Some more snap happy retro sweet fans!

Afternoon Chewbz fans!

We’ve had some fantastic pictures sent in this week, which will hopefully make you smile as much as we did :D.


After being sent one of our Gift Boxes, Gerogie’s desk was swarmed with retro sweet fans fighting over who deserved the Flump and Wham Bar!


We LOVE this snap Becca posted on our Facebook page! After creating her masterpiece Becca deservedly gobbled a few sweets from her yummy Tubz ;).


Sweet Steph was well impressed when this Chewb full of retro favourites arrived on her desk on Monday morning, what a sugary start to the week!

Marian and Cooper

Finally… the cutest picture of the week!  Here is the beyond adorable Cooper trying hard to keep his paws out of that Gift Box ;). Thanks again for sending this in Marian!

If you fancy getting snap happy with your Chewbz delivery too, send us your pictures to or post them on our Facebook page.

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