Retro sweet of the week

It’s Monday, it’s been raining all day outside the Chewbz HQ window, so we reckon it’s time for a well deserved retro treat.

We’re sure our choice this week is going to cheer you right up on this soggy afternoon, as this is a proper, British classic!

This boiled sweet is red, it’s square, comes coated in sugary delightfulness and has a real iconic taste. Err, guessed it yet?

Our retro sweet of the week is obviously…


Kola Kubes!

Now, who feels oh so nostalgic?!
Classic Kola Kubes have to be up there with the all time British boiled sweet greats. That taste is unmistakable, and will take you right back to your favourite sweetshop with the classic glass jars all lined up behind the counter.

We know you love these too, as you’re always telling us these are one of your favourites!

This week we have three of our Small Jars of Kola Kubes to giveaway (maybe a couple more, if we’re feeling extra sweet).

All you need to do to be in with the chance of getting your sticky fingers on a jar, is to leave a comment on this blog post. Tell us why you’re the biggest Kola Kube fan around, declare your love for this boiled sweet, or tell us all about your sweetest Kola Kube memory.

The comments that make us smile the most, will win the jars!

So get typing, and make sure you enter before the competition closes at 9am next Monday the 30th April :).

*** WINNERS ***

Thanks for so much Kola Kube love, Chewbz fans!
You made it ever so tricky for us to choose our three winners,  as all the comments were pretty amazing :).

As voted for by us here in the Chewbz office, the three lucky sweet fans are:

Kate Davies, Mike Ambler and Mellissa Williams.

Hooray! All three jars are now in the hands of our Postie, so will be with you lucky winners very soon :D.

Kate Davies, Mike Ambler and Mellissa Williams.

56 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. Jean Bolsover says:

    Love Kola Kubes! I remember getting all the juicy chewy middle bit getting stuck in my teeth! Mmm, juicy!

  2. sarah clarkson says:

    I love kola cubes. Love the way they r a hard sweet that you can suck yet you still get to chew when you get to the middle. I remember as a child eating so many of these in one day that my tongue was so sore yet still couldn’t resit one more.

  3. Julie Reed says:

    My hubby loves these sweets! His Nana use to own a sweet shop and these were one of the ones he had to eat whilst filling the shop!! urgh! quality control!

    As he’s training for the great south run! I’d give them to him to bring back memories!

  4. Victoria Iwan says:

    OMG! Cola cubes were my absolute favourite when I was younger. They lasted forever lol
    Would love to reminisce with these!

  5. Laura Nicholson says:

    The last time I had Kola Kubes was when my boyfriend bought me some for Christmas, though by the time I got round to having some they had mysteriously been eaten. So, please, let me win some more!

  6. Gillian Roberts says:

    Reminds me of my Maths lessons at school. Lessons were not complete without sucking on a Kola Kube without getting caught by the teacher. Then having to crunch through to the chewy bit as quick as possible. Yum Yum

  7. ami basden says:

    These sweets were always in our sweet shops we used to make up as kids, my Nan used to get us the sweet paper bags, a huge selection of sweets a till and some money and me my brothers and cousins would have so much fun, my Nan was wicked x

  8. Kate Davies says:

    Kola kubes are awesome….they soooo take me back to being a little un, going to the shops with my mum and asking for a quarter of kola kubes from the local news agent and getting them for about 25p!!! Ohh the good old days eh?? 🙂

  9. claire matthews-curtis says:

    I love these sweets, only bought some the other day from the doctors, they were in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital, So not only did i get some yummy sweet but i help out a great cause in the process x

  10. Lisa Drury says:

    Kola Kubes bring back memories of my walk to secondary school where I used to stop off and buy a quature of Kola Kubes to share with my friends. I recently found them in and old sweet shop and regularly take some into work where we are share them laughing at how they stick our teeth together…great childhood memories

  11. Steve Lee says:

    The most mwonderful moment is when the kube has been softened just enough to bite into it and get the pleasure of the chewy goodness inside!

  12. catherine says:

    oohh these bring back memories, my mum used to send me to the local shop for milk, bread etc and i`d always ask to keep the change and she`d say no 🙁 but on one occasion the shop keeper was serving another customer with kola kubes and i couldnt resist to ask for a quarter lol my mum was not impressed when i got home and saw her change had gone!!

  13. Rebecca Coyne says:

    Not necessarily my favourite but they are my dear old dads favourite and seeing as he has just helped me out big time with paying for my wedding would love to give him a little treat as a way of starting to say thank you. Every time we go to an old sweet shop kola kubes are always first on his wishlist

  14. siobhan marie says:

    my dad use to own a shop he has a big jar of these on the shelf if i was good he would give me a couple was the best moment ever there so yummy i always looked forward to the juicy centre yummm

  15. Mike Ambler says:

    Kola Cubes, those square little reascals, I remember having to keep moving them around my mouth and sucking them to try and wear aawy the square edges and sugary coating until they were smooth and round. They were a tease!

  16. mandy purchase says:

    Kola Kubes!! Memories of a carefree youth when the sun always shone and days of riding bikes and climbing trees come back with every suck.

