School Sweet of the week competition 23rd August

The summer holidays are nearly over and the kids are getting ready for their return to school.

The competition this week is taking on a school theme so here we go!!!!

Competition this week is your funniest or worst school memory. It could be the about a nightmare school trip, teacher, pupil it is up to you guys.

All entries will be judged by the Chewbz Headteacher.

Prize this week is a jar of Kola Kubes.

30 thoughts on “School Sweet of the week competition 23rd August

  1. laura banks says:

    you used to be able to get scented rubbers when i was at school and when i was about five i was sniffing one unfortunatly i sniffed to hard and it got stuck up my nose i was crying and wouldn’t tell any one eventually i told my dad the rubber didn’t come out until i sneezed a few years later

  2. Shelley Bird says:

    Salty cabbage, lumpy semolina, tapioca and the one raw potato which always seemed to end up in the mash… Oh and for good measure walking out of the year 10 toilets with your skirt in your knickers and prancing down the length of the school before one of your best mates tells you 🙁

  3. michaela britton says:

    We were doing a play about the effects of using drugs and were on a stage in the middle of a busy office full of business people, I walked forward and forgot the stage was so small and fell off it. Luckily it wasn’t very high so I didn’t hurt myself but had loads of people smirking and giggling which hurt my pride

  4. Irene Brackenridge says:

    Ducking when the Maths Teacher threw the blackboad duster at me for not paying attention. It bounced off the back wall and hit someone else!

  5. Nat says:

    Forgetting to bring knickers for after swimming in first school and being given a pair from the lost property box… Eww

  6. Diana Cotter says:

    I was five and participating in my first school Harvest Festival. When my nose began to tickle, I knew I mustn’t sneeze or wipe it on my sleeve. Every young lady in those days knew that the best place for a hanky was tucked into the leg of your knickers. At least everyone could see I was wearing regulation underwear as I retrieved my hanky, singing lustily all the while.

  7. Alice Oaten says:

    my best mate burped out loud and blamed it on me, our teacher almost gave us both a detention

  8. clare leahy says:

    my friend was sitting opposite me at lunch and had a squeezy packet of tomato ketchup, she was squeezing it and it popped, and squirted all over my white shirt. normally it wouldnt have been too much of an issue, except it was school photos that afternoon. the telling off i got was unbelievable :/

  9. karen herbert says:

    when i just started secondary school an older girl put clingfilm over the toilet hole before i went to use it! you can imagine the result!

  10. Susan Hill says:

    Being teased for wearing shoes with a daisy pattern on the front everytime i walked past a group of girls i didn’t get on with they made a mooooooooo sound at me the name daisy stuck with me for the rest of my school life

  11. Jessica Foote says:

    I remember when i was 14 we went on a school trip in 2 minibuses. Within 10 miles one of the minibuses had broken down so we loaded our one with as many students as possible (the others went another day). We went to the castle and had a good day. We stopped at services on the way home and the minibus wouldn’t start! We ended up with all the kids pushing the minibus over a mile to the nearest hill and down the get it started. It was absolutely hysterical at the time and “Clive” (as someone named the bus) only just made it home (he refused to go over 30 mph)before he broke permenantly.

  12. Jean Bolsover says:

    I remember going on a school journey for a week, my first time away from home ( I was only little). By the end of the first day I wanted to go home! But I am so glad I stayed as I had the time of my life, unforgetable!

  13. Stacey says:

    There was a group of us at about age 9 or 10 who thought we were part of the secret 7, we would watch this old woman every play time walking her dog to some sheds that backed on to our school and were sure that she was up to something sinister. I remember making stuff up just to make it sound a bit more exciting…

  14. Naomi K says:

    I remember feeling so smug when I and another pupil were asked count the number of pencils in the pot and then multiply by zero. I sat back and watched the other person count them all with a big grin on my face! lol.

  15. julia linsley says:

    I had spent the hour in Domestic Science making a delicious Lancashire Hotpot. The bell rang for lunch. Pupils were lining up against the wall opposite the door into the DS kitchens for lunch. I carefully slung my bag over my shoulder, picked up the casserole dish and went to leave my lesson.Someone leaving before me had let gravy fall onto the floor – I slipped and yes — I threw the hotpot .. all over the kids waiting in the que for their lunch !!My worst and funniest memory that still I dream about and wake up sweating ! Never lived it down …

  16. Julie McLaren says:

    I was the fat kid at school. At the school disco, me and my fat friend sat on a bench talking, as we did. The bench decided it had had enough, it collapsed and so did we! So embarrassed!!!

  17. anna says:

    In year 1 we were doing some work about “sh” words, so while every one else was drawing pics of sheep, ship, shoes etc, I drew a pic of a man with a speech bubble coming out his mouth so he was saying “shit!!” lol – i hadn’t realised it wouldn’t be a good idea. Teacher made me rub it out and start over again with something else

  18. Anne-Marie Smith says:

    My worst memory at primary school was when i did a cart wheel, then suddenly realised when my skirt was round my neck that i had forgotten to put my knickers on that morning.

  19. Jay McCreary says:

    In an IT lesson, we’d all just piled into the classroom and sat down in front of the brand new Apple Macs in our IT room. They were the old Macintosh Classics. How retro! However, one of them had a black mouse. It was the only one. My mate Gareth had spotted it, and our odd IT teacher hadn’t arrived yet, so he crossed the classroom to swap his standard white Macintosh mouse with this new funky black mouse. As he was swapping them over, our teacher arrived. You could have heard a pin drop. This teacher wasn’t best known for his kindness or tolerant disposition. He paused, Gareth paused, before the teacher threw down the sports bag he was carrying and proceeded to bang his own head furiously against the doorframe! Slight overreaction? It doesn’t end there. He then picked up a chair and launched it across the classroom towards Gareth, who ducked out of the way. As it continued to hurtle towards the other kids, everyone made a dash for it to get out of the way! Needless to say… none of us messed with the computer equipment EVER again!

  20. Jeremy Andrews says:

    I never did well at school sports, often I was last in the race.
    One year I gained top marks for the year and got a 5* AAA Award.

    Did I suddenly loose weight and become fit?
    No.. I realized that the Gym Teacher kept his scores for us all on a network computer and I .. er…. Just adjusted a few numbers..


  21. Hayley Todd says:

    I used to love going back to school because I must admit when I was a little girl I used to be a little bit of a school-swot! I used to love learning and would eagerly await the beginning of September knowing I was going back to school!!!! I also used to love the fact that I was always spoilt with my back to school items – I used to love getting new school bags, pencil cases and stationery!

  22. Tina says:

    I have a dislike of camping! caused by the school camping trip! To cut a very long story short, it rained through our paper thin tents at 2am in the morning we had to huddle in the mess tent while there was a massive thunderstorm which shorted the electric fences and let the sheep escape. I just remember teachers and sheep everywhere running round a sodden field, and going home early! as I was so home sick…

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