Retro sweet of the week

Sherbet fans rejoice, we’re back with another chance for you to win… FREE SWEETS. What better way is there to cheer up your Monday?!

Our choosing this week has been brought into our warehouse especially for you Chewbz fans :). If you tell us you love them, then we might just add these to our retro sweet offering.

Giant Sherbet Straws

This week you could win a collection of bright and brilliant Sherbet Straws!

How sweet do these look?
We always remember picking these straws up from the corner shop and seeing how much sherbet it was possible to pour into your mouth at once!

Is sherbet a favourite of yours too?

If you fancy the chance of winning this rainbow of fizzy stuff, then all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. So tell us your sweet sherbet memories, or just let us know why you reckon you deserve to win some.

The comment (or comments- if we’re feeling extra sweet) that makes team Chewbz smile the most, will win the sweets!

Make sure you enter before the competition closes at 9am next Monday the 23rd April :).


Oh lovely Chewbz fans, we love each and every one of you who comments on our little blog!
We wish we could send you all a sherbet treat, but sadly we could only choose four winners.

Our favourite comments came from:

Matt Davies, Zsa Rostron, Georgia Thornley-Nash and Patricia Avery.

Congratulations you four! All Sherbet Straws were sent with our Postie earlier in the week, so should be in your sticky fingers very soon :).

70 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. Donna Sadler says:

    My funniest memory of sherbert is my son sniffing sherbert to see what it smelt like just a little too hard, and he had a sneezing fit for about 30 minutes bless him lol. He loves sherbert so it would be lovely to win him some of these. Thanks and good luck everyone! xx

  2. Rosie Mountain says:

    Sherbet! Yum! I had the BIGGEST cravings for it when I was pregnant. Drove at all hours to get my hands on the stuff. I still crave it now… Don’t need to be preggars to want to scoff tonnes of it!

  3. karen fry says:

    i have very fond memories of holding these up in the air and then them getting clogged up with saliva hahaha i now hear myself saying to the kids dontttt spitttt on themmmmmm hahha xxxx sound just like my mum :0)

  4. Jacqui Baker says:

    When I was pregnant with my first Son I was eating sherbet every day, I couldn’t get enough of it. My Mum would always bring me some back from wherever she’d been that day. Thirty six years later and I still love sherbet! I would love to win some from Chewbz©, It would bring back those wonderful memories. Good luck to sherbet lovers everywhere ;-p

  5. MARIE JUDD says:


  6. Rebecca Coyne says:

    My funniest memory of this is tipping all the sherbet out and mixing it all up in a little plastic bag then spending ages dipping our fingers in. We ended up witg a draw of empty tubes because we kept sneaking them out and didnt want to be caught

  7. kelly O'Neill says:

    I remember we used to take so many of these into school that they were banned. Didn’t stop us sneaking them up our sleeves though lol

  8. Sarah Taylor says:

    Trying to make sherbert drinks by mixing the sherbert with water…it wasn’t nice, so don’t try that at home!!! I now prefer my sherbert, straight, on it’s own, how it’s lovely self should be! I haven’t had any in years though, and it would be good to take a trip back to my childhood, when everything was so much simpler!

  9. claire griffiths says:

    my memoney of this is putting them all into a bowl and dipping jelly sweets into it mmmm yummy

  10. laura says:

    My worst/favourite memory was when I was about 7 and I had a sherbert straw and drank diet coke whilst it was in my mouth for an extra fiz. However, I then burped (sorry mum!) and the lot fizzed out of my nose…! My sister fell off the kitchen side from laughing at me but I swore her to secrecy!

  11. Nicole Hammond says:

    I sooo love Sherbet Straws, I used to go to the shop every time I had some coppers just to buy them and I remember I used to buy one of every colour and mix them together to see what it would taste like, I haven’t had them in soo long I would just love to have some.

  12. Samantha Nicholas says:

    Yes please add them to the retro sweets list! Even if I don’t win I need some of these in my next treats box!
    My memory is counting up how many I could afford with my 23p after the bus, and always trying to sneak a few extra in the bag! Sneaky Eh! 🙂

  13. Lisa Marsh says:

    Mmmmm love sherbet straws, always remember eating these as a kid. Would love to win some 🙂 xx

  14. Matt Davies says:

    I should win, purely because I feel that I have personally kept the UK sweet industry affloat since the age of 4.

    Given the amount of sweets that have passed my lips in that time, I think this equates to a significant number of jobs.

    Therefore I deserve a little treat to help me take my tongue out of my cheek. Big love to you all.

  15. Zsa Rostron says:

    10p twisty cone of rainbow sherbert…
    shared with the boy from school Mark Herbert!
    I licked my finger, he let out a gasp
    I lunged for the sherbert in his grasp
    It fell between us, splat on the floor
    the rainbow sugar was no more.
    Fell in a puddle which was quite pretty
    but the point of my little ditty…
    since then in childhood deprived and glum
    It’d be nice to think I might have won….

    some lovely gorgeous rainbow straws!!!

  16. Tracy Nixon says:

    Ok so I’m addicted to the white powder! – yes sherbet!!!! Dib Dabs, Sherbet Lemons, Fruit Sherbets, Flying Saucers, Bassets Sherbet Fountains and Sherbet Straws! Pleassssssssssse pick me!

  17. Roo Black says:

    I used to eat sherbet whilst listening to sher. Sometimes me and my sister would eat sherbet together listening to sher, but then 1 day I threw sherbet in her eyes and we never ate sherbet together again. Was probably a good thing, coz my sister was a little bit of a trouble maker!

