eating them 1) shove it straigt in your mouth and just enjoy or 2) dismantle it a layer at a time making them last longer, first eat off all coconut, then lick off chocolate and finally stuff the marshmallows in so your mouth having them stick to your teeth yum.

  5. Valerie Brown says:

    I could eat so many of these delicious sweets that there would not be ‘mushroom’ inside !!

  6. Anne-Marie Large says:

    These sweets used to be my favourite
    When I was young and small
    I haven’t seen them for an age
    Nope, zilch, zero, none at all.

    I would love to win them
    To take me back to my youth
    But I better share them with the hubby
    Coz he also has a sweet tooth!

  7. Nathan Sargent says:

    My sister has always liked these and I can’t find them to buy anywhere but here.

    Her face would probably light up if I gave her a bag of these.

  8. tony says:

    wow, I had forgotten about these! I remember going to the sweetshop and standing on a stool pointing at a large jar of these, which were high up on a top shelf behind the counter. A quarter would be weighed out and placed in a small paper bag. somehow having them in a small white paper bag made them all the more special!

  9. Winifred Davidson says:

    Always eat the “stalk” first. Like them so much will hide them and eat all of them myself (yes I am aa overweight greedy guts)

  10. Anne Bostwick says:


  11. Suzanne Cooke says:

    Chewbz, here is a little ditty
    I hope you think its rather witty.
    I want these mushrooms yes i do
    please please giz them I beg of you!

  12. Claire O'Callaghan says:

    Me and my brothers used to get a 10p mixup from Dad every Friday as a treat – we used to fight over the ones that had a coconut mushroom in them!!

  13. Stephanie Green says:

    Wow these bring back memories of having to hide them from my siblings when I bought them with my pocket money.Now i’m all grown up I wouldn’t have to hide them

  14. JoC says:

    Have you seen that movie SHROOMS? Unlike the naughty ickle blighters in that these little lovelies will send you right off to sweetie nirvana…I can see the Palm trees and the coconuts now…I’m really ‘mallow’ now – tell me is this Paradise 😉

  15. Georgina Ball says:

    I like mushrooms fried on steak
    I like coconut in cake
    Mixed together they don’t go so well
    Unless in a sweet form, then they’re swell!

  16. Gemma Harrison says:

    I really don’t like these as I dislike coconut….however my mum proper loves them so I would love to win some for her!

  17. LAURA says:

    Ah coconut mushrooms, I used to charge my wee sister 50p a week to play at the summer fun club (our back garden!) then I used to go buy coconut mushrooms with my ill gotten gains
    :-)ah memories

  18. Caroline Ashton says:

    I used to love these mushrooms! I liked white mice and cola bottles too. When I was a kid I had to go to Grandma’s (whilst my parents went on football with Grandad), she always had a mixed bag of these to eat after dinner, washed down with a Dandelion & Burdoch.

    Grandma’s sadly no longer here (and dad is now a Grandad himself!), but to this day I can’t go passed a white mouse, coconut mushroom or cola bottle without thinking about Saturday afternoons at Grandmas. It’s like she’s still here in a way.

  19. Christine S says:

    Mushrooms were one of my fave too! In fact, my mum used to buy them every week and I just couldn’t resist them so dad tried to catch me out by creating some home made ones…involving cigarette butts and crushed oxo cubes dessicated in coconut! (Didnt put me off eating them though!)

  20. Alasdair MacInnes says:

    I remember trying to work out how many sweats I could get for my pocket money and failing.

    Nostalgic? No, this morning 😀

  21. Sylvia Witham says:

    When I was little, oh what treats
    To go and buy unusual sweets
    Apple bonbons, spanish wood,
    Lemonade powder – all tasted good
    But coconut is my weakness ,so
    This comp is very good to know
    To win this lovely mushroom sweeet

  22. Leanne Newsome says:

    OMG this has to be mine, i’m currently craving these little babies (7Months pregnant) lol

  23. nicola manship says:

    OMG total blast from the bast. I forgot all about these until I saw the piccie. I can just about remember what they taste like….. SCRUMMY!!!!

  24. Linda Smyth says:

    These are my darling hubby’s favourites and I would love to win them for him as he’s always doing lovely things for me.

  25. carol coldicott-stirmey says:

    I remember these,me and my sister,used to buy a quarter,every Thursday,when dad gave us the coins from his brown,weekly wage packet

  26. Claire Smith says:

    I didn’t know you could still get these!! My grandma used to buy them for me when I was little – totally addictive and I used to love biting the tops off (the best bit!).

