Retro sweet of the week!

This weeks Retro sweet of the week has been part of a great British sweetie tradition that started way back in 1899- wowza!

These are (err, the best) part of the iconic Liquorice Allsort mix, but they don’t actually contain any Liquorice, so we reckon these were added in for all the Liquorice-haters out there…

We’re of course talking about the ever delicious and squishy Jelly Button Spogs!


Hands up who used to buy a bag of Allsorts just for these?

We certainly did and it seems lots of you did too, since you’ve been loving the chance to get your hands on a stash of pure Spog goodness!

If you fancy winning some, just leave a comment on this post. Tell us how much you love or hate (if that’s even possible?!) Jelly Button Spogs and you could win some yummy pink and blue treats :D.

Just be sure to get your comments in before 9am next Monday, the 26th September.


105 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Lisa Marsh says:

    Omg!!! These sweets are AMAZING! when my nan was alive she always had a bag of liquorice allsorts as she loved them but always gave me the jelly button spogs. I don’t like liquorice so i haven’t had any since she passed away 9 years ago!

  2. Dell Selter says:

    I love these because I remember my mum buying a big bag of licorice all sorts and giving me these. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them, they turned out to be her favorite part of the bags. Love you mum 🙂 xxx

  3. Emma Sly says:

    I used to buy the bags just for these.. until my parents got annoyed with me wasting all of the liquorice. So, I forced myself to like the liquorice so that my parents would still buy me them, and now I love them all (although these are still the best bit by far.. :P)xx

  4. Ann Mackness says:

    I loved the colour of these so much,in 1980,I had a burgundy bathroom suite fitted,and painted walls blue,bought blue roller blind,pedastal mat and bath rug,and placed never to be used jars of blue/pink bath salts and baby blue cotton wall balls on window sill! Plus I had pink toothbrush,and ‘Man U’ supporting hubby had to use ‘Spurs’ blue coloured one. we divorced in 1981!

  5. Keith C says:

    Definitley the worst in the licquorice allsorts bag, my mum loved them though so there was always a swapsies available 😉

  6. Becky says:

    OMG love these sweets takes me back to childhood .Would love to win some for my kids to experience the yummy retro sweets too xx fingers crossed xx ♥

  7. Anna smith says:

    Yumm! Deffinatley the best part of the licourice alsorts! These would be great to take along to my first day of uni! Well done chewbz uve now got me craving retro sweets agen 🙁 xx

  8. Tracy Nixon says:

    My dad is a huge fan of licorice sweets but only ever gets them at Christmas – I would love to win him some as a mid-year treat to say I love you Dad – thanks for all the things you do for me!

  9. Julie Johnson says:

    I love these sweets these are the first one I go for in a bag of Liquorice Allsorts, they make your mouth tingle and they make your tounge coloured too, brill

  10. marie whitworth says:

    Omg i love these sweets! I never knew they were called Spogs! I am pregnant and was craving these not long ago so had to keep buying Liquorice Allsorts for them! I actually wrote an email of complaint because there was only i Spog in one of the bags i bought 🙁

  11. Samantha Hodges says:

    OMG!! I LOVE these! and the best thing is my hubbie doesn’t!! so I get to have them all to myself!! hahahaha

  12. Ian Worthington says:

    🙂 These sweeets are fantastic, I love them! They remind me of my childhood! I just cant get enough of them!

  13. Gemma Harrison says:

    I have never had one of these, I hate liquorice and must admit I thought these had liquorice in the middle. I feel a little silly now!

  14. diane findlay says:

    oh i love these i like sucking them till all the nobbles come off then munching on the aniseed stuff inside

  15. Valerie Brown says:

    Always pick these out first ( then the coconut ones !) -luckily husband like the all liquorice ones so we happily share a bag of allsorts !

  16. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    These are so yummy! They used to come in the cenre of liquorice catherine wheels – they were always the best part!


    I used to hate these sweets of all of the choices,i loved the soft round ones in pink and blue with a tiny bit of liqourice in the middle..they are lovely..but its ok,because my grandad loved the ones in the picture and gave me all the soft ones that i loved,bless him.x

  18. Sarah Laycock says:

    These were everyone’s fave, you could always see my hands rifling through the packets trying to get hold of these before anyone else got a look in!

  19. JoC says:

    SPOGS, Jelly Buttons, Horse Cakes, aniseed cousins of liquorice. Apparently they help to relieve trapped wind in a southerly direction…so to speak! Nothing beats a nice big F*RT to ease a stressful day 😉

  20. Yvonne Poole says:

    I had no idea these had a name! Yep, although I loved most of the sweets in the liquorice allsorts box, I loved these. You just had to give it a wee squeeze before popping it in your mouth 🙂

  21. janice wood says:

    I love them, but so do my daughters, so theres
    always a rush for the spogs and the coconut ones in our family

  22. Emma Holness says:

    I love spogs so much I buy bags of liquorice allsorts (which I don’t like) to get them. My friends are now used to being given half a bag of spog free allsorts.

