Spooktacular Giveaway!

Its almost Halloween  and what better way to celebrate than with a bucket full of sweeties!
Thats right! We are give away a beastly bucket filled with terrifiying treats to one lucky winner!
The bucket is filled to the brim with ghoulish goodies weighing just under 1.5kg! And it could be on your door the morning of Halloween!
photo(1)We have been loving the amount of comments we have been getting, so this week its still random but with a twist!
We ant you to post as many scary stories as you can! Five people will then be picked at random and the lucky winner will be chosen by the Chewbz staff!

So get typing your spooktacular stories and good luck!
Entries will close on the 25th!

96 thoughts on “Spooktacular Giveaway!

  1. Stephanie Lear says:

    Haha might as well embarrass my 13 year old daughter who generally is very gobby. She decided she was old enough to watch a scary movie with her 17 year old sister. I was like no way , your not old enough, well after listening to her whining for hours I thought I would give in. About 20 minutes into the movie I heard muuuuuum then my daughter running upstairs saying mum the telly just switched off by itself! The confident , gobby , I know better 13 year old ended up sleeping in my bed! Lol

  2. Jane says:

    Not The Wind

    Your body filled with a dreadful chill,
    Stared at your desk, and the white old quill.
    Windy night, the quill moved slight,
    You turned the switch, seeking light.

    No light came, the bulb was dead,
    You thought of going back to bed.
    Suddenly noticed, quill moved slight,
    You approached, with all your might.

    Not the wind, window was closed,
    Heart raced, a message exposed.
    You read in horror, ink was red,
    “Not the wind, go back to bed!”

  3. yvonne hatton says:

    We was just 3 ordinary children, loved playing out, on games consoles and eating our chewbz sweets untill THAT day!. Well it all started when we was out playing knock door run, emma and I dared latisha to knock on the ‘witchs’ door as we called her. “Scardy pants scardy pants” we teased. So in a temper she stormed up to this big red door. Tap tap tap went the door. No answer so we said louder! Bang bang bang whent the door and latisha ran. Slowly the door opened and apeared a little old lady “yeees” she said ” we was all hiding behind the wheely bin giggling, the old lady must of heard us as she said “if I find you little brats ill put you in my pumkin soup for tea” well that scared us and we went home. Later that night I went to bed and as I lay in my bed I hear tap tap tap at my door but when I checked there was no one, then Bang Bang Bang. I jumped, slowly as I get out my bed once again there is no one there but as I get into bed I notice mywindow open. I go over to close it. I looked out to my front garden and there was the little old lady from the house earlyer. She said “see I told u I’d find you”. Quickly I tryed to close my window but it was to late! With a loud pop,fizz and smoke I felt like I was falling. The next day no one could fine me emma or latisha. The police looked everywhere but we had just dis’apeared. A week later my mum received a lovely bowl of pumkin soup of a lovely little old lady……….

  4. abbie says:

    A teenage boy drove his date to a dark and deserted lovers lane for a make-out session. After turning on the radio for mood music, he leaned over and began kissing the girl. A short while later the music suddenly stopped and an announcer’s voice came on, warning in an urgent tone that a convicted murderer had just escaped from the state insane asylum which happened to be located not far from lovers lane and that anyone who noticed a strange man lurking about with a hook in place of his right hand should immediately report his whereabouts to the police. The girl became frightened and asked to be taken home. The boy feeling bold, locked all the doors instead and, assuring his date they would be safe, attempted to kiss her again. She became frantic and pushed him away, insisting that they leave. But the boy peevishly jerked the car into gear and spun its wheels as he pulled out of the parking space. When they arrived at the girls house she got out of the car and reaching to close the door and began to scream. The boy ran to her side to see what was wrong and there dangling from the door handle was a bloody hook.

  5. Josh Crane says:

    Short Story 3 (House on Halloween Hill) – Submitted By Paula Hamilton
    All of the trick or treaters avoided the house on halloween hill. The owners were really scary and only ever came out at night. It started when a boy called Josh and his girlfriend were ghostbusting. Josh’s girlfriend dared him to go up to the house. So off he went up the hill. The owners had gone out for their midnight shopping. He went down the stairs to the basement and just as he got to the bottom, he heard the front door open. He hid in one of the boxes. He heard footsteps on the stairs. He opened the lid slightly and saw the woman open a fridge and take out a bottle of blood. She then went up the stairs and closed the door. He got out of the box he was hiding in and turned to look at it. To his horror there infront of him were two coffins. Before long he heard them again. Josh froze in shock. He had to hide but could not move. The door opened and in walked the owners. They saw Josh straight away. They grabbed him. He screamed. Josh was never seen again.

    Short Story 4 (Don’t Look Out the Window) – Submitted By Charlotte

  6. Josh Crane says:

    All of the trick or treaters avoided the house on halloween hill. The owners were really scary and only ever came out at night. It started when a boy called Josh and his girlfriend were ghostbusting. Josh’s girlfriend dared him to go up to the house. So off he went up the hill. The owners had gone out for their midnight shopping. He went down the stairs to the basement and just as he got to the bottom, he heard the front door open. He hid in one of the boxes. He heard footsteps on the stairs. He opened the lid slightly and saw the woman open a fridge and take out a bottle of blood. She then went up the stairs and closed the door. He got out of the box he was hiding in and turned to look at it. To his horror there infront of him were two coffins. Before long he heard them again. Josh froze in shock. He had to hide but could not move. The door opened and in walked the owners. They saw Josh straight away. They grabbed him. He screamed. Josh was never seen again.

  7. Salz says:

    In my youth myself and a group of about 8 friends decided to visit some haunted spots in the local area. We were in a churchyard in a small village and there was a touch of ground mist. I was wandering around looking at the graves and had got ahead of the the others. Just as they came around the corner of the church, a light came on at the side, shining straight at me feet. I was wearing a very long black coat, and turned round to see what had switched the lights on. This made my coat swirl out, so the sight of my black cloaked figure with the mists curling around me and the ghostly light scared the living daylights out of all my friends. The scary moment for me though was when they all ran away from me and got in the cars, leaving me alone in the churchyard.
    Unfortunately, when I was running after them, I fell over and cracked my head on a gravestone. It was very cold that night, and sadly I died, but every Halloween I like to go and stand in front of that grave and wait for my friends to come back and get me….