  17. susan marks says:

    I have always loved Kola Kubes since I was a small child.When I was pregnant with my twin boys,my love for them got even greater and I just couldn’t get enough of them.My twin boys now love them also,probably due to the vast quantity I consumed while I was pregnant!!! lol 🙂

  18. leah gorman says:

    i love kola cubes me and my brother used to have a contest of who could suck the kube the longest…i used to win of course 🙂 x

  19. Natalie says:

    Ahhhh Kola Kubes are my favorite! Me and my boyfriend always end up arguing when we go to the sweet shop because I buy loads of them! They remind me so much of high school, I use to always get caught out chewing Kola Kubes in my French lesson and get sent out! Ahhh the memories 🙂

  20. emma smith says:

    Cola cubes what can I say they are coverd in cola goodness they are hard on the out side and chewy in the centre not much to say but they are the best sweet ever my fave sweet all round

  21. Jacqui Baker says:

    I love Kola Kubes because … I ‘K’now ‘O’f ‘L’ots ‘A’ ‘K’ids ‘U’tterley
    ‘B’esotted and ‘E’xcited about these ‘S’ensational Kola Kubes! ;-p

  22. mellissa williams says:

    Kola Kubes are the best retro sweet around,
    They are the Queen of sweets and they should get crowned.
    They smell of cola and taste divine,
    Please Chewbiz can you make them mine.
    They take me back to my childhood days ,
    When i’d go to the market and be in a haze.
    All those sweets to chose, sherbet, mice and all,
    But the Kola Cube stood out from them all
    So i’d love to share this memory with my son
    So he will realise Kola Cubes are THE ONE.

  23. Cassy Robinson says:

    Kola Kubes were the best back in my younger days, they were so full of flavour and sweet. They bring back so many memorys yet im now wanting them now………
    Bring them back….

  24. kimberley plant says:

    i love cola cubes there best with a hangover there like a medicine for hangovers suck a couple of them and its a pick me up try it x

  25. Teresa Sheldon says:

    I love these fizzy whizzy sweets as my little brother use to call them I always thought they were callled Koala Kubes and use to ask for the little bear sweets what a right pair we were then back in the 70’s one asking for a quater of fizzy whizzy sweets and be the little bear sweets, however the strange thing was the man in the shop always knew what we wanted

  26. Darren Parr says:

    wow kola kubes i used to love these they lasted longer than other sweets as the spent the rest of the day stuck inbetween your teeth

  27. emma furniss says:

    kola kubes – yes, I remember them well. Very difficult to suck, just cried out to be crunched! Lots of uses for them too especially if you are about to play a game and have no dice!!!

  28. natasha chapman says:

    these are such a retro sweet i used to but a quarter of these every day when i was younger infact my one and only tooth filling was down to kola kubes 18 years down the line i still adore them and would love to win a jar x

  29. fiona mcbride says:

    kola Kola so bold over
    Chewy cubes
    Tastebuds delight
    The best treat ever
    Share or keep hidden
    Love them forever

  30. Rach J says:

    We were eating Kola Kubes in PE one day when the teacher caught me swapping my Kube from one cheek to the other and asked what I was eating. She got right up in my face so I stuck my tongue out with my Kola Kube balanced on it….then it fell off and landed on her bright white trainers leaving a delicious browny orange stripe as it slipped off on to the floor – oops! Still love ’em tho!

  31. Jeremy Andrews says:

    I remember when I was a kid queuing outside the cinema (To watch films like Star Wars) The queue always went round the cinema and down a side street where there was a sweet shop. I always bought a quarter of Cola Cubes. Mainly because a) they were very tasty and b) They would last me all the time I was in the queue, and also all the way to the Interval when I would get a small tub of ice cream and an Orange Juice in a plastic container where you needed to poke the straw in the top without getting it everywhere. Oh the memories… 🙂

  32. John says:

    years since i had these, used to get 5p off my nan and get a quarter at the sweet shop, suck off the sugar then chew, till the whole bag was gone 🙂

  33. Greg Dixon says:

    I remember these from when I was a kid. I used to ram as many into my mouth as I could, usually around 10 and try and chew them down. It tooks hours and they kept getting stuck to my teeth. But they tasted so good!

  34. Anna smith says:

    Yummmmy! One of my personal favs! These woul be perfect to help me and my friends gett through our last essay and exams of our first year of uni!! Xxxxx

  35. Karen says:

    When I was still at junior school, I used to be able to afford 2 oz of these. I remember the little white paper bag they came in and the way they stuck together when they got warm in my clammy little hands!

  36. Emma Carter says:

    Cola cubes are my favourite ever sweet and remind me so much of Middle School all those years ago; my friend and I used to smuggle packs into school in our school bags and tell hide in the stock cupboard to eat them! I don’t know how we ever got away with it! Happy days :0)

  37. Jo Ruth Turner says:

    Love kola cubes. They remind me of going to school in the early eighties. One of the boys used to buy me & my friend a 10p bag of Kola Cubes once a week as a treat – what a charmer eh?! Still, it worked, they ended up dating (at the age of 10) Not seen either of them in a good many years, wonder if they’re still together?!

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