129 thoughts on “Delicious Double Dips

  1. Melanie Dye says:

    I’ve loved Double Dips since I used to buy them with my pocket money from the local newsagent when I was a child. I think it’s the combination of the two different flavours of sherbert and the edible stick that makes them superior to all the others.

  2. andrea tinkler says:

    I still love these. Only trouble i eat the dipper first then have to use my fingers in the sherbet. Would be ok if i was about 4, but im 50!!!!!

  3. John Naylor says:

    My childhood memory of Double Dips was getting what you could up with the dipper and then open the packet and pouring the rest into my mouth at once. This led to coughing and sneezing fits quite often but was worth it!

  4. Nicole Edwards says:

    They’re some of the ultimate childhood retro sweets! Just the mere thought of them launches you back to your childhood where you remember buying them with your pocket money, tearing the top open and then making the quick excitable decision of which flavour to stick the Swizzelstick in first.

    Then of course there’s the running out of the stick and having to pour the rest of the sherbet into your mouth. It was perfection.

  5. SEAN DOWNER says:

    Theses are my fab sweets of all time.I do try and buy them once a week if I can find them. I suck the sweet then pour all of the sherbert into my mouth till all gone job done.

  6. Liesl says:

    Yummy and messy, great combination in the tuck shop days and now. Wow just thinking about it reminds me of those childhood days. Salivating at the minute,

  7. Hazel Cengiz says:

    When I was little, getting a double dip was a real treat. My mum didn’t like me and my sister having sweets, so when we were out just with our dad he would buy us all a double dip. I think they were his favourite treat, it would be nice to give some back to him now.

  8. Jean Bolsover says:

    I like to get a big scoop of the sherbert on the lollipop and see if I can get it in my mouth before I breath on it or else the sherbert gets blown everywhere

  9. Lelia Valois says:

    Loved them since I was little. There’s just something so satisfying about covering the lolly in sherbert.

  10. julie horne says:

    Gosh i remember these. They were always one of the sweets i bought with my pocket money. Think i need to try my little boy with these would love to see his face eating the sherbert 🙂

  11. Emma Matthews says:

    It was one of my favourite sweets as a child that I used to share with my best friend 🙂 it brings back good memories x

  12. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    I love the sweet you get with the sherbert, I would lick, then dip it then lick it again until all the sherbert was gone then enjoy the sweet mmmm….

  13. Anna Elizabeth says:

    Double dips a childhood treat,the fizz so delightful,rocked me off my tiny feet,next my children,all four enjoyed,the sweet and sour mix,giving them a tangtastic fix,followed by my grandchildren, all eleven, this traditional sweet,is my families idea of confectionary heaven. x

  14. Anna Elizabeth says:

    Double dips a childhood treat,the fizz so delightful,rocked me off my tiny feet,next my children,all four enjoyed,the sweet and sour mix,giving them a tangtastic fix,followed by my grandchildren, all eleven, this traditional sweet,is my families idea of confectionary heaven x

  15. claire little says:

    I love them because they give me a sugar rush and enough energy to keep up with the kids 🙂

  16. Robert Arnott says:

    The Nostalgia that double dips bring to me make them the perfect comfort treat.

  17. lorraine says:

    i love double dips
    i keep doing flips
    you get two lovely flavors
    each one i like to savour
    then there’s the stick
    which you just have to lick!
    so in conclusion
    its no optical illusion
    double dips are are cool
    ‘cus i aint no fool.

  18. Ian Dowson says:

    Once the stick gets eaten through excitement, you begin the task of getting the flavour by extending your tongue into the packet first, which takes too long so you try licking your finger which is good for the first few, but then you start wiping it on yourself so you opt for option three which is to tip it back and wait for it to drop at a rate your not expecting into your mouth giving you a fun and lip smacking moment whilst you dance with it in your mouth before finally swallowing it with satisfaction!

  19. elaine stokes says:

    they remind me of my childhood and going to the sweet shop with my 10p pocket money and coming out with a big bag of sweets x x x x x

  20. clair downham says:

    loved these since bieng a child and now my kids love them too .love sticking the stick in and licking off until the stick was all gone

  21. kimmie alex says:

    Double Dips remind me of my late grandmother, when I was child, she used to come round and she’d bring us each one and so they became synonymous with her memory.

