Sweet of the Week!

With winter setting in its the perfect time to snuggle down in bed, or drift off in a hot bath with a good book!
It is definitely one of my favorite things to do this time of year, but if you’re like me you run out of things to read. So this week why don’t we help each other out!
Below i want you to comment and tell me what you favorite books are and why. Not only will it put you in for a chance to win some sweeties, it will also help out fellow Chewbz lovers with their winter reading!

Remember, comments are chosen at complete random now. So the more comments you leave the more chances you have to win!
(Please try and be unique and not leave the same comment 10 times, cheeky things :P)

This week you will be in for the chance to win one of our Mini Chewbz, filled with whatever you want!
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223 thoughts on “Sweet of the Week!

  1. Angela mcDonald says:

    My favourite books to read are the Harry Potter series because as many times as i read them, i forget something that was in the books due to watching the films, so i enjoy the ‘new’ suprises every time!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I like the book ‘guess how much I love you’ when I read it to my 3 kids, we try and act out some of the things and it always makes us laugh (and me want to cry!) as the words are so meaningful and beautiful. Must be one of the greatest kids books going. Makes me feel like there is an extra strong bond between us

  3. Rebecca says:

    My favourite ‘adult’ book has got to be ‘flowers in the attic’ by Virginia Andrews. I have read and re-read that book goodness how many times, and it really feels like you are apart of the story, standing at the edge looking in. Wanting to help the children but just that tiny bit out of reach and unable to shout to tgem that it’ll be ok. Makes me warm and fuzzy at the end when they escape. And it is great to kn Reminds me that there are always people worse off than me, and that money can’t buy happiness. Is a great read in a warm bath with a glass of wine.

  4. Rebecca Harley says:

    Fifty shade trilogy will warm you up on the winter days but no doubt most have already read it so I will give you some proper suggestions

  5. Alice says:

    of mice and men in the book i enjoy the most, although i have read it a number of times, i enjoy the classic story.

  6. Keith C says:

    I love anything my Terry Pratchett, having a book that can make you laugh out loud is very rare. “Men At Arms” is my favourite

  7. Anthony says:

    Unfortunately Keith C beat me to Terry Pratchett – I’m a big Discworld fan – so my next choice of books would be the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I read a lot of fantasy novels and find it refreshing when people come up with something other than traditional “magic”.

  8. Scott Wallbridge-Nichols says:

    My favourite book is Stuart McCall autobiography, a legend on the pitch as well as off it!

  9. K. Sazanavets says:

    My favourite books is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I read it every December, as it makes me feel festive and reminds me of the important things at Christmas time.

  10. Tracy Nixon says:

    I have just finished reading The Island by Victoria Hislop and am now reading the next book, The Return!

  11. Kevin Laing says:

    Has to be without doubt Lord of The Rings, have read it every year since I first read it aged 14 (39 times in all).It enables the reader to be completely immersed in Middle Earth

  12. Brenda corbett says:

    Fifty shade trilogy will warm you up on the winter days but no doubt most have already read it so I will give you some proper suggestions

  13. Paul Challinor says:

    I like to dip in and out of The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe. I know its not everyones cup of tea, but I’ve always enjoyed horror, particularly stories about people being buried alive!!!

  14. yvette ross says:

    my fav books are the alex cross series(along came a spider, kiss the girls etc) by james patterson

  15. Anne Graham says:

    A book that I most enjoyed reading recently was ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes. If you find the cold, dark winter nights a bit depressing, read ‘Me Before You’ – it’s really heart warming.

  16. Jane Adair says:

    Anything by Alex Kava, or Jeffery Deaver, or Lee Child … infact I would read absolutely anything come to think of it. But my most treasured book is my 50th anniversary edition of To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee 🙂

  17. Kay Brown says:

    My favorite books have to be………..all the 50 shades books, i love all 3 the same. Sorry but im a Christian Grey fan:D x

  18. Alex McKay says:

    My favourite book is Would you rather…I’m a teacher and kids of all ages love it – and my husband!

