Christmas Countdown!

Its never to early to start your Christmas shopping!
Here at Chewbz we are going to give you a head start!  We are giving away 5 Christmas Mini-Stockings!

mini stocking

All you have to do to enter is tell us your favourite things about Christmas! The winners will be chosen at random so enter as many times as you want for the more chances to win!

For more Christmas goodies head over to  to check out the rest of our collection!

Good Luck and Get Typing!

101 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown!

  1. katy greenhill says:

    my favourite thing about christmas is watching my daughters happy face opening her presents you can see she really apprecaites it an i also love dressing her up in little miss santa dresses she is just so adorable xx have a happy christmas x

  2. Scott Wood says:

    all the adults spending nights wrapping with christmas songs on tv and red wine – getting everything ready for the big day.

  3. marina sparrow says:

    children excited about santas visit , wrapping presents , christmas decorations ,christmas food and drink .

  4. Erin Bryant says:

    I love everything about Christmas but I think my favourite thing is an evening on the sofa with the other half, with just the Christmas lights on, eating mince pies with brandy butter and watching a nice Christmas movie. I can’t wait til Christmas!!!! 🙂

  5. katrina adams says:

    All about the family for me. I also really love an acceptable excuse to spoil the family and seeing them open gifts that I spend months planning.

  6. fiona mcbride says:

    Love staying at home with no work, mundane routine school runs etc
    Having a Christmas stocking with treats of chewy sweets

  7. mandie says:

    quality time spent with the family, a little snow and a little boy made happy by Santa’s visit is all I need to make my Christmas

  8. abbie says:

    turkey and stuffing, the christmas tree and the feeling you always get on christmas eve no matter how old you are.

  9. Pauline Wilson says:

    Turkey and trimmings, tinsel, presents, eating lots of goodies like mince pies, sweets and chocolates!

  10. Katherine Kean says:

    Getting a bit too Merry on Christmas Eve and singing Christmas Carols too loudly at Midnight Mass!

  11. victoria says:

    I love the smell it’s not all the time just every now and then in the air reminds me of being a kid.

  12. caroline kelly says:

    Relaxing watching xmas films in the run up to xmas, enjoying snuggles with my 2 year old daughter in cosy clothes and indulgent tipples. Time off work, pressies and food, spending time with family and friends 🙂

  13. Emma Beards says:

    I love that everyone is in a good mood. Driving home and seeing the christmas lights. Spending quality time with family

  14. marie yeardley says:

    I love all the preparation, homemade decorations, baking with the children, and being able to drink port before breakfast on Christmas day!

  15. Catharine R says:

    Love the build up to christmas, buying and wrapping presents, putting up the tree, preparing all the food and just knowing everyones having a lovely time.

  16. Jason Henson says:

    So many things:
    2 weeks off work
    Quality time with family
    Loads of Food
    Loads of Drink
    and lots and lots of PRESENTS!!! 🙂

  17. Deborah Swain says:

    C-andy galore,
    H-appy kids,
    E-nchanted faces,
    W-arm log fires,
    B-ig family party,
    Z-zzzzz! After festive lunch!

  18. jessica cook says:

    for me it just has to be the dinner! turkey and belly prok plus all the trimmings, best dinner of the year for sure x

  19. Rebecca Harley says:

    But i also love all the food … The turkey, the trimmings and all the wonderful yule logs, mince pies and chocolates… The time of year when its excusable to eat all hours of the day even when you are full

  20. Rebecca Harley says:

    I love decorating the tree… I am quite ocd about it won’t let anyone else touch it 🙂

  21. Gaz says:

    ‘The Great Escape’
    My wife thinks I mean the film that is always on TV at Christmas.
    She’s wrong, I mean when I escape to the pub for a couple of hours when her family arrives.

  22. Rachel Henderson says:

    I LOVE the music Wizzard, Mariah and Slade
    I especially love a bit of band aid
    Our family has the radio on every day
    So we welcome christmas by dancing away!!!