  22. eddie britton says:

    I love this sweet,
    It’s got a tang that you just cant beat,
    Used to get a pack for school,
    dipping in the back of the class, or in the hall,
    Really was some of my greatest memories as a kid,
    from a toddler to getting big,
    now i’ve seen this sweet, its brought the memories back,
    and I would love to bring that ‘fizz’ back.
    If i don’t win, ill still buy some for my son,
    and he will see double dip is number one!

  23. michelle payton says:

    I eat the stick and mixed the sherbit up have doen since being a child. brings back losts of memories

  24. Elizabeth yeates says:

    Cherry has always been my favourite flavour and i love the fizz that you get with these sweets!

  25. alyson davies says:

    some things that were great 40 years ago, just don’t need to change,
    that’s why I love them

  26. Amanda Milton says:

    I love Double Dips,they bring back memories of my childhood,I love the sherbet 🙂

  27. Debbie Yates says:

    These help me relive those carefree days of childhood with no worries! And they taste delicious!

  28. Simon says:

    I love these because my 4 year old makes a right mess when he eats them.. Im sure he will work it out one day.

  29. Helen Craigs says:

    I used to buy these when I got my ‘threepenny bit’ pocket money on a Friday – loved them along with ‘billy stamper’ bubblegums that had a ‘tattoo’ inside the wrapper – adore retro sweets!

  30. Tracey McPartland says:

    Love Double Dips best putting it in a bowl and dipping biscuits in it.
    I have just had a major operation so I am off work for another 5 weeks at least and to win this would cheer me up

  31. Jo Booth says:

    I love them because they take me back to my childhood … I need to get my daughter to try them 🙂

  32. Will Blyth says:

    My dear old grandma used to buy me them from the corner shop when I was a kid, it was like getting 2 things in one!

  33. Susan Seaman says:

    they bring back memories of a happy childhood spent playing outdoors and sharing dips with friends

  34. Chloe Shipman says:

    Aaaahhh hello sherbert delicatessen. Now it’s all hummus and tsatsiki and guacamole, but let us not forget where we started. DOUBLE DIP. Move over carrot sticks, the double dip is BACK!

  35. caroline pawson says:

    im a massive serbet fan and with the double dip you get 2 different flavors of sherbet, I just love double dips 🙂

  36. Lynn Parry says:

    I remember going to our corner sweet shop to get these! Love the cherry flavour the best!

  37. amy says:

    I love them as they were my favourite sweet and it is like a trip down memory lane watching my 2 year old son enjoying them as much as I did!

  38. Ella Nixon says:

    I love double dips because the sherbet is gorgeous and I love eating it at the end without the stick- just emptying it in my mouth!

  39. kim neville says:

    Used to always have these when I was a young kid so always a firm favourite with kids as taste so yummy

  40. David Conway says:

    I love Delicious Double Dips! Always remembering going into my local sweet shop and buying a packet with my pocket money. Licking the stick first and then dipping into each flavor before mixing the two together. My daughter loves these now too 🙂

  41. Donna Daugherty says:

    I’ve loved Double Dips since I used to buy them with my pocket money from the local shops when I was a child. I think it’s the combination of the two different flavours of sherbert and the edible stick that makes them not age at all. I still enjoy them today with my children and there children. Keep making them and never end,

  42. Liz ferguson says:

    I used to buy these when I was young. Then my sister always bought me some, along with ones for her kids, when I was not so young. Now I buy myself one along with ones for my kids. I wonder if my future grand kids will buy me a lickie, when I don’t have the teeth for anything else.

  43. claire davey says:

    i use to get them as a kid and i still buy them for my kids now. it the fun of mixing the sherbet and eating the dipper then pouring last of sherbet in mouth and letting it crackle it so tangy and sour.

  44. SUSAN L HALL says:

    These are for my hubby he loves them – when the kids were small i could pretend i was buying them for the boys but the local shop know they have left home now!

  45. Zoe Knowles says:

    These remind me of when i was younger, no worries, no job…………….. the only things on my mind at that age were going out playing and sweets!!! 🙂

  46. Kerry Brown says:

    these are just simply the best sweets ever! still my first choice in the sweet shop 🙂

  47. Kaley Redmond says:

    I love these as they remind me of my childhood 🙂 Me and my sister used to share a pack and sit and eat it outside the postoffice after school

  48. Nicola Holland says:

    I love double dips as love keeping up with what my kids love, makes me not feel so old!

