Strawberries and Sunshine – a match made in heaven.

Strawberries and Sunshine – a match made in heaven.

If you’d like to win some Giant Strawberries, tell us why you love them before Monday and we’ll pick two lucky winners to receive a free jar of the juicy beauties.

***now closed***

Thanks for all your entries everyone, the poems made our day! The lucky winners will be receiving emails shortly….


141 thoughts on “Strawberries and Sunshine – a match made in heaven.

  1. karen hill says:

    wow i love giant strawberry sweet. love anything strawberry and these are giant so even better. they are so tasty, full of flavor .
    thanks for the chance to win these x

  2. Sharon Griffin says:

    fruity and juicy and perfect for sunny days, i love giant strawberries for they are perfect for eating whilst soaking up the rays :)x

  3. michael buckland says:

    there lovely and tasty and melt in your mouth
    not too sweet not too sour a perfect mix of flavor,there so juicy and yummy they’ll go well in your tummy there one of the classic’s,and are a memory in ever child’s childhood,some of the best retro sweets still available

  4. Sophie says:

    I love eating strawberries in the summer, they are so refreshing and fruity! However, they still aren’t as satisfying as Giant Strawberries :)Perfect for sharing and for eating in the sunshine! Yummy!

  5. Melissa Manning says:

    Giant strawberries are amaziiiing! I’m a big kid at heart and if I see pick ‘n pix that includes any variety; small, medium or GIANT strawberries, then I’m having them!

    Shame they don’t last long… 😀

  6. Rachel Craig says:

    Giant Strawberries are just so delicious. They remind me of summer days of strawberries and cream. Yet can be enjoyed all year round. To win a jar would be wonderful, I could share it with friends.

  7. Amanda Milton says:

    I love giant strawberries,they are my favourite sweet
    they’re big and juicy and jellytastic,and my favourite summery treat 🙂

  8. Paula Horne says:

    Now that Wimbledon is over its a great way to get that great strawberry taste, where’s my champagne!?

  9. Isabel says:

    I love the Strawberries and Sunshine – a match made in heaven because they are soooooooo yummy! I could eat them all day everyday!! they are the tastiest sweets/food ever!! I love them!! yum yum yum!

  10. James Seale says:

    My son loves these, he says it is just because they taste of home grown strawberries.

  11. Ilse dieleman says:

    Loved them when I grow up in holland, and happy to see I can buy them in England

  12. Mrs Katherine Larkin says:

    I love love love these sweets I have some every week off the ice cream man. tasty delicious. would love it if our family won some of these strawberry sweets for afters.

  13. chelsey wood says:

    i would love to win some giant strawberries because they are my fave weekend treat! i love that they last for hours because they stick in your teeth and they are so moreish

  14. patricia sutton says:

    They would be so tasty when real strawberries are not in season to really taste like strawberries

  15. claire little says:

    I love them cause they remind me of being a kid, the taste of them mmmm. they don’t sell them close to me anymore it’s a shame these are dying out abit in the local shops 🙁

  16. Ken Brown says:

    The perfect sweet to give my grandchildren a treat. Having a jar would make me their favorite Grandpa, by far.

  17. craig davis says:

    I love them and use to have them as a kid and still do and I love making cakes for the kids and use them as cake topper 🙂 wive strawberry iceing and choc spong 🙂

  18. Helen Hunt says:

    A giant strawberry, a jar full of yumminess what’s not to like? Oh these bring back memories of innocent days 🙂

  19. Elisha says:

    I like these because, these are the closest I can get to the real thing. I do not like real ones.

  20. Alison Wedge says:

    I’d love to win some cause they’re fruity, squadgy and summery…but won’t get squished in my pocket like real strawberries!! 🙂

  21. Louise Hutchings says:

    Because they’re Juicy, delicious, yummy and sweet.
    A tasty scrummy strawberry treat.
    To win would be amazing and neat.

  22. SARAH HAYLES says:

    i love the chewy texture and sweet strawberry taste that tastes just like a real strawberry

  23. Lucy Mayer says:

    I love these – partly because they remind me of endless summer holidays as a child, but mainly because when I let my twins have one each as a super-special treat, it buys me a good 20minutes of peace – and that’s long enough to drink a whole cup of tea, uninterrupted… bliss!

  24. William Mobberley says:

    Giant Strawberries were responsible for the birth of the printing press and my own 15 children, one of whom has three heads. This is exciting and likely to cause sunspots.

  25. n says:

    They taste yummy and, unlike real strawberries, these won’t go off and make your fridge smell bad. WIN/WIN!

  26. Samantha R says:

    These are the yummiest sweets ever! the managers at my former work place used to buy us these sweets when they went to the wholesaler, its probably the only thing I miss about my previous job haha

  27. Liz ferguson says:

    Giant strawberries are better than small strawberries … you get more of the delicious flavour to enjoy!