  19. Maia says:

    Divergent is a very good book, insurgent is the second book in the trilogy and the third book doesn’t come out until next year 🙁 but Divergent is going to be turned into a film and released next year 😀 it’s a must read!

  20. Molly says:

    One of my favourite books is shopaholic by Sophie kinsella , I can relate to it so much and once I start reading it I can’t put it down , it’s full of comedy as well , on overall amazing book 🙂 (the books a lot better than the film )

  21. Molly says:

    Another one of my favourite books is cherry crush by Cathy cassidy , I love all her books but that has to be my favourite it’s easy to read and hard to put down , love it !<3

  22. Molly says:

    I love all Jacqueline Wilson books but one of my favourites has to be hetty feather because it’s different from all th other books , as it’s set in the olden days and it’s so interesting to see what life would of been like for a 12 year old girl hundreds of year’s ago , such a gripping book !

  23. tony says:

    I love biographies and factual books, at the moment I am reading Tales of The Country by Brian Viner.


    I love crime and pathologist books – anything by Kathy Reichs or Patricia Cornwell though I tend to try and finish them in one sitting which makes me unpopular with my family!

  25. Joanne Mapp says:

    My favourite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. I am always blown away by Wilde’s beautifully descriptive writing.

  26. Amanda Hurst says:

    Anything Stephen King…I don’t know why I read them, they give me nightmare’s, lol but I will still pick up another and read it. : )

  27. diane findlay says:

    a song of fire and ice by grr martin , and a little known book called taurus by my uncle wht eccles

  28. Gill B says:

    As a child I used to love Der Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffman, particularly the story of the Thumsucker, where the boy who would not stop sucking his thumb ended up having them chopped off by a tailor with a giant pair of scissors!

    Gruesome I know but it was great & full of cautionary tales.

  29. Sav says:

    The vampire diaries books because I love the tv series and couldn’t wait to find out what happens so I read the books!

  30. Tarran Wilson says:

    The Hunger Games Trilogy – Having recently read these I can say they are a favourite of mine. Being able to get lost in a book is rare nowadays and I managed to read all 3 within 6 days. Well worth a read.

  31. Sav says:

    Of mice and men is a fantastic book. Had to study it at school but didn’t realise then how brilliant it was

  32. Kate says:

    The book that I’m reading at the moment is called ‘Me Before You’, I’m only a quarter of the way through but I can’t wait to see what happens at the end

  33. Nikki F says:

    A Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder. It is the tale of a young boy who buys an old faded advent calendar – when he opens the first door, not only is there a picture but also a note. These notes tell the tale of a girl, along with the story of Christmas. I read a chapter a day in lieu of an advent calendar. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read it, it still excites me when I read it.
    I also highly recommend Gaarders other books, which are adult books, with very deep thought provoking themes.

  34. Charlotte I says:

    I have so many to choose from! My all time favourite will probably have to be the Harry Potter series, I grow up with it and it has a special place in my heart.

  35. Charlotte I says:

    Now that I am trying to read more ‘grown up’ things (pff) my favourite new series absolutely has to be the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire series. Love, love, love it. I love fantasy books but things like LOTR are a bit too heavy-going for me. GoT is surprisingly easy to read, despite the numerous amount of characters! I am book 4 now, it’s sad how fast I am getting through them. Don’t want them to end!!!

  36. Charlotte I says:

    Other books I feel deserve a special mention are any of Meg Cabot’s work. They’re so funny and romantic! Although I must say some of her latest work hasn’t been as good as the earlier stuff. Maybe it’s a bit too teenagery for me now?? 🙁

  37. Rebecca Harley says:

    any books by Stephen Foster

    Strides or Walking Olly are my favourites but he has also done a book of short stories called It Cracks Like Breaking Skin

  38. Lesley Walsh says:

    I have read and re-read all of Georgette Heyer’s historical novels. I can escape into another era and just let go of the modern world.