  8. kirsty meredith says:

    A bit scary and frightening to begin with but comforting at the end! When my dad died when I was 18 back in 1993 he would come and visit me on the stairs in my house! I lived on my own and he would visit me just long enough for me to see his face and nod to say I was ok. This happened every night for a good 9 years until when I settled down with my now husband and my dad never visited me again. I believe it was his way of checking I was ok and when I found happiness he gave that responsibility to the man I went on to marry…… dad did good in trusting him we have been married nearly 10 years and have 2 beautiful children aged 4 and 8 years old! ……. Dad come back sometime I miss you!

  9. Lucy says:

    When I was a teen having a sleepover with friends we somehow managed to get our hands on The exorcist film. Half way through watching we thought it was rubbish as the special effects were not very good. Then a gust of wind came from under the door and blew a plastic bag into the air-well I have never been so scared in my whole entire life.

  10. Barrie Phillips says:

    I bought my house in an auction,the previous owner had died there and my mates kept telling me how brave i was because the house was probably haunted,I moved in after I finished my weeks work on a moonless rainy night only to discover the electricity and gas had not been connected.I lit candles in every room to quickly move my belongings in.Sitting in the candlelit living room with no heating I decided to remove the wood covering the boxed in fire place.I broke up the wood and used it to light the fire.Relaxing in front of the fire I heard terrible shriek like noises and what sounded like bats flying around,suddenly the room was filled with a dark cloud.Out flew two blackbirds who had obviously decided to nest in the chimney.That was the closest I’ve ever been to having a ghoulish experience.

  11. JoC says:

    When I was quite little my uncle’s family and ours went on a caravaning holiday to Ireland. On one particular day my uncle thought it clever to spook me and my cousins with horrifying tales about the Irish ‘Banshee’ (an old hag who visited people just before they were about to die). That evening whilst us ‘kids’ stayed together in one of the two caravans he and my dad thought it would be funny to creep around either side of the vehicle at 2am, begin rocking i….whilst wailing loudly. It wasn’t so funny when a lady in adjoining plot called the Garda (Irish Police) on them though and they got a rollocking of our mums!! 🙂

  12. cheryl lovell says:

    I remember my friend going to the bathroom after watching candy man and three friends jumping out from behind the shower curtain! not a proper spooky story but funny never the less!

  13. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    when i was younger , around 8 years old . Me and my younger sister used to share a double bed. We’d watched the thriller video and after we went to bed we were just dropping off to sleep when a hairy hand came up at the bottom of the bed and grabbed my foot! i almost died til my mum giggled and turned the light on showing my dad with a wolf mask and arms on …. to this day we have never forgive him!!! @chanson2010 on twitter

  14. Michelle Best says:

    On Halloween eve, an old lady living in a an apartment heard someone calling to her “I am the viper, I’ll be up in an hour.” She is terrified, and all alone. She shuts all the windows and double checks the door is bolted. Fifteen minutes pass, and nothing else. She begins to think it was silly pranksters. Then, just as she is settled, she hears the same voice, “It’s the viper, i’ll be there soon.” so she calls the police in absolute fear. Minutes later, the door bell rings. She opens the door and she says, “thank god the police are finally here!!” But……. it is a man with a sponge and a bucket of water. He says,”i am the viper. I vish to vash and vipe the vindows!”

  15. toni quandt says:

    The lights go out,it’s pitch black, you hear a creak, you can smell soemthing damp…………Fear sets in, you can feel it on your skin, your eyes still can’t make out anything,you try to scream but it comes out muffled, you try to move but can’t ……….. You’re in your coffin.

  16. conrad edwards says:

    It was a cold night, so cold that ice was forming on the walls.
    Shivering, they lay there…waiting…listening.
    In the distance they could hear a slow stomp, getting louder.
    Stomp……stomp….stomp…stomp…getting closer, louder.
    They all hold their breath trying not to quiver and shake.
    The stomping stops, right outside the door, heavy breathing as the door slowly opens with a creak.
    In a slashing of razor sharp nails and teeth, they are devoured.
    One by one, dragged out, ripped to pieces.
    In the morning a little girl wanders past. A little girl just like you.
    She sees the open door, looks in and stifles a scream as she hears the stomping, getting closer, right behind her. The putrid breath, that horrible smell…she turns, ready to scream.
    She screams…”Dad, you ate all the jellies i made and put in the fridge”

  17. Solange says:

    I have seen a few ghosts. A couple of examples? Transparent woman caught in a wedding photo taken by the photographer I work for – she wasn’t there when the picture was taken, and we did the developing of the film ourselves so we know the photo wasn’t tampered with or “photo shopped”. * A man and a woman who regularly walk by the window at my friend’s house and then disappear. Upon research of the property, I found out there was a husband & wife murder-suicide on the property and I believe that caused a residual haunt (an energy imprint, like a video stuck on a loop that just keeps playing over and over.)

  18. Bernie says:

    Halloween night camping with the scouts – camp fire, everyone telling stories and trying to frighten each other. Strange noises started coming from accross the field – Turned out the Troop leader from another pack had found a divet with his foot in the dark field and twisted his ankle – the noises he was making were definately the scariest thing that night.

  19. matthew says:

    There is a wood near our house that is said to be haunted by the ghost of Christ. The wood is on the sight of an old priory, it is said if you look into the stream on a full moon you will see Jesus. It is so scary !!!!

  20. Michael Jadu says:

    I usually stay up late to catch up on TV shows and movies, this is something my father does NOT appreciate! He has a habit of walking down the stairs so quietly you wouldn’t even know someone was there!

    This happened just days after having watched Prometheus at the cinema – my dad had shaven off all his hair, making him look quite similar to the blue monster men, I wasn’t aware of this so there I was, watching an American Horror Story eating coco rocks when I noticed a shadow on the TV, not thinking anything of it I looked back and screamed when I saw a shiny head, I was so scared that I didn’t even have time to think it was my dad!

    At that point he would usually be shouting at me but he was just laughing, I certainly wasn’t! In the fear of thinking the bald alien man was going to murder me I dropped my bowl on mum’s carpet making the next morning a very scary day indeed :/

  21. anna smith says:

    a story going around our local area!

    if your driving down a country road at night and you see a pram/push chair in the road, never stop! a women recently done this and a man jumped in the back of her car whilst she was moving the pram.

    the lady moved the pram and got back in her car and started to drive home, she was followed all the way home by another car falshing their lights and trying to stop, she didnt realease they were trying to alert her to the stranger in te back of her car!

  22. carol stirmey says:

    41 Edmund st, Kettering, moved in February 2001, and the first night my Boyfriend stayed, there were footsteps on the landing, moving between my two daughters bedroom doors. I’d never heard them before. Every time either of my girls went to the bathrooom, down for drinks of water, the footsteps followed them. At first I was scared, but a while later, found out from locals, that I was the first person to live in the house, with a new surname, When the property was built, the family who bought it, lived in it, for several generations,the last male to reside there had 4 daughters, and it was his spirit, protecting my girls. Scary, spooky things, can be of use.