  28. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    I had a box of these a while ago and they didnt last the day me and the other half ate some put the lid on opened it ate somemore you can guess how the story went on….

  29. Arthur says:

    Definitely down to my childhood, my love of the giant strawbz, and they’re therefore still the first to go in any pic’n’mix bag or cup i buy! Something about the chewiness, which as a child meant that of course they lasted longer: it was always important to get long-lasting value for money from the 20p’s worth of “Saturday Sweets” from the cornershop down the road. Therefore good value, but combined with great taste and giant strabz were a winner every week!
    Now of course with a much stronger jaw, they don’t last as long, but as delicious as ever and I would love to win a jar. Thanks for the great competition, taking me back down memory lane…

  30. Kelly-ann Murray says:

    Giant strawberries have always been my favorite, and even today my kids always give me theirs when they get one in a mix-up. 🙂

  31. debbie abbott says:

    Me and my 2 year old daughter love these yummy sweets :)We love them whilst sitting in the garden soaking up the sun xx

  32. Mrs m harvey says:

    Giant strawberrys OMG talk bout old school i love these so chewy and tangastic

    Love retro sweets takes me bak to 1986 standing outside happy shopper with my mate thinking about how many giant strawberrys we could buy with 20p

  33. Jess Howliston says:

    YUMMMM would love to win these so I can take them out into the garden for all the family to enjoy in the sun as a extra treat on one of our picnics :D! x

  34. Dawn Fletcher says:

    So soft and chewy these are my favourite sweets…..nothing compares to giant strawberries apart from Palma violets but thats a whole different kind of sweetie treat. I wold begrudgingly share these with my two children…but it would deffinatly be on a 2 for mummy 1 for you ratio lol!!!

  35. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    They’re my sons favourite and these would mean I’d get some peace and quiet for a while!!

  36. Laura Plews says:

    Giant strawberries bring back alot of memories they were my craving with my first pregnancy, full of flavour and just the right amount of chew 🙂

  37. Julia Plant says:

    Because they will make me feel much better after my disasterous attempt at growing strawberries this year!

  38. Linda Guest says:

    so sweet and juicy, Ideal when I am having a bad day at work as I just pop one in my mouth and all my tension floats away. I like to make it last and suck it really slowly. yummy

  39. caroline mobbs says:

    Strawberry jellys are and always have been my fave sweet! There fruity sweet and soooooo delicious, I love the flavour and how they are just so moreish and the best thing is my partner loves me eating them as they are the only thing that shuts me up for a short while lol mmmmmmmmm just thinking about them has me wanting them!

  40. Lucy Jacobs says:

    They are the flavour of summer, bursting with juicy fruitness and leaves my tastebuds tingling!

  41. SUSAN L HALL says:

    I love them because over the years sweets have got smaller and smaller but Giant Strawberries are still just that Giant and when my hubby eats them ( he loves them ) it can keep him quiet – so great bonus ….tastes good and saves marriages

  42. Ella Nixon says:

    I love giant strawberries because they’re so much yummiest than the real thing…never mind the calories!

  43. katherine cann says:

    WOW i havent seen these in ages! I love them, theyre strawberry and theyre giant would more could you want out of a sweetie. Plus I can introduce them to my kids….or maybe not less for me then 🙂

  44. Michelle Hughes says:

    I love juicy red strawberries
    so much more than cherries
    They taste nice
    id even offer you a slice
    Id enjoy them with my son
    it would be so much fun 🙂

  45. deen says:

    Red,fresh,chewy so surreal their brill, give me the jar say goodbye, gone in a day, take a bite relive your child-hood dreams,take a moment chew releasing your childhood you

  46. Ryan Roberts says:

    They’re nostalgic and I can’t find them anywhere! Last time I had one it was found randomly in some pic n mix I bought. Love them!

  47. claire gray says:

    because they so chewy, sweet, sticky, delicious and make my mouth water just thinking of them. They bring me right back to my childhood everytime I put one in my mouth

  48. Susan D Law says:

    Why have strawberries when you can have Giant Strawberries sooo much more juicy strawberryness flavour !

  49. victoria thurgood says:

    I would love giant strawberries so i could share them with the kids on a sunny picnic

  50. Robert Thew says:

    Sweets that remind you of your childhood are always cool. Mixing them with ice cream flavour sweets made them taste berry nice.

  51. chris parham says:

    strawberry chewbz and sunshine a match made in heaven especially bought from a sweetshop in devon

  52. dean c says:

    every tuesday after school my late nan used to bring me three giant strawberry’s. memories are a wonderful thing

  53. Jessica Edmunds says:

    They are my favourite sweets! The texture the gooeyness the flavour! They remind me of being little xx

  54. Colette Burgess says:

    They remind me of Saturdays as a child when Dad used to send us on a “sweetie run” while he watched Grandstand!

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