  39. Lesley Walsh says:

    I have enjoyed reading Anne McCaffrey’s “Pern” series. Paricularly like Dragonsong & Dragonsinger.

  40. Lesley Walsh says:

    Also like The Ship Who Searched (always makes me cry in the early part of the book however many times I read it) and Nimisha’s Ship. Both also by Anne McCaffrey.

  41. Lesley Walsh says:

    I enjoy reading Mary Stewart novels such as the Moonspinners (book far better than the film with Hayley Mills) and Madam, Will You Talk.

  42. Lesley Walsh says:

    Like Angela above, I am a fan of the Harry Potter series. Though I did feel that one of them dwelt too much on Harry’s teenage moodiness and didn’t move on with the storyline fast enough. But I have to choose something else…. how about the novels by Karen Chance? (teen fiction admittedly)

  43. sarah says:

    i got to be honest though, nothing better than sitting with my boys and reading a story to them all cuddled up

  44. Cheryl Lovell says:

    I love reading books about crimes. My latest was about rose west called making of a monster

  45. Katy Malkin says:

    Sounds typical but still Harry Potter, I’ve reread it so many times now. Can’t wait to read the new J K Rowling book


    I love the Harry Potter books. I love the whole story of good conquering evil, the magic, the love story of Ron and Hermione and the ups and downs Harry has to go through. They have made me laugh and made me cry. I have read them over and over again and never get bored! Love them! xoxo


    I also love the Twilight Saga books. I love the relationship between Edward and Bella. I just wish I could find my own Edward! (Vampire or not!) xoxo

  48. Sara Duncan says:

    Yes Man by Danny Wallace because it’s so funny and a few pages will always brighten my mood!

  49. Jennifer Dyson says:

    The favourite books I have read recently have to be The Hunger games (and yes I know they are teen fiction but they are brilliantly written and imaginative!)

  50. Jennifer Dyson says:

    Also The Host by the same writer as the twilight series (again a Teen book but a brilliant sci fi book none the less!)

  51. Keith C says:

    I very much enjoy naval sea stories, and the Hornblower series is some of the very best, you can almost smell the salty air and hear the cannons!

  52. Karen R says:

    Anna Karenina is my all-time favourite book. I’m in 2 minds about whether to go and watch the film though, I don’t know how it will compare

  53. mandy austin says:

    Hi im a big fan of autobiographies.we think the rich and famous have a great life but behind the glitz and glam it isnt as good as its sometimes seems..loved the jade goody’s books because she was a poor girl that made good.but in the end when life was good she was cruelly taken away from family,friends and fans x

  54. Mark Finch says:

    Boudica by Manda Scott – Iam fascinated by British hitosry and this was an area that I didn’t know much about and her stories brought it alive.

  55. Dianne Brewin says:

    My favourite book is the green mile,, I loved it when I read it and it’s so sad. The film just made it so much more visual.

  56. Rebecca Harley says:

    If you are after books to read to the kids then can’t go wrong with
    Stig of The Dump
    Charlottes Web
    The Hobbit

  57. Rebecca Harley says:

    If you are interested in auto biographies I highly recommend reading Ian Wrights and Tony Adam’ life stories

  58. elisa wright says:

    I love agatha christie and similar books. I’ve only ever figured out the murderer once in a christie book but couldn’t work out the motive. They are so much better than the TV versions which are so predictable.

  59. Eleanor Powell says:

    The Janet Evanovich number series – Stephanie Plum is a great character and they are easy to read whatever the time of day!

  60. Tania says:

    Hey – I don’t really read books, but if I do then it has to be a horror book or an autobiography – The last one of those I read was Shane Richies autobiography…..shameful people may say lol

  61. Saran Benjamin says:

    My favourite books are Terry Pratchett’s Disc World Series. There are a lot of them but they make fun reading.

  62. emma furniss says:

    The Hunger Games – I could not put the first book down. The second two are also very good but not like the first!

  63. Sam R says:

    My favourite book is called bedroom secrets of the master chefs by Irvine Welsh, Brilliant book, so many twists and a crazy story, they should make it into a movie!

