Competition time!!

Be in with a chance to win this Sweet Shop Chewb by writing a sweet inspired message on this post. Our favourite post will be chosen on Monday morning.
It was so difficult to pick a favourite sweet we’ve gone for a mixture… bananas, shrimps, black jacks, fruit salads, flying saucers and many many more yummy treats.

Be in with a chance to win this Sweet Shop Chewb by writing a sweet inspired message on this post. Our favourite reply will be chosen on Monday morning.

It was so difficult to pick a favourite sweet we’ve gone for a mixture… bananas, shrimps, black jacks, fruit salads, flying saucers and many many more yummy treats.

***now closed***

Thanks for all your entries everyone, the poems made our day! The lucky winner will be receiving an email shortly….


85 thoughts on “Competition time!!

  1. adam glasson says:

    Good things come to those who wait. . . and greater, sweeter and more rewarding thing come those who get of their behind and do whatever possible to make it happen, and nothing better than a tasty treat … a yummy sweet in the morning to make your day that much easier

  2. Moira Haswell says:

    Why did the rabbit have to stop working in the sweet shop? – He contracted PickNMyxomatosis! 🙂

  3. Zoe Stephenson says:

    Retro sweet heaven. This pile of sweets will take me right bake to the glory days of Choppers, Space Hoppers, Shawaddywaddy and flares. Those were the days!

  4. Emily Willis says:

    A perfect size to hide from my sweet crazy sweet heart. It will be a change to get some I don’t have to ‘share’

  5. Jacob Stoddard says:

    Strawberry laces are red
    Parma violets are blue
    Sugar is sweet
    And these sweets are too

  6. shifa begum says:

    Theres fried eggs,fruit salads and candy sticks, you just cant beat this amazing mix, chocolate limes, cola bottle and liqourice, o boy does this make me reminicse, dib dabs, chewits and double dips, o how i long for these to pass my lips, mints, toffes, flumps and wham, how many in my mouth can i cram, ive finished my poem, ive said what i had to say, now ill leave and hope you have a sweet day

  7. Angela Stallard says:

    Which one would I chewbz, I just cannot say.
    Send me the lot and you’ll make my day!

  8. maria bray says:

    Black Jacks could be my best sweet
    But then fruit Salads could be too
    Or is it a flying saucer ?
    I can’t decide so…. I’ll leave it up to you !!!

  9. Katie Boyd says:

    I would run a marathon(snickers) and jump on my flying saucer to mars bumping into some starburst while I wispsa in an aliens ear to win this!!!!

  10. Julieanne reilly says:

    All my favourite retro sweets, how will I choose which one to eat?
    They take me back to my childhood days, of happy times and carefree ways.
    To I’d hide this stash and eat at leisure, enjoy each sweet – oh what a pleasure!
    I wouldn’t share with my kids this time because Chewbz sweets are too divine!

  11. michaela smith says:

    A mix of chewbz sweet treats
    Would be such a pleasure to eat
    Fruit salads my fave
    To remind me of childhood days x

  12. Melanie Burton says:

    Monday mornings are a bore,
    With work being such a chore.
    But having of these lovely sweets,
    Will be my favourite treat!

  13. Kirsty Woods says:

    I have just discovered that my secret stash of sweets have GONE, so could you kindly send me some more so i can sit down in front of my kids and eat them all myself (see how they like that) 🙂

  14. Katharine Bourne-Francis says:

    I’ll keep this short and sweet –
    Sweets, sweets what a wonderful treat, lots and lots for us to eat!

  15. samantha rummens says:

    there was young lady from Yemen
    who favorite sweet was sherbet lemon
    so without making a sound
    and hoping not to be found
    she promptly ate about seven

  16. Amanda Milton says:

    Shrimps,Fried Eggs and Cola bottles too
    plus Gob Stopper sweets which made you tongue turn blue
    Flying Saucers which transport you to a future age
    and foam Banana’s and Dubble Bubble were also all the rage
    the sweets that formed my childhood and forever will remain
    etched into memory and forever in brain.

  17. Katie Walden Hall says:

    I work really hard,
    All day and all night.
    I would love something special,
    to make it alright.

    Some sweets would be lovely,
    They would taste really great.
    If I was feeling quite generous,
    I’d even share with my mates!

  18. zoe bryan says:

    ive seen flaying saucers and kissing lips,
    ive tasted fizzy coke and jelly bits,
    Liquorish I love you and sweet hearts gaoler
    but no matter how many sweeties I eat
    ill always have room for just one more

  19. claire lamb says:

    You cannot beat all the traditional sweets
    They take you right back to when life was neat
    Sunshine , building dens, camping out,getting sand on your feet
    Good old times cant be beat
    What a treat 🙂

    This prize is right up my street x

  20. marina Lovejoy-black says:

    a delicious sweet treat
    especially for me to eat!
    chewy, hard, gummy, soft,
    i have plenty of each sort stashed away in the loft,
    oh how it will make my mouth water,
    if i see these delights being given to my daughter!
    So pretty please with a cherry on top,
    chose me for the tasty prize from the sweet shop,
    you wont regret it honestly,
    these delicious beauties will be safe with me!;-) Mwahaha!!!!

  21. Gareth Bennett says:

    It’s not very sweet but my 2 kids said they will wake me up at 6am every morning of the holidays if I don’t win them this!

    My sanity and sleep are hanging in the balance!

  22. Louise says:

    All my sweetie dreams would come true
    If I could win this yummy chewb
    Flying saucers , shrimps and black jacks too
    Oh how I’d love to chew and chew ^_^

  23. Laura Farren says:

    Most girls are made from suger and spice and all things nice.. the rest of us need help on the sweet side! 😉

  24. Toni Boult says:

    I might be a grown up
    but I still want to stock up
    on lovely sweet treats
    I’ll be popular for weeks

  25. emma furniss says:

    There once was a chewb so delighted
    As it kept retro sweets right inside it,
    But this wasn’t for long
    As the sweets were soon won
    And the winner (who had kids) had to hide it! 😉

  26. Natalie Crossan says:

    Aww how sweet are these?
    Would love to win them for my mum, she loves flying saucers 🙂

  27. Freddy Greaves says:

    My dentist says I shouldn’t, so I really wouldn’t.. give any of these to my children. Mwahahaha!

  28. michael says:

    Those sweets really take you back especially the fried eggs,cola bottles and blackjacks there really taking me back,i wish they still did the giant bags of sweets without the giant price tag,the flying saucers were plain when you bit into it the first time but then on the second time you bit in to the sherbet,lovely sour sherbet which had a shooting feel for just a millisecond and who could forget bubbly’s the old fashion bubblegum my dad used to tell me of for swallowing them when i had finished chewing,who could forget the old fashion fizzers,Palmer violets and love hearts they really bring you back,your starting to make me feel hungry now

  29. Anne-Marie says:

    I’m 36 and sweetie mad,
    Boring people say that chocolate’s bad,
    Well i love jellies and hard sweets too,
    fried eggs, red laces and kola kubes,
    These simple treats bring joy and fun,
    please mail and say that I have won!

  30. Ed Gaffney says:

    Are you really asking me to tell you how good these Sweet Shop Chewbs look? No words can describe how much I want to devour this good looking tube of sweets!!

  31. Fiona Matters says:

    Oh that looks fabulous! I just adore old fashioned sweets – I particularly like cola bottles.

  32. Fiona Dennis says:

    Oh lovely sweet shop chewbs your a blast from my past
    Fizzy bottles and black jack chews take me back to childhood days
    Cannot wait to meet you again soon
    And enjoy all your retro loveliness in so many sweetie ways

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