Sweet Of The Week!

As of next week all the kids will be back at school.
So keeping in the with the school theme, this week i want to know what your favorite thing about going back to school was!
For me it was stationary! New note pads and pens to get me motivated!

Our prize this week was chosen by you and with so many of you choosing old Chewbz favorites, we have decided to give away two prizes this week!
Your top choices were Fruit Salads with Black Jacks and Flying Saucers!

This week there will be two lucky winners,  so along with your favorite thing please let us know which sweetie jar you would prefer!

Good luck and get typing!

31 thoughts on “Sweet Of The Week!

  1. Liz says:

    I loved getting a brand new exercise book for each class! I remember at the start of term trying to keep them so neat and uncreased (not sure that that lasted long!) and trying out my latest style of handwriting! I also remember a phase of covering them with dodgy 80’s pop groups – Kajagoogoo springs to mind! Happy memories!

  2. Darla Parsons says:

    Using my brand new school books that I had newly covered in paper – usually either bright wrapping paper, a poster of my boyband crush from smash hits magazine or sometimes even wallpaper!

    Fruit salads/black jacks please xx mmmmmm xx

  3. Tina says:

    I didnt like school much but every holiday was spent with my nan and at the end of the holidays she would take me to WH Smiths to but new pens pencils etc… That was the best bit for me apart from the next end of year!!

  4. Sarah clarkson says:

    I can remember it like it was yesterday, night b4 the first day back, feeling sick with nerves then excitement at the thought of wearing my new clothes n shoes n using my new stationary and school bag. not being able to sleep then finally drifting off n waking up the next day feeling sick again. the only thing keeping me going was the new pens. oh how life was simple back then lol now i go through the nerves for my kids but there r no new pens for me now. Fruit salads n black jacks r the best

  5. Michelle Parker says:

    My favourite thing was decorating and wrapping my exercise books in wallpaper and wrapping paper and then sticky back plastic. There used to be lots of arguing with my parents when the sticky back plastic ended up bubbly. We used to try to de crease them with a tea towel.

    Black jacks please 😀

  6. mary.catherine mackinnon says:

    it was great going back at this time of the year because where we live we had to get a ferry to our school and most of the time it didn’t sail with the weather or it would be to wet to go! so we missed a lot,(and i mean a lot) of school!

  7. Lauren says:

    Ohhhh it has to be having pudding at lunch time every single day,,definetly compulsory that you had some …. And seconds especially if it was butterscotch tart or ginger cake, yummmy :0).

    Black jacks all the way, liquoricey goodness!! xx

  8. Susan Hill says:

    The best thing about going back to school is seeing all of your friends who you haven’t seen for 6 weeks, checking out who has the best bag and fluffiest, brightest, furry pencil case and then of course having white socks instead of offwhite.
    Fruit salads/blackjacks mmmmmmmmmm

  9. Rebecca Harley says:

    The best thing about going back to school?
    Well i best think back its been quite a while.
    I wasn’t sporty, trendy or cool
    But i always went back to school with a smile.
    I loved seeing friends i hadn’t seen all summer long
    Catching up on the gossip and their holiday tales.
    Comparing answers on homework to see who was right or wrong,
    Or even just comparing who had the best painted nails.
    See school days were carefree despite what we thought
    No worries over money, shopping or bills to be paid
    A few good friends was all we sought
    For giggles and laughs, and memories that don’t fade.
    Should I win which sweeties do i choose?
    I love black jacks, fruit salads and flying saucers too
    So my decision is easy, i cannot loose
    So if i win, i will leave the choice to you

  10. Alice Oaten says:

    the best thing about going back to school is the sound of the school bell ringing and the smell of classrooms that have being locked up for six weeks
    flying saucers

  11. Arianna Salvato says:

    My favorite thing about going back to scool is definatly getting a whole new school uniform and trying it on a couple of days before I go back to make sure I dont look like a complete idiot! HAHAHA!!!
    I love to see all my friends.


  12. Hollie Nelson says:

    The best thing for me was being able to wear my new backpack and putting all of my stuff in it the night before, only to realise when I got to school that I’d forgotten something. It happened every year haha 🙂

    I would love the flying saucers please x

  13. Ashleigh Kilty says:

    Mainly meeting up and catching up with my big group of school friends after 6 weeks away. I loved the feeling of putting on my fresh, brand new school uniform and then yearly comparison of pencil cases and pens with your friends and seeing who has the best wallpaper/wrapping paper on their books. Loved seeing the brand new kids to the school too and seeing how tiny they all were (Although most were the same size of me, regardless of me being several years older) and telling them little stories of how haunted the school was to scare them. I loved finding out what classes you were put into for each subject and the tension waiting to find what teacher you had and if your close friends were in your class or not.

    In school I constantly went the local shop for flying saucers or rice paper, so there isn’t a decision to make between the two prizes.

  14. Danielle Connelly says:

    Getting a tan over the summer, then going back to school and showing off to the cute boy you had your eye on last year!!? HAAAA!! x

  15. humz says:

    getting the nice smelling gel pens…that you’d never use because u luvd them so much haha 8)

    fruit salads pleasee =) x

  16. Anthony says:

    My favourite thing about going back was the first day – where the whole day was spent figuring out what you were doing for the rest of the year. Maybe my school was just really disorganised but there was always something that was timetabled badly and it was a laugh finding out what was going to happen.

  17. Michael says:

    Best thing was going to the first day of lessons and asking to borrow a pen, just to see people’s reactions.

  18. Tony says:

    Best thing about going back to school? first day back was pretty much a free day so we all ended up sitting in the computer rooms catching up while playing tudor adventure or medieval challenge. yes we were nerds haha

  19. Tanya says:

    The best thing about going back to school for me when i was a youngster was seeing all my friends again, and going to the canteen together at lunch time to eat the disgusting school meals! (not really, they was YUMMY!)
    I loved getting all my new school books, especially my planner. For the first week i would write in them as neat as i possibly could until i got too lazy to carry it on!

    flying saucers please x

  20. sheridan says:

    my most favourite thing for going back to school was, showing off my new clothes and shoes checking out everyone else to make sure they never had the same, the new school lunches were healthy and i was a fittness freaki could not wait!! but a sneaky black jack didnt gain pounds 😉

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