  64. Bernie Byrne says:

    I just love to cuddle up on the sofa with a good book, while the fire is blazing in the fireplace. When Im sitting there I feel like my self, with no cares in the world, just living in that moment of quiet, relaxing mood.

  65. Stephen holman says:

    After watching the first game of thrones tv series I couldnt wait for the next series so went out and bought the books. They’re an absolutely brilliant read and would recommend everyone give them a try!

  66. Natalie White says:

    I love all of the books by Jodi Picoult! The best one is Nineteen Minutes. They’re really exciting and have so many twists.

  67. Julie Stringer says:

    My favourite books are by Lee Child, the Jack Reacher Thrillers, they keep me hooked from beginning to end and I never want to put the book down.

  68. Josie Mellor says:

    My favourite book is Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt as it made my laugh as well as cry and I couldn’t put it down once I had started it.

  69. kayti says:

    A book i loved reading was no mummy no, it was the saddest story i have ever read but yet i couldnt bring my self away from it and was always drawn to turn the next page and carry on reading.. amazing story and even though its upestting it was a joy to read

  70. Beth Norfolk says:

    The Harry Potter series is my favourite series of book in the world. I just had my Harry Potter tattoo done, it’s along my entire left leg 😀

  71. kristy brown says:

    Definately the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanckovich! They are funny and witty and so damn funny!

  72. alison culverhouse says:

    I love books by Carole Matthews, the latest one I read was “That Loving Feeling”. The same characters are also in her latest book which will be coming out for Christmas called “With Love At Christmas”, so I will be buying this and reading it in December. Why not give her books a go?

  73. alison culverhouse says:

    I`ve always been fascinated by the Lord Lucan case and have read many books on the subject; whether it`s actually true or not “Lord Lucan: My Story” is a great read.

  74. Rebecca Harley says:

    Love City Girl and City Woman by Patricia Scanlon. Books i can read over and over again

  75. Lindsey says:

    Anything by Julia Donaldson that I can read with my kids, room on the broom, gruffalo, stick man! Awesom books!

  76. Lindsey says:

    Anything by Julia Donaldson that I can read with my kids, room on the broom, gruffalo, stick man – all really fun!

  77. sam bailey says:

    As a child my favourite was The Magic Faraway Tree collection by Enid Blyton

    As an adult the books that gripped me the most and turned into a complete page turner with eager fingers was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

  78. Sav says:

    I love cooking and baking. I have a collection of recipe books and my favourite is baking made easy by Lorraine pascale because it’s baking at it’s best with simple to follow recipes. And yes I do flick through recipe books before bed especially if I’m planning dinner parties

  79. Sav says:

    Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen. Such a classic and I will never get bored reading this or watching the films

  80. joanne saunders says:

    50 shades of grey is my favourite book to read at the moment ok maybe a little embarrassing to read on the train when theres been so much talk about what the book contains but hey lol i dont get embarassed 🙂

  81. samantha devine says:

    I am currently reading the Hetty Feather books by Jacqueline Wilson as my daughter thought that I would enjoy them and I have to say that i was pleasantly surprised.

  82. Hannah says:

    I love the secret garden because it’s a great story and there is something quite magical about it, and you can pick it up over and over again without getting bored!

  83. Jennifer Dyson says:

    As a child my favourite was The Magic Faraway tree by Enid Blyton – it really appealed to my young imaginative mind!

  84. Sue Robinson says:

    I forgot to say why I like Misery…it is such a good thriller even better than watching the film

  85. Sam R says:

    another of my favourites is Pride and Prejudice, such a great story i even named my first daughter after one of the bennet sisters in this book

  86. Jessica Coleman says:

    Personally, I find that nothing beats a good old classic, perhaps my recent opinion has been formed from my latest read ‘Jane Eyre’. This particular novel made me feel very nostalgic. Such a great book, from a great author.