  23. Caroline Clarke says:

    There was a big black-out in 1992. I was 9. Everyone had decided to turn in early because there wasn’t anything to do. We all had a candle or a lantern in our rooms so we could see where we were going in the dark if we had to get up for the toilet in the night.
    I awoke to find my room pitch black save for a faint flickering of light in the hallway, just outside my bedroom door. I crept to the door to investigate and saw my mother standing in the hallway with her candle. I asked if everything was okay. She looked at me and turned around and walked down the hall. I started to follow her but stopped as I realised it could not be my mother because she was slightly transparent. A chill ran down my spine and I realised I couldn’t move for fear.
    The slightly lucid woman stopped at the end of the hall and glanced back at me before walking through the wall at the end of the hall…

  24. Ian Dowson says:

    An Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman were playing cricket and the ball went into a bush… The Englishman went to retrieve it and as he entered the bush a voice echoed in his ear.. “I am the ghost with one black eye… leave this place or I will haunt you forver!!”… The Englishman ran from the bush screaming so the Irishman went over and entered the bush to look for the ball.. Again the spooky voice spoke..”I am the ghost with one black eye… leave this bush or I will haunt you forever!!”… The Irishman bolted from the bush screaming.. The Scotsman went into the bush and once more the voice spoke…”I am the ghost with one black eye… leave this bush or I will haunt you forever!… to which the Scotsman replied… “If you don’t give me my ball back, you’ll be the ghost with two black eyes!”

  25. Linda Williams says:

    It has to be “Alien” – [the first film.]The tension mounts are the remaining crew members search the ship for Jones the cat. Then just as my heart can’t beat any faster, Jones jumps out from his hiding place. My heart stops and I jump out of my seat everytime I see it. It still gets me after all these years.

  26. JESSICA NEWMAN says:

    I remember being about 14 and being home alone watching a programme on bbc1 on halloween night, it was a hoax but no one knew that at the time. Well i was petrified little did i know my best friend was watching it to. She turned up at my door with a scary mask on i nearly wet myself i was so scared!

  27. Diana says:

    As a child we lived in an old bake-house, there were rumours in the village that the baker had got fed up with his nagging wife, killed her and bricked her up in the ovens. (There was a large area that could be seen from the outside of the property but there were no access points whatsoever to this area.) Anyway one night mum had gone to hospital to have our baby brother so me and my elder brother slept downstairs as we were eager to get the news as soon as step-dad arrived back home. I heard my brother whispering my name and telling me to wake up. i opened my eyes thinking we had news of the new baby, but there was the most weird sight, what looked like the flame of a candle slowly making its way across the room which then disappeared into a wall in the alcove by the fireplace. I am convinced that it was the ghost of the baker lighting his way to start up the ovens and would love to go back to the village and see if the bake-house was ever renovated to see where the door to the ovens really was.

  28. sharon griffin says:

    my Dad is from Ireland and told us many spooky tales about haunted houses and pubs over there back in days gone by. the one i remember is the one that tells of the sound of someones footsteps climbing up the stairs … trouble was there weren`t any stairs in the house even …

  29. steve says:

    the story of the white lady in ireland when i was gowing up.she was seen drifting across the open countryside into the darkness and scaring motorists and fearmers .aaaaaaaarg!!!!

  30. Sue McCarthy says:

    The scariest thing I’ve ever seen was my husband’s CT scans; the rate at which the tumours grew over a period of a few months was absolutely incredible.
    Needless to say, I am on my own now.

  31. Jo Young says:

    My childhood friends house had a poltergeist, things would regularly move around and everyone swore they didn’t move them. Needless to say I never went there for a sleepover!

  32. Scott Wood says:

    after moving into an old cottage in Leeds, our new neighbour asked if we had experienced any “odd” things going on in the house, she went on to tell me that a previous owner of the house had moved on because the resident ghost. I told my other half, who found this incredibly funny – however, I kept hearing strange noises in the night, like tapping or banging – this went on for about a week – i told my other half who diagnoised me as “a crazy person”.

    in the middle of the night, the tapping woke me up and i was on my own in the bedroom – i flicked the light switch on the bedside lamp, but no light came on, so i nervously got out of bed and edged toward the door to turn the main light on.

    My other half ran out of the en-suite – yelling, i jump a mile thinking i was about to die – i alledgedly let out a mini girly scream (but i maintain this is not true!!)

    Turn out – a thimble on a piece of string hanging out of the window, makes an eerie tapping noise when in the wind.
    removing a lightbulb stops a bedside lamp working
    and playing on the nerves of your supposed “loved one” is priceless!!!

  33. Jay Scales says:

    I remember terrifying myself aged about 10 – I had a black & white tv in my bedroom, but it was only supposed to be used for the computer. One night I decided to watch the Hammer House of Horror TV show because everyone at school had been talking about it, but I wasn’t allowed to sit downstairs and watch it. I had the sound really low, and watched the episode all the way through – the House that Wept Blood I think it was called. There was blood running through the pipes, which was scary enough, but when the central heating pipes under my room suddenly kicked into life, rattling and banging, I couldn’t cope any more, I hid under the duvet and screamed! Mum came running upstairs, I confessed all, and had the TV removed!

  34. Maggie Norvell says:

    We were out in the dark, going round “trick or treat”-ing, and these bats kept swooping about near us. They were a bit small for vampires, but it was a bit spooky !

  35. Tina Parry says:

    I lived in a rented home for 6 months and had to move out with my baby and toddler, believe the house was haunted and didn’t even go back and pack up any things 🙁 felt like it was one of the scariest times of my life.

  36. fiona mcbride says:

    My family and I stayed in an old mill converted into flats at the weekend and we kept finding strange things occurring and became spooked by them – we kept finding televisions being switched off at the sockets when we had left them on to go to the kitchen to make tea. No one in our famlly touched them. Then we heard noises from the walls when sleeping at night when the flat next door was vacant. Also really chilly in some rooms when others were cosy and all had heating on

  37. Lyndsey Beckford says:

    When I was young my best friend and I took a shortcut home through a church and its graveyard. We thought we would look at some of the old headstones whilst we were there. But one of them had a really scary rhyming curse on it and we ran out of the graveyard and all the way home. Even scarier was when we went back again (in the daylight of course!) we couldn’t find it anywhere! Spooky!! 😮


    The scariest thing to happen to me was when me and my mum were sat in the living room when we heard a large bang. Going into the kitchen we noticed a jar of pickled onions upside down in the middle of the floor. How it had managed to go from the side board, travel 5 feet, go upside down and not smash I don’t know! There was no one else in the house and the cat was outside. I haven’t touched a picked onion since!