  23. kirstine meredith says:

    A sugar treat is so neat
    But with a name like this its hard to beat
    They are chewy tasty and the flavour everlasting
    A bag for me please thats if you are passing!!!!

  24. claire bradshaw says:

    i love them i craved them so much when i was expectin my little girl and would only by licorice alsorts so i could have them and my husband would eat the rest xxx

  25. Angela young says:

    Aww spogs are amazing, me n my dad used to fight over them when i was a kid he wld get the blue ones and me the pinks, but i used to steal the blue ones when he wasnt looking lol xxx them and the wee bertie bassets that used to be in the packs xxxx now i usually buy bags of spogs when ever a find them n share them with my dad xx

  26. Rachael C says:

    I’ve always wondered what these things are made of, they have the strangest taste and texture. I still can’t decide if I like them, I just keep eating them to figure out why thy feel so weird when you chew them! 😀 x

  27. Jacki says:

    I LOVE these. I even by bags of liquorice allsorts just so I can eat these (my mom gets given the rest of the bag!).

  28. Chelsea R says:

    I LOVE these… I always make sure i’m the one who opens the bag of allsorts… i dig around and bingo! I always find them and eat them before anyone else can…. yum :)xx

  29. Carla says:

    ooooooooh i love these so much! These and the coconut ones were a once a month treat when i was a child. 🙂 (and no i’m not THAT old!)

  30. Jane Davis says:

    I love these!!! I used to buy liquorice allsorts as a present for my uncle and steal all the jelly spogs before giving them to him!!!!

  31. Tina Corder says:

    I just adore these I am really sad and pick all bits off the outside before I suck the middle, they last ages that way but boy don`t I annoy my husband!

  32. Nancy Townsend says:

    I’ve never tried them as I hated liquorice so never bought Allsorts. I thought they had liquorice in them!

  33. Chiao Lee says:

    Well these sound just like ‘belly buttons’ except they are more colourful and way tastier. When my grandma bough a packet of liquorice allsorts, we could pick three each. Being the eldest I had to wait for all my younger siblings and cousins to take their pick and I was left with the other, less appealing sweets. If I won this, I would munch them in front of all my cousings and sisters to make up for all the times I missed out on the jelly button sprogs. But if I was feeling super nice, I’d send these over to my auntie who’s marrying in three weeks. She’s thinking about purchasing a sweet hamper from Chewbz, but these whould be a great addition! I can eat the whole lot. I’d better stock up on some acne creams and maybe some weight losing pills…

  34. laura K says:

    These take me back to my First School playtimes. Only boys could have the blue ones and girls the pink ones. If you were a girl caught eating a blue one then you would have to play kiss chase against the boys (or vice versa). Yum Yum

  35. amanda egglestone says:

    I always think i like them beacuse they look so pretty and yummy then taste them and NOPE still don’t like them! Hubby loves them though so he eats all my half eaten ones 😉

  36. nichola jones says:

    Haha didnt even know that was what they were called. These were the only sweets i used to eat out of the Liquorice allsorts. I bliddy love em


  37. Corinne Faulkner says:

    OMG OMG OMG I absolutely love Jelly Button Spogs, I didn’t even know you could still get them – my mouth is watering already !!

  38. Helen Keene says:

    Mmmm… I love these! I hate all the other allsorts but these are delicious – it always seemed a shame there were only a couple in a bag.. the others got in the way! I’m so glad you can get these on their own now!

  39. Rebecca Denyer says:

    I love Jelly Button Sproggs, they were always the first ones I went for when my Mum brought a Box of Liquorice Alsorts at Christmas

  40. nicola harrison says:

    I LOVE Jelly Button Spogs X always first choice when we share a box of liquorice alsorts , i remember as a child i used to get them in my mix up yum yum x

  41. Chris Bull says:

    Love these, the mixture of the liquorice flavour and the crunch are perfect for me. Love the Catherine wheels too and they last a long time because I eat the liqurice really slowly till I reach the reward of the spog at the end. A certain store used to sell bags of these and I would stock up as they often seemed to sell out,they stopped doing the packs 🙁 But now I can buy bags again so I’m a happy bunny.

  42. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Afternoon Chewbz fans!

    We’ve had such a sweet afternoon reading through all your amazing comments Chewbz fans!

    This weeks lucky winners are:

    Yvonne Poole
    Angela Young
    Ann Mackness

    Congratulations ladies!
    I will be dropping you an email shortly so keep an eye on those inboxes!

    A massive thanks again for all your sweet memories!

    Chewbz Kayleigh x

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