  27. amanda egglestone says:

    Tiny little mushrooms surround my feet,
    Then I spotted a large one that I made my seat…

    Tiny little mushrooms all in my lap,
    I ate and ate them while on this cap…

    Tiny little mushrooms in the sky,
    You can only get those if you can fly…

    Tiny little mushrooms fill up my tummy,
    These mushrooms were so scrumptious and yummy…

    Tiny little mushrooms STILL in the sky,
    Luckily enough I can now fly…

    Tiny little mushrooms floating my way,
    I never thought I’d be in “little big land” today…

    Tiny little mushrooms aren’t so small,
    That green one there is outrageously tall…

    Tiny little mushrooms start fading away,
    Ok, I have eaten enough fungus for one day…

  28. katrina walsh says:

    Mushrooms growing in the wild
    Take me back to being a child
    But these ones arent the growing kind
    These ones were even harder to find
    Impossible to eat with your mouth shut
    with delicious drizzles of coconut
    Id pick them daily if i could
    why cant these ones grow in woods?

  29. laura jones says:

    these are wonderful. when my gran was alive she always treated herself to some when going shopping. she was very generous and shared them with us. i only have to taste these now and i instantly think back to my gran!

  30. jen hague says:

    These are fabulous sweeties – we used to play ‘fluffy bunnies’ with them as kids – my record was 23!!

  31. Chiao Lee says:

    These sweets not only remind me of mushrooms covered with snow on a winter’s day, but also when I was really young and my grandpa would buy this for me every friday when he comes back from work. He died of stomach cancer but a taste of these sweets will be a great reminder of his presence in this world and all the fun times we had shared.
    He also loved poems and enjoyed writing ones of his own. I wrote one for his funeral and I will write one now:

    Dear grandpa whom you were so kind and sweet,
    You adored these as a bedtime treat.
    I may have been young but I did see,
    You may have loved these more than you loved me!
    But now you have gone to heaven above,
    You have left behind all these things you love.
    But I always know you are at my side,
    Munching coconut mushrooms with passion you can’t hide.

  32. Marie Rickard says:

    Hmmm, no clever poems here! Just hoping that I win them so that I can gobble down my most fave sweets and who care about all those calories?!


  33. Ruth Jakes says:

    I nostalgically remember when I was a kid. My mother always bought them and treated us whenever we did something she would be proud of. They bring on good memories.

  34. Steph Woodward says:

    My Grandad who is 95 absolutely loves Coconut Mushrooms! When we were children we would go to the garden centre at Christmas to chose a decoration and he would always buy Coconut Mushrooms! Can imagine his face if i gave him some of those!!

  35. Pauline Wilson says:

    waaah, didn’t know you still got these. I luv em. Used to get them in pick n mix from that retro sweet haven Woolies. I still miss it now sigh.

  36. Lorna Totton says:

    These bring back memories for me as they were a great favourite of my Mum. We would pester the life out of her for some of them.

  37. liz lipsdett says:

    i have ‘mushroom’ in my tummy for these lovely tasty mushrooms, so please send me some, thankyou in anticipation.

  38. Karina Kantas says:

    These bring back memories. I can’t get hold of these until I go back home so please send me some. Cheers.

  39. Alison Booth says:

    Awww, I love these, and so does my Dad! I always used to buy him these for his birthday and Christmas when I was little. If I won them, I would share them with him because he’s the bestest Dad in the world!

  40. Katherine Myers says:

    These, along with pink shrimps are my fave sweets! My mum craved these when she was pregnant with me (25 years ago!!) so maybe that’s why! x

  41. Heidi P says:

    My Dad’s favourite – it’s a pity my brother and I ate them before we could give them to him. If I win i’ll share them with him.

  42. claire green says:

    It’s my birthday on the 5th,
    so these would make a lovely gift!
    A squishy, coconut, mushroom treat,
    simply the best kind of retro sweet!
    So please please please,
    I do beg on my knees,
    give me a super duper pleasant,
    happy 22nd birthday present 🙂

  43. Claire Butler says:

    Omg i love these , i wish you done a diabectic version.
    Until then i suppose my boys get to Nom NOm by themselves

  44. Judith Luscombe says:

    These have always been a favourite of mine, like others have said they remind me of my childhood. Our local discount shop still sells them and my mum still buys me a packet from time to time and now Im 54!!!!!!!!

  45. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Wow, what amazing responses this week! So many we have decided to pick 5 and gone with the ones that have made us smile the most 🙂
    Congratulations to our five lucky Coconut Mushroom winners…
    Chiao Lee
    katrina Walsh
    amanda Egglestone
    Anne Bostwick
    Sylvia Witham

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