  23. Julie Myers says:

    Seeing how much the kids enjoy it all…not just the presents but the magic and mystery of it all. They are still young enough to believe in Santa (and their older sister knows not to dare tell them otherwise!!!)
    For me christmas is for kids….and bright, sparkly things lol

  24. sarah clegg says:

    getting the tree and lights up- spending tme together as a family and enjoying a good sunday roast before slouching in front of the telly for xmas films 🙂

  25. claire matthews-curtis says:

    I love the look on my childrens faces as they open their gifts, plus lots of sweets and lovely christmas dinner with family

  26. AVRIL BOWMAN says:


  27. Joanne Parry says:

    My favourite thing about christmas is christmas eve….making my gingerbread house, having a take-away and opening 1 present each before bed! It’s the traditions that make it good

  28. vivian allman says:

    i love the food, the preparing, cooking and then the eating.. washed down with a few cans of lager 🙂

  29. Nicola arch says:

    Spending the time with the kids, watching there faces Christmas morning, and having to Hoover the fairy dust Santa has left when he dropped the presents off, my 9 years old loves, the face he doesn’t do the hoovering !

  30. Kelly Roberts says:

    My fave things about christmas is decorating the tree and seeing the kids faces when they are opening their presents on christmas day

  31. gareth stevens says:

    Being on the top of Snowdon on Crimbo Day, eating my Black Jacks, that have gone solid because of the cold…. mmmmmmmm yum yum

  32. Amy Topping says:

    my favourite thing about Christmas is buying people presents, i get so much joy from just going round, buying things for others, Christmas is about giving, not receiving. 🙂

  33. Chiao Lee says:

    I absolutely love the smell of candy: candy canes, toffee, that chocolate santa sitting under the Christmas tree. I can almost smell the sugary taste now, making me a little hungry. Wait a second, be right back…!

  34. Chiao Lee says:

    I love the family gathering, when your loved one come together and share their love for each other in present form.

  35. Casey says:

    Getting to be with my family and seeing them all happy and the fact that i know someone who is pregnant ans is due on Christmas eve makes it all the better!! Most people would say that the presents are best but so not true!! if i never got any presents at Christmas i wouldn’t care, as long as my family are happy, so am i! Merry Christmas to you all!!!! 🙂

  36. Casey says:

    I think that its the happiness that gets spread out during the day, the love, laughter, crying for happy reasons!

  37. Casey says:

    Making other people happy!! BTW, Chewbz…… i was so happy with the things and prices that you offer that i told all of my friends to check out the website 🙂 Merry Christmas – When it comes 😀

  38. Casey says:

    Seeing the smiles on my mum and dads face when they see the joy and excitement on my sisters faces as they open up their presents!!

  39. Casey says:

    The day when the family decorates the tree and the laughter when mum says something that looks funny on the tree and says where it would look better and when were trying to put the lights on the tree and dad says hoe we make a mess of the lights every year and we laugh about it together as a family!! 😀

  40. Casey says:

    I think that everyone who thinks that they haven’t got much and that what they got is all cheap should be grateful for what they have as its the thought that matters not the money!

  41. Casey says:

    I love to buy things for my family, i am only young but it still matters to me otherwise i feel bad that they spend money pn me and i don’t get them anything. I like feeling happy when i buy things for other people! 🙂

  42. Casey says:

    I think that Christmas is all about the love and not the presents. A lot of people think, pub I want this for Christmas and don’t think about the love that gets spread around. I love seeing my sisters and parents smile as they open any gifts and we all hug and laugh together. That’s what Christmas is about the love! Merry Christmas to you all. If I were to win the mini stocking then I would give it to my best friend and she loves chewbz retro sweets! 🙂

  43. Casey says:

    Sorry my phone types different words to what I do…. it is supposed to say that most people think I want this and this

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