  87. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    This is so hard. I will (and do) read anything from horror to chick-lit to sci-fi to Mills & Boon. Love Katie Fforde though. Feel good books with great stories and plenty of animals in them. Just the right thing to read curled up in front of a fire/radiator/heater. 🙂 😀 Wishing everyone good luck x

  88. Helen Davidson says:

    My favourite book ever has to be ‘The Camerons’. I read it for my English O Grade at school and re-read it many times after that until I leant it to someone a few years ago and it was never returned. Unfortunately I can’t remember who I leant it to……….. If the person reads this please can I have it back as I can’t get a copy of it now!!

  89. tavster says:


  90. Jennifer Gilbert says:

    My all time favourite childhood book has got to be The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. Now, I still love anything that can take me away to a make beleive world, love it!!!!!! 🙂

  91. Mel K says:

    I love Nick Stone books. He’s only written 3 but each are really gripping and involve voodoo (spooky!)

  92. Laura Pugh says:

    I like Jodi Picoult’s books, particulary My Sister’s Keeper. Thought provoking and intriguing, and better than the film.

  93. Gerard Ruddy says:

    My favorite book ever is Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill, an absolute classic for self help and suceess!!

  94. KIERAN WALSH says:

    evening, feels like winter today, i am a book -worm, i love James Paterson as an author but current reading ” Lynda Le Plante” Blood Line, a great mystery/crime, recomended

  95. Rebecca Harley says:

    Think there has been some fab suggestions. Bit of sonethin for everyone

    Can’t forget the classics such as Treasure Island, Little Women, Railway Children, Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol

  96. Hayley Todd says:

    I am an absolute book lover and have lots of different favourite books depending on my mood! My all-time favourite is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It captivated me when I read it for the first time aged 15 and I have read and re-read it hundreds of times since. It is such a bewitching, engrossing story, so well told that I can loose myself in it for hours at a time! I also love reading all the Agatha Christie novels. I love crime stories, and to me, no-one writes a better story than Christie – yes, they appear very simple and easy to read, but the plots have fantastic twists and turns and they set the precedent for all modern crime novels!

  97. Marie Judd says:

    My favourite book as a child was the tiger who came to tea….how much fun to have a tiger come to you’re house and eat all your An adult my favourite books are by Cecelia ahern. her books take you off to a magical exciting place.

  98. Julie Hogg says:

    These are fairly old books but I have read the flowers in the attic series and just loved them, never had a book like that since that I have been so engrossed in.

  99. Ruairi D says:

    the best book that i have read to date, and by god am i nerd when it comes to reading like the obi-wan of literature, i swear the hobbit has to be one of thee best books ever written. i mean i was never as excited ready the bible til the passion if the christ was formed in the cinemas, but by god when the hobbit was read, i was oozing like id eaten 4 packs of pop rocks and mouthful of cola. The hobbit has to be the most saught after book of all time, with the LOTR following it really is the book to be read as inspiration to let your imagination take form and allow you to take the bull by the horns and throw yourself into the shire itself and take the plunge of a real adventure. Looking forward to the movie arrives 😮

  100. Sam says:

    I love the books by Sophie Kinsella. they’re brilliant escapism reading. sweets would be the perfect accessory!

  101. Lynn Tibby says:

    I like the Malcolm Pryce Aberystwyth series of books. I went to university there so it talks about places I know, makes it more appealing i guess.

  102. Lynn Tibby says:

    And I’m just on the second book of The Hunger Games series. Read the first one in a day!

  103. Molly says:

    Aldolphus tips , it’s about a cat in the war time and it’s very emotional but has a very happy ending

  104. Molly says:

    How to train your dragon is one of my favourite books , i read it in priamry school and when the film came out it reminded me , the film and the book is amazing !!! XxD

  105. Anii Brown says:

    Any Harry Potter books keep you entertained for a while on cold winter evenings.. Failing that 50 shades of grey will warm you up!

  106. ali mckenzie says:

    I love all Dean Koontz books because they are all brilliant and he changes his style of writing with each book so you never get bored 🙂

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