  49. emma furniss says:

    Who doesn’t love something that’s double 😉 takes me back to my childhood where my only worry was which flavour to dip into first! 😉

  50. tarbs gill says:

    Hitting my forties means i am desperate to cling on to my youth… If its between a skate board or Double Dips.. I choose Double Dips!

  51. Kirsty Fox says:

    I love Double Dippers because I am crazy about sherbet and mixed with the delicious Swizzelstick, mmm it’s just perfection!!

  52. Natalie Crossan says:

    I love them because they remind me of my childhood and have always stayed so cheap! Love putting the odd double dip in the trolley doing the weekly shop and we were even talking about them at work the other day 🙂

  53. Sinead Colyn says:

    Well I love double dips because you can get them world wide. I grew up in South Africa and then moved to the UK and they were here too. WOOOHOOOOO

  54. vivian allman says:

    they are a taste of childhood…………..which i can still vaguely remember………….but the taste always lingers……

  55. Denise Allen says:

    My daughter is 34 weeks pregnant and has a craving for double dips so I brought her some and then ate them myself! What a walk down memory lane.

  56. Tressa Herriott says:

    Double dips are retro hip
    Make me feel like a kid once more,
    Tangy ,tingle on my tongue
    Makes me skip , hop n run!
    Use the stick to scoop the sherbet up
    Or dibdab with your fingers for sherbet luv

  57. David Winter says:

    Wow, it’s been years since I’ve had a double dip. Reminds me of when i was a kid, Great days

  58. Jo-Anne A says:

    love these and i actually forgot you can still buy them my daughter would love these too! beats any chocolate bar

  59. Stuart Wells says:

    Delicious Double Dips tingling on my tongue, how I live their sparkling flavours fizzing in my tum.

  60. Sandra-jane hoy says:

    Remind me a going to the cinema as a child some 30 years ago – timeless and classic!

  61. Amandeep Mehmi says:

    They remind me of my childhood. My mum would always say i wasn’t allowed any sweets before dinner, and my grandad used to sneakily buy a packet of double dip and share it with me.

  62. audrey hartland says:

    I love these always eat the orange side first as the red side is the best! Such a fun sweet to eat as you get in a sticky mess but worth it!

  63. JO says:

    I love that they havnt messed too much with the design of these after all these years so its easy to reminisce!

  64. LISA SCOTT says:

    I just used to love that feeling when i was a little girl of having my 10p and deciding what goodies to buy with it, double dip was one of my favourites. My kids love them also. xx

  65. Ryan Roberts says:

    I can’t find them anywhere! I live in the middle of nowhere too were we only have a small local shop. Please give them to me!

  66. Jade says:

    I love Double Dips as they remind me of my childhood, just seeing them takes me back to my youth and make me feel young again. They are still a firm favourite and I love how the sherbet fizzes on my tongue 😀

  67. Dawn Fletcher says:

    Its a treat that reminds me of being a kid again………………………wonder if i could add these to the weekly shopping list , and get away with pretending they are for the !!

  68. Julie Davies says:

    I used to love Double Dips as a child. I would love to win this prize to remind me of my Nan taking me to the shops to buy me some sweets. It is her birthday tomorrow aswell 🙂

  69. Becci Cleary says:

    I love Double Dips because the kids are at an age where they don’t really appreciate them as much as they should and so I get to finish them off when they give up with them 🙂

  70. Adrian Clarke says:

    I love them because the sugery texture of the sherbert is so much nicer than other similar products. And the cherry flavour is just the best!

  71. katrina adams says:

    Loved these as a kid and would always get them with my pocket money. I used to stick my face in the packet to make sure I got the last bits of sherbert :S

    Love these

  72. Sonya Bowness says:

    Our family has now loved double dips for three generations. You want to see how excited the children and their grandmother get when I get them out!!

  73. Julieanne reilly says:

    Childhood ,memories come flooding back. I can show my children what treats I used to have and that some things were better ”in the olden days’ as that say! Yummy….

  74. sheila o'neill says:

    they remind me of being a kid, back in the days when I used to go to the shop and get a 10p mix and collect shaped rubbers!!!!

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