  39. Gerald Ludlow says:

    When I was young a group of us used to hang around an old barn next to the local pub.
    There were loads of stories about it being haunted as it was so old and creepy .
    one night when we were hanging around the doorway we heard a crash come from the dark interior and I’m sure I saw a dark figure jump out of the window.
    A ghost or a tramp? we didn’t wait to find out.

  40. DIANE NELSON says:

    It was still dark when the letter box clanked. The noise sent a wave of fear through my body.I forced myself to approach the door.No I could not be true -there on the mat it lay.The site was truly shocking.I heard my husband approaching and turned around screaming “NO DON’T LOOK” it was too late,the blood drained from his face as he collapsed to the ground in a dead faint.HORROR OF HORRORS THE GAS BILL HAD ARRIVED

  41. Elodie says:

    I had a spooky incident in work, lots of things in the office kept falling off the shelves near halloween last year and then as we were locking up and there was no one ekse around a box filled with bookmarks came off the shelf yet nothing else on that shelf was mooved and the box is too heavy to have been lifetd by a draft, it was very sppoky and we go out quick!

  42. Gaz says:

    As I walked into my street, I was horrified to see a van parked outside the front of my house. It was not just a normal every day white van, it was a plumber’s van.
    As I got closer, I could feel a cold sweat all over my body and the hairs on the back of my neck were beginning to stand on end. “Oh, my God,” I thought to myself. “Please, please, God……….Tell me my wife is having an affair.”

  43. Nicola Woodings says:

    A man was walking home alone late one foggy night, when behind him he



    Walking faster, he looks back and through the fog he makes out the image
    of an upright casket banging its way down the middle of the street
    towards him.



    Terrified, the man begins to run toward his home, the casket bouncing
    quickly behind him…





    He runs up to his door, fumbles with his keys, opens the door, rushes
    in, slams and locks the door behind him. However, the casket crashes
    through his door, with the lid of the casket clapping…



    …on his heels.

    The terrified man runs… Rushing upstairs to the bathroom, the man
    locks himself in. His heart is pounding… his head is reeling… his
    breath is coming in sobbing gasps. With a loud CRASH the casket breaks
    down the door….

    …bumping and clapping toward him.

    The man screams and reaches for something, anything, but all he can find
    is a bottle of cough syrup! Desperate, he throws the cough syrup at the


    (hopefully you’re ready for this!!!)

    The coffin stops.

  44. Martin says:

    This is an absolute true story. I was not drunk, not tired and was not under the influence of anything at all. It was quite a few years ago and I was riding my bike through a disused ironworks late at night. I slowed down at a corner to take the bend and felt someone jump on the back of my bike. I looked in my mirror – now normally, if you have a pillion, you can’t really see them in the mirror; you can just about see a bit of their arm and nothing else – but I looked in my mirror and saw what I can only describe as some sort of gremlin/goblin creature staring back at me.

    It’s fair to say I broke the speed limit getting out of that area and as I left the estate, it disappeared.

  45. sandra says:

    One night my friend and I decided to do an ouija Board for a bit of fun,or so we thought!
    everything was okay until after a while I asked who was there and it spelled something like MAGDROMA,it ment nothing to us so I said where are you and it spelled in the corner of the room.
    I asked it to show itself,it spelled NO,I asked why and it spelled, because you would be too Frightened.
    I did become scared and called it some swear words,The glass thing was whisked out of our hands and started spelling I WILL KILL YOU,to which I threw the whole thing across the floor.
    Running downstairs screaming from the bedroom,we met my brothers girlfriend who was a teacher.
    After calming us down we explained what happened, she informed us that MAGDROMA was in fact the name of a DEMON!and that we may have opened a portal to which it could travel through to our Bedroom!
    I never did sleep the same anymore until we moved from that place But the memory has still haunted me to this very day-some 40 years later!

  46. Eleanor Powell says:

    It was a dark and spooky night, the toilet light was dim, there was a crash…there was a splash, oh dear he’s fallen in!

  47. anna smith says:

    i work at a traditional old pub, and every so often, doors get shut and things get broke when nobodys around!

  48. mandie says:

    went to see Saw 3 at cinema on Halloween during the afternoon – we were the only ones in the cinema and every creak and sound added to the occasion!

  49. sian hallewell says:

    A long long time ago, when I was a teenager a few friends (including myself) made a Ouija board using scrabble letters. We then proceded to contact the dead. All very confident and full of ourselves. I was stunned when the upturned glass started to move around our board, everyone swore it wasn’t them moving it. We went back to the board and I don’t remember the details of what happened next, I think we were aksing for them to let us know they were there- simply put the lights went out in the room and we screamed. You may have gathered by now, there was no adult in the house. We were all shaken and agreed to destroy our home made board and not tell anyone else about it. Shortly after we also noticed that the clock in the room had stopped at what we certainly believed was the time the lights went out. I don’t have a rational answer for this….do you?

  50. Lauren says:

    One quick glance at my fiancé’s hair first thing in the morning is sure enough to make you jump.

  51. Helen says:

    Terrance Vamp,
    The blood-sucking scamp,
    Was tired of spooking at night.
    For he can’t go out,
    When the sun is about,
    As he melts if he sits in the light!

  52. Jo Kelly says:

    On a dreadful stormy night
    My dear Tommy had a fight
    With great Peter Snookum Snee,
    Cat of fighting pedigree.
    In this battle, sad to tell,
    My poor Tom, alas, he fell,
    Ending thus his earthly life
    Through the wicked God of Strife
    On the next night while in bed,
    Sleepless and with aching head,
    For my Tom, my precious pet,
    My poor eyes with tears were wet.
    Suddenly his voice I heard,
    And in ghostly whispers purred,
    “I am coming, mistress, dear,
    Yes, ’tis true I’m very near.
    “Good cat heaven have I left,
    I would comfort you, bereft
    For your precious Tommy pet,
    I would teach you not to fret.
    “Do you hear me in the hall
    With my ghostly soft footfall?
    Up the stairs I bound to thee,
    Jumping steps from one to three.
    “Now my paw is on your door,
    I turn the knob one-two-three-four,
    And you may see your Tommy now–
    Me-ow! Me-ow! Me-ow! ow! ow!”

  53. luke says:

    along time ago in a small medieval village on a snowy day the villagers were chaining one families goat to a small wooden podium, a sacrafice to the WOLF. the man whispered to the father as the little girl sobbed and patted the goat,”better the goat than your daughter”.the father and his family walked away quickly whilst giving the man a strange scowl, red riding hood was skipping down the snowy path way, when all of a sudden a strange traveling merchant cam running into the village panting like a dog on a hot summer day. he was covered in blood.

    the merchent rushed into the inn and asked for an ale, he layed his 3 bloodycoins on the counter and drank. the bar maid looked at the man realising one of his hands was missing and it must have happened recently because because he had left a long blood trail frome the big village gate to the inn. the lady said “its on the house” the man shook with terror, running into the corner he screamed ” leave me alone youve taken my hand now leave me alone i beg of you” the bar maid stared at the man and replied “err… i ment the drink”.

    the merchant rushed out of the inn and into the church to seek the priests advice. the priest said to the man with great sympathy ” my dear boy what horror has befallen you”
    “the wolf, the wolf has taken my hand what shall i do” the priest shouted at the merchent with shock “get out we don’t need that sort of karma in the village, get out!”.red riding hood saw the poor man running out his eyes like little arrows, red stoped the man and said “is everything ok you look distraught” the man replied with a stutter “th th the priest won’t help me and my wound”red said”come with me i’ll tend to your wound,come with me” red took the man into her house. she lives with her mother and her sister but not her dad, she never knew her dad, he was cursed and left her at birth, her mum doesn’t like to talk about it,because when red tries to talk about her father, her mum gets really anoyed, then goes to the cupboard and pulls out an old bottle of wine and sits in the courner and crys.

    ” mother help me bandage the mans hand” her mother replied “of course what happened to him”red says “yes, what did happen to you?” he replied quickly “wolf” red and her mother stopped what they were doing as if they were paralized completely. reds mother said to the man “theres a spare bed in the corner” the man shuffled to the bed massaging his arm,red saw that the merchant had deep blue eyes. the next day the merchant wasn’t in his bed,he wasn’t in the inn, he was no where to be found. red’s mother rushed down the stairs with a worried look on her face, red said ” what ever is the matter mother.” reds mother replied, “i can’t find your little sister any were” DONG DDOOONNGGG!!! Red whispered ” the death bell.” mother said “who do you think has been taken.” everybdy in the village rushed to the hay field, because thats where the body had been located when red and her mother finaly got through the crowd of people, but when they did they wished they hadn’t, because the wolf’s victim was reds little sister elisha.

    the next day reds mum was in the corner crying with a glass of wine in her hand, it was her way of grieving.reds mother had sent her down to, the river to fetch some water for dinner, when all of a sudden red heard a strange squeal, she went to investigate. the floor was covered in snapped twigs and when red ducked under a tree branch, there were big claw marks on the tree next to it. something was dripping, she could tell because there was a red liquid dripping down her hood and infront of her face, when she looked up,to her horror,she saw a poor piglet hanging from a tree branch. all of a sudden there was a dark figure darting from tree to tree. red was walking slowly backwards when she felt a cold shot of air down her spine. she turned around and the wolf was right infront her and she was staring into his big deep blue eyes. then all of sudden out of the blue the wolf starts to talk to her “come with me come with me if you come with me i will never hunt in your village again”. “hello is anybody there,” came a voice from up ahead, red looked behind her and then looked back, the wolf was gone. the voice was from her grandmother who lives in the heart of the forest.

    “hello grandmother,”said red. “hello dear”said her grandmother,” what are you doing here, the wolf could be around, come with me to my house and i’ll get you some soup.” when red and her grandmother got home, her gran went into the kitchen and started making the soup. when red received her soup it was steaming hot and before she could put a spoonfull of the soup in her mouth her gran said, ” its HOT,” when red heard her gran she stopped, and then blew on the soup before putting it in her mouth. her gran decided to take a nap and red decided to have a sleep too. one hour later red woke up, she was startled by the front door opening. red ,slightly hiding behind her blanket,saw the person who walked through the door, was the merchant. the person red least expected to see, but before she could say anything the merchant started to talk, ” your mother said you might be here, the reason i’m here is that i have to tell you something. i’m your father.” red couldn’t believe it. the only thing she could say was ” but mother said your cursed”. ” i am” he said ” i’m the wolf “. “but your hand ,you said the wolf bit it off,i mean you can’t have bitten it off your self”. ” i was fighting the another wolf but when i stabbed my silver knife through his head he bit my hand off at the same time” red was completely speechless but when she was about to say something her dad cryed out in pain ” ahhh oohhh !!!!!!!!!” he fell to his knees dead, reds gran was standing behind him with a silver hatchet in her hand. gran said ” he said he was the wolf and i didn’t want anymore people getting killed”.

  54. Mark Whittaker says:

    The walk through the wood in autumn was wonderful. The sun through the bronzing leaves sent shards of kaleidoscopic light through the air. It was mid day and I laughed as the dog shot off after a rabbit. I knew it wouldn’t catch it but thought her old joints would enjoy the run.
    After a while I heard a yelp, then the most ungodly howl. I ran in the direction of the noise and after tumbling through bracken and gorse , found Missie cowering under the bows of an ancient yew, that sat green and vibrant in the middle of an open glade.
    No matter how I called her she would not come to me and resigned to fetching her I bent down under boughs of the tree. As I did the air seemed to shift. The light seemed unable to get through the leaves and branches of this ancient tree. It was cold and damp in its shade. Though it was only when I reached the dog that I realised that shade was far from the right word.
    I picked her up and felt her tremble in my arms. She shook uncontrollably , burying her muzzle into my body as if simply seeing the world was scary enough. I help her a moment, comforting her before turning to leave.
    As I did I to was shaken to my roots. The shade I had presumed was the darkness was not so. Above the branches was night ! I saw clearly a fractured moon through yew’s skeletal frame. Somewhere in the distance I heard a clock strike twelve – noon surely…but ?
    I had to get out , I fought for what seemed hours to get through the canopy before collapsing on at the foot of the trunk. The dog still pushed into my body. I looked at her and stroked her gently, whispering comfort as much to myself as to her.
    Missie has gone now, she passed away in my arms. Night has never left us . There was always enough light under the tree to see. At least enough to see to write. I am not sure how long this has taken me to scrawl in the bark days, weeks months, I know my nails are almost no more. I just wanted to leave a memory of me …and a warning. Beware of even the brightest days on all hallows eve, beware the yew and the longest night…

  55. katrina walsh says:

    When I worked at my childrens school as a teaching assistant i used to come home for lunch. One day id finished eating and was upstairs cleaning my teeth before heading back to school. I clear as day heard a small childs voice call out ‘Mummy!’. I raced out onto the landing expecting to find one of my 2 children and furious that the school had let the out on their own to find no one there. I looked everywhere but was alone in the house. I raced back to the school and headed straight for my childrens classrooms. Their teacher explained they had been at school all day and certainly had never nipped home. It truly terrified me though Ive never heard it since.

  56. lydia says:

    We played halloween hide and seek with my niece and my son, she hid in a window recess with the curtains drawn, he spent over half an hour looking for her, and was near the window when she got cramp in her leg- yelled arrrgh as she drew open the curtains on a loud iron rail- he screamed like I have never heard before and dropped like a stone, while we laughed till we cried, my poor boy. He calls it the “scariest-moment-of-my-entire-life still”.

  57. Angela Davidson says:

    A few years ago, I was at home alone and kept hearing some strange noises coming from upstairs. Banging, scratching and scuffling… I am not an easily spooked person so I tried to ignore the noises and told myself it was a windy night and the noises must be coming from outside.

    As the evening wore on though, I did start to get more frightened. The noises kept going all night and I hardly got a wink of sleep, I was so jumpy.

    The next morning my neighbour came round to ask whether we had seen her hamster – which had escaped and got trapped under the floorboards! I was so relieved to find out what it was and to this day have been too embarrassed to admit I had been so frightened.

    Oh well, at least I won’t be so scared if it ever happens again!!

  58. Faiza Osman says:

    In the Middle East, there are tales about a blood drinking human, a bit like a vampire, but without the sharp teeth and sunlight nonsense. My aunt didn’t believe it of course. She thought it was a lot of garbage until she experienced the fear that others before her had gone through. She was naive until that one point changed everything, when she had to witness her own children being drained before her. She was as still as a statue, never taking her eyes away from the gruesome sight in front. She just hoped there wouldn’t be a breeze, there never was so it didn’t seem like something she had to worry about, did it?

  59. tara says:

    I was sat on the toilet when a ghost come out of my uncle room and turned slowly forward me I s**t it and run down stairs

  60. claire says:

    when i was at school me and some friends went camping in the woods, we were all in the tent talking and having a laugh when at around 3am we could hear what sounded like marching coming towards us, we stopped talking and listened it was getting louder then we heard someone shouting left, left, left right left it got so loud like soldiers were marching right past our tent we opened the tent a tiny bit to see if we could see anything but there was nothing there it wasnt till we got home and did some research that we found out that in the war soldiers stayed close to where we were camping. we didnt go back after that night. true story

  61. kate knight says:

    When I was about 14 I was staying with my older sister at her flat on Halloween night. I went to bed and she watched Ghost Watch live on TV. She totally believed the show and was terrified, so woke me and said we had to leave to go and stay back at my parents house. We set off in her old fiesta to drive back home and only half way across the pitch black Ashdown forest did it occur to us that this was not the best idea and was in fact scarier than being at home watching TV. We both arrived mid way through my parents dinner party completely freaked out by the whole experience!

  62. Tracey P says:

    My brother was left babysitting me one Hallowe’en (I was about 7) & he decided to do his best to scare me – he dangled witches on broomsticks from his bedroom so they hit the windows & then made lots of spooky noises but this didn’t scare me as I could see the strings! He then decided that he could use my imagination – he pretended to be kind & made me a hot chocolate but, as
    I was drinking it, he told me that blood & gore was dripping into my cup from my face – so I stopped drinking it & said I was going to bed. As I went up the stairs he said that creatures & spirits were following me so I walked up with my back to the wall. He then said ‘It’s no use – they can get through walls’ – by this time I was completely terrified & had no chance of getting to sleep. Brotherly love is wonderful!!

  63. joanne b says:

    About 17years ago I was driving along a dark spooky road and saw a shadow of a pair of legs crossing the road, my passenger saw nothing and was baffled by my slowing down, I looked all around but there was no-one to be seen.
    A few days later I happened to mention what I saw to another friend, who told me they had seen the same thing in the same place a couple of years before – apparently there was an old railroad at that point just off the road where there had been a fatal accident and now the legs wander around trying to find the rest of themselves!

  64. Sarah Hodge says:

    Years ago I had to attend a training course for my company. I was only 20 and it was the first time that I had gone away alone before. The hotel was in the middle of nowhere and really old and quite spooky. I had gone to bed and was laying in the dark scaring myself half to death thinking about being on my own when the kettle on switched itself on and started to boil!!!!!
    I’m pretty sure that it was due to the very old and probably dodgy wiring, but it scared the bejesus out of me!

  65. Derek Allen says:

    Several years ago I awoke suddenly in the early hours of the morning and sat bolt upright in bed. My wife was awoken by me shouting “who the hxxx “. I asked her if she had seen the old lady she looked at me like I was mad. I went on to describe what I had seen “an old lady (in her 70’s) in a long nightdress sat on a chair brushing her hair”. It had only lasted for 1 or 2 seconds but I was sure of what I had seen. We talked bout it the next day and that was it.
    A few days later my wife called in to check on an elderly neighbour (85)whilst there she asked about the lady whose house we had bought some 32 years earlier. We had never met her, seen a picture or knew anything about her as the house had been empty for a while.

    When my wife returned she said you better sit down and told me the following. I had described perfectly the lady who had died in our house 30 years earlier. Where I had said there was a chair there had been, every evening she would sit in it and brush her long grey hair before going to bed.

    That was chilling enough but what she said afterwards was even more strange. She said why do you ask you’ve seen her havent you. My wife then explained and was told Oh dont worry about that she would never hurt you she will be watching over you. You will not see her again.

    A few weeks later I took quite ill as a result I had a heart attack at home on Christmas Day. I live very, very close to a main road my wife telephoned the emergency services and I am told within 2 minutes a paramedic walked into the house. He had been sat in the layby 100m away when he heard the call. Does make me think someone was watching over me.

  66. Kelly Hooper says:

    Quite a few members of our family have described psychic and paranormal tendancies, I would quite often know what people were thinking, and have ‘feelings’ about things. The scariest moment for me was the evening I was travelling in the back of my parents car at about 9 years old and I was feeling a bit out of sorts, the next minute I was sat, tied to a chair in a dark, cinderblocked room with a man coming toward me and a woman standing in the shadows behind him. Then I was back in the car shaking, I have no idea what happened that evening but I still vividly remember every detail of that vision.

  67. Ellie Bromilow says:

    up the steps she trugged to the one house that no one would knock on the door to trick or treat, she looked behind her and everyone was giggling and urging her on…. she knocked on the door and it slowly opened and creaked and a lonely old lady stood there and looked at her through her little spectcacles and said ‘well arent you meant to say trick or treat as i open the door?’ she then pushed a bucket of what looked like entrails in front of her, ‘there is a prize but you have to be the one to pick the lucky bag from the bucket’… she looked in the bucket and turned round and everyone was waving ‘go on’ they said, she put her hand in the bucket and felt about, was that an eyeball? she felt a plastic bag and pulled it out of the bucket – it was full of sweets ‘oh well done said the lady, you didnt get the eyeballs!’ ‘dont worry, its just cold pasta and false blood my dear, see you next year’

  68. sue willshee says:

    This is a true story and it still gives me the creeps when I think about it. Many years ago I was visiting friends on the South Coast and we were playing around with a ouija board (never again!).
    The glass we were using started to move and when we asked if there was a message for any of us is spelled my name. It then spelled out ‘you are lovely’ so I laughed and asked who was sending the message. The glass spelled out ‘Uncle Fred’.
    I thought this was really funny because I had got an Uncle Fred but as I told my friends, he was alive and kicking back home in the midlands.
    I’d almost forgotten about this until I got home and my brother picked me up at the railway station and said ‘I’ve got some sad news, Uncle Fred died while you were away.’
    Needless to say, I have NEVER played with a ouija board since and I’d certainly recommend that people stay well away from them.

  69. Sam R says:

    My story is pretty rubbish but when i was a child i was in the back garden just as it was getting dark, our of the corner of my eye i saw what looked like the ghost of our dog that had died a few years before, i didnt stick around to look again and ran screaming into the house

  70. Sharon McGuinness says:

    I remember as a child when every time the Incredible Hulk came on. As soon as David Banner’s eyes went red, my sister would run behind the settee as she hated when he changed into the Incredible Hulk. I would be laughing as I found it a bit stupid, especially as I’ve always wondered how the heck he can still fit into the same trousers!!

  71. Sarah Knightley says:

    I had a spooky experience a few years ago. Someone very close to me had died, and I was sat in bed thinking about them when suddenly music started playing in the next room. I was in the house on my own so was a bit spooked out and went to investigate. It was the music centre that had switched itself on … I tried pressing the ‘off’ switch and that didn’t work, it wouldn’t let me change any of the settings either. In the end I had to unplug the machine at the wall to stop the music. I’m convinced that it was the spirit of the deceased person visiting me and showing me they were there.

  72. Angie says:

    I was on a school trip where we had to stay overnight in an old building which was apparantly haunted. Everybody was telling stories about a “white lady” that walked around at night so you can imagine I was on edge when we all went to bed that night. My friend had hung her dressing gown from the bunk bed and when I woke up during the night I was petrified as it just looked like a lone white figure standing at the foot of my bed. It wasn’t until the morning that I realised it was a dressing gown and felt quite stupid!

  73. sam bailey says:

    Saw!!! Now i have never been too good with horrors and tended to steer clear of watching them, but this was a second date so i wanted to impress. The guy suggested Saw, as i had heard nothing about the film i went along with it, he just said i would enjoy it!!
    Well if you know Saw then you know it doesnt take long for it to get gruesome and scary, well for me anyway. About 40 minutes into the film a loud ” OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” from me, popcorn in the air and a sharp exit out of the cinema! 3 years on we still together and he never suggests we watch anything scary

  74. Hannah Whitling says:

    Me and my brother lived with our mum prior to her passing away back in 2006. My brother smokes, but never would in the house as mum had severe chest problems. After she died, my brother decided to start smoking in the house, which I really didn’t want as I hated it. It was a couple of months after mums death that the upstairs fire alarm suddenly started going off, the proper sound rather than the battery low warning noise. I stopped it, and a few minutes later it went off again. My brother got to the alarm at the same time as me alonh what was going on, ‘ every time I’m about to light up that alarm starts.’ We checked it over and it was in full working order, and hasnt done it again. We’re both certain to this day it saad mum trying to stop him for smoking indoors.

  75. Susan Hoggett says:

    when i was small my scary moment was at a circus people dressed in in green with big heads (very scary)

  76. Adrian Wilkes says:

    The day after Michael Jackson died I was in the house alone. Suddenly he started singing in the sitting room. I rushed in – only to find my dog had pressed the ‘on’ switch on the TV remote!

  77. gem preece says:

    group of friends doing a home made ouiji board. one girl didn’t take part, spirit wanted to talk to her, loud bang next to the girl (no explanation what/where the bang came from… game over for us…ran out the house screaming our heads off!
    never doing one again!

  78. Craig Jeffery says:

    Jane had recently rented a small room in a nice house near her university. It was a mere ten-minute walk to campus. Jane had moved in on October 1 and spent the whole day unpacking. At last, after a soothing shower, Jane pulled on her most comfortable PJs and settled into her cozy bed, its linens freshly laundered. Before drifting off to sleep, Jane heard a whistling noise coming from the heater and made a mental note to tell her landlady about it the next morning. Sleep soon overcame Jane, and she woke up the next day, feeling refreshed. She decided to just ignore the whistling sound as best as she could. Jane thought about getting earplugs, but she was a very heavy sleeper and didn’t want to sleep through the buzzing alarm clock.

    As the nights passed, though, Jane’s sleep got worse. She tossed and turned in the pitch black, as the whistling sound seemed to intensify every night. It was driving Jane nuts, and her diminished sleep made her feel sluggish during the day. In one seminar, Jane had even fallen asleep during a classmate’s presentation, much to her classmates’ amusement and professor’s disgust. Finally, one evening in mid-October, she could no longer stand it. Jane had a pounding headache that day and tried to lie down in the pitch black, but she could still hear the whistling sound faintly. Her landlady was still at work, so Jane dialled her cell phone number. As soon as the landlady answered, Jane begged her to fix the heater, offering to chip in some money. “The whistling sound is driving me nuts. I can barely sleep,” Jane choked, on the verge of tears. There was a pause on the line.

    “Jane,” the landlady said, gently, “I haven’t turned on the heat yet.” Jane squinted in the dark at the vent on the wall opposite her bed. Then where was that noise…? Before she could complete her thought, Jane heard the whistling sound again. Her hands trembling, Jane reached for the lamp switch and flicked it on. She noticed the gruesome grin at first, dark yellow teeth glistening with saliva, chapped lips stretched across the face. Her eyes slid down to the shoulders, slowly moving up and down with each inhale and exhale. At last, she heard a heavy panting sound intermingled with high-pitched wheezing

  79. Hayley Todd says:

    When I was young, me and my best friend were looking through old photo albums at my gran’s house. There was one photograph in particular that caught our attention, it was a family wedding photo, showing the wedding party standing outside the church. When we started to look closely at the photograph, we noticed that one of the men appeared to have no legs below his knees. He wasn’t in a wheelchair but seemed to be literally floating above the ground! Where the bottom half of his legs would have been, you could actually see the church wall (where he was standing in front of!)!! Now, the weird thing is, when we asked my grandma who this picture was off, it turned out to be my great uncle (who is still alive, and 97) fell extremely ill with diabetes in his 40’s and had to have both of his legs amputated below the knee!!!! How strange is that!!

  80. Ally says:

    came downstairs this morning to find a glass cutting board and a plate sat in the middle of the kitchen floor…..they were left in the sink last night. Not particularly scary but i am still freaked out….:(

  81. lisa williams says:

    I can remember going to an old well known haunted church in cheshire as a child. The church backed on to my uncles friends house and was haunted my a monk. On the day in question we went to the church and my uncles families labradors greeted us. we walked up the path and opened the old door. The dogs refused point blank to come with us and their fur was actually raised along their backs. It was the most eerie feeling i have ever had and although we were intrigued we never ever went back. I have goose bumps just typing this and i am 41 years old now.

  82. Helen Smith says:

    Fairly scary but quite comforting also. My Gran (who has now passed away herself) said that when her Mum was dying, she was surrounded by her family in the bedroom. When she was clearly about to die, the family were understandably upset and her sister said “someone look after her when she’s gone”. At that moment a light in the shape of a cross appeared above the bed. My Gran said they all saw it and it felt very peaceful as her Mum slipped away.

  83. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says:

    I was given a dare, to do something brave
    but what could I do, to show I wasn’t afraid?
    “Look in the mirror!” My friends egged me on,
    “Look in the mirror if you’re brave, if you’re strong!”
    But this wasn’t a mirror that was normal at all
    this was the mirror of the ‘Halloween Fool’.
    The Halloween Fool was a pretty young girl,
    she had fallen in love with the son of an Earl!
    The Earl didn’t know that they planned to elope,
    the sweet girls young heart was full of love and hope!
    But then one dark night,of which was Halloween
    she got all dressed up she looked like a white Queen.
    For her and her man were to tell all the truth
    to say they were in love and that this was the proof!
    The proof was a ring glimmering on her hand
    given to her by her sweet loving man.
    She glided to her Love who was their in the Hall
    everyone dressed for the Halloween Ball,
    When she then saw a Lady, much finer than she
    she held her young man and kissed for all to see!
    But it was her Lover! The son of the Earl!
    she fell to her knees & her ring she then hurled.
    Her heart now broken she bayed with pure sadness
    people mistook this just for sheer madness!
    So swords came out with fear and the young girl was slain
    she laid on the ground in the fog and the rain
    she pulled her lover close, “When you look in your mirror,
    I’ll be there as a Ghost, and I’ll eat you for dinner!”
    I’ll haunt you and hate you
    until the day that you die!”
    And with that she was gone with a sad little sigh.
    The Earls son he looked in the mirror that night
    nothing could prepare him for that terrible sight!
    He died the next morning! Some assumed of fright!
    so one word of warning to the old and the young
    So don’t look in his mirror when Halloween has begun!
    Oh and just for the record, I skipped out of my dare!
    Just in case that there IS something there!

  84. Lindy Hamilton says:

    Arriving at her boyfriend Daniel’s house Jenny was so excited she was meeting his family for the first time today. As she reached out to knock on the front door she heard someone calling her name. She turned around to find a young brown haired girl behind her. She introduced herself as Sarah, Daniels sister. Sarah explained that Daniel and the family had gone to the nearby cliffs to take the dog for a walk and that they were going to meet them there.

    As they got closer to the cliffs Sarah’s attitude changed she began questioning Jenny about her relationship with Daniel and Jenny was beginning to feel uncomfortable. They neared a clearing and in the background there was a small gathering of trees, Sarah pointed to the trees and said that the family would be at the benches on the other side of the trees.

    It was getting dark now so they quickened the pace and as Jenny got further into the trees she began to worry, Sarah had rushed in front and she could no longer see her. Jenny heard a noise behind her and started to run through the trees. As she came to the end of the trees she felt two hands on her back push her forward, she saw the cliff edge but it was too late she fell over the cliff and plunged to her death.

    2 hours later Daniel was filled with panic when Jenny hadn’t turn up as arranged. He called the police to report her missing and gave the police a description of her, he was shocked when an officer said he would be straight round.

    When the officer arrived he asked Daniel to sit down and explained that a young woman’s body had been found at the bottom of the cliffs and that the description matched Jenny’s. The police officer explained that it looked like she had committed suicide.

    Daniel was distraught and couldn’t understand why she would do such a thing, they hadn’t had an argument and she had seemed so happy. As the officer was leaving he knocked a book of photographs onto the floor. On the open page was a picture of Sarah, his ex girlfriend who had died 5 years before in a car crash.

  85. Izzy Wayman says:

    It was the morning of halloween and i was up and ready to recive my sweets from chewbz then there was a loud bang at the door i opened it and there it was a lush bucket full of sweets i took the wrapping of it athe plunged my hand inside the bucket to find dead snakes coved in foam shrimps and i was about to eat them but as it was halloween i put the bucket outside my door that evening and every time someone came i could tell with the shireeks of them as there were dead animals in side the bucket

  86. Oliver Crabtree says:

    The shadow was lurking across the floor and seemed to rise upon the wall. Suddenly I saw a light beaming through gap in the door and I could also make out the noise of slow; heavy, footsteps plodding across the landing. The door creaked open delicately and painfully. Then as soon as it couldn’t get any worse I could hear screeching screams coming from the far room. I jolted out of my bed and tiptoed towards the door. There was a terrifying knock on it and I retreated back towards my wardrobe and hid behind the Chewbz bucket I recently won and as soon as the door burst open I chucked all my sweets over the criminal and carried on eating. Chewbz, a perfect Halloween weapon!

  87. stacey says:

    the most scary thing that happen was one night me and my husband was fall asleep in bed we keep hearing noises and banging and we thought nothing of it next min we went back to sleep next min we knew our son come out of nothing jump on our bed and scream and said boo !!!! which made us both jump it did scary us abit lol he was also carry his blanket so he look like a little ghost

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