  18. Caroline J says:

    I’d love to give these to my 3year old to let him try (and see his face cave in) sweeties that mammy used to like when she was younger! 😀

  19. Mia Walmsley says:

    I remember me and my friends use to have competitions with each other and see how many we could manage before feeling sick and i always use to end up on a sugar rush and going VERY VERY hyper! awww good times 🙂

  20. olivia kirby says:

    I would run to my grandad’s house from school, he would have Sons and Daughters on the TV, I would empty out my sherbert onto a saucer, unwrap my lollipop, pour myself some lemonade form the pop crate and i would dip lolly into lemonade, into the sherbert and suck. A heavenly experience.

  21. Nat says:

    These were so popular when I was at school that they actually got banned as there was a sea of multicoloured wrappers everywhere!

  22. lynne hobbin says:

    Oh I love all things sherbet. I remember these as a child. Not seen them in years. My flying saucers came today, thank you. Id love to win these and let my kids see what I use to buy at paper shop with my pocket money.

  23. Georgia Thornley-Nash says:

    Me and my granddad used to go downstairs at midnight and eat lots of Sherbet Straws that my mum would hide in the draw. My granddad died last year, and everytime i see a Sherbet Straw it makes my day a whole lot better:) miss you granddad xx

  24. Tina says:

    Love sherbert but I think I like fountains more than these as they remind me of those frozen lollies you used to get at the corner shop for 10p!! 🙂

  25. Steph says:

    Oooooh! Sherbet was my favourite sweet when I was younger. My sister and I used to go to the local sweet shop and get a 50p bag of multicoloured sherbet every saturday when we received our pocket money 🙂
    However, when I was 4 or 5, we took a family trip to the beach and my older sister thought it would be a great idea to tell me that the sand on the beach is actually lemon sherbet… I think you can imagine how that story ends. Older sisters are great aren’t they?

    Didn’t put me off though!

  26. jaycie french says:

    introducing my kids to ice cream with sherbert on, they almost couldn’t believe what they were tasting. After a lot of amazement, ice cream with ‘magic dust’ has become a favourite for kids and mummy alike 😉

  27. katherine grieve says:

    Sherbert was my fave as a child, dipping sweets, .lollies, liquorice, my fingers into it to eat it! yummy!

  28. Louise MacGregor says:

    My Mum loved these as a kid and she’s staying otu in Vietnam just now teaching English…if I won, I’d send these out to her!

  29. Lucy Kyle says:

    These sweets were my childhood! I need them back in my life, please make my dream come true!! I love sherbet, as I knew them, “Rainbow Dust”!

  30. Emma Wolski says:

    I was only ever allowed these on special occasions at Theme Parks! Used to be the highlight of my day!!!

  31. Maddy Seamark says:

    Oh wow! I love these, it’s so hard to get sherbet out of them but even if you get the smallest amount out that’s just amazing! I love closing my eyes and trying to guess the flavour! I would love to win these sherbets!<3<3

  32. Maddy Seamark says:

    Oh wow, I love these sherbets! I always try to see how much I can get out of them but it’s still amazing when you get that first fizz in your mouth! Sometimesi close my eyes and try to guess the flavour! I would love to have these sweets!<3<3

  33. marie powell says:

    i remember laughing while watching my kids trying to eat them, it used to take them ages trying to sqeeze the ends open and then trying to eat it with out getting the open end wet with spit, Would love to have some to show my grandaughter how sweets should be

  34. fiona mcbride says:

    A trip on the tongue back down memory lane – the zingy taste was unique – bought them after school and loved them

  35. deanna says:

    Im looking after my twin nephew and nieces soon and this will be thier first sleepover. I would like these sweets as im planning a Ice cream station with lots of goodies for them to get ultrs surgered up with..hehee. its gonna be FUN !!!!!

  36. Steph Armstrong says:

    I just loved the sherbet fountains – that little cardboard tube of fizziness complete with a licorice stick – a match made in heaven – can’t believe I found one last week – just had to try & its as good as ever & I’m 51 now – wow!

  37. catherine beckett says:

    WOW… i loved these sweets, i always remember fighting with my brothers over whose turn it was with the scissors, but being the youngest i had to wait for my lovely sherbert xxx

  38. carol stirmey says:

    I’m fruity and current,seasonal and desired
    Well,none of thats true,but I still need to win
    Just so I can enjoy the taste buds being teased and hot wired

  39. Linda Maskell-Glynn says:

    Fizzy and sweet
    Oh what a treat
    Takes me back many years
    I’d love to get some
    So please say I’ve won
    and I can give you three cheers

  40. Vicky Louise Brett Robinson says:

    I’ve always adored sherbet in any form! As a kid I used to buy it in loose form all weighed out by the sweet shop & dipped lollies into it. Sherbet straws were also a big favourite & I ate far too many of them! There was an art of biting them open without getting the top so wet that the sherbet wouldn’t come out! Many years on my kids love them too!

  41. Joanne Roper says:

    I love those sherbert sweets! 😀 If I had loads, I would mix them all together and eat it! I love a big mound of sherbert sweets. (From Elise aged 8 )

    I love these too, so please send extra so I don’t have to steal hers 😉

  42. sara guy says:

    We used to love these as kids. When we got older about 11 my brother was 13 he used to save up his pocket money and buy a big box of them from the wholesaler. He wasnt very good at sharing so when he was asleep me and my little sister would take it in turns to sneak in his room and ‘borrow’ one and we would cut it in half and share it. We used to fight over who got what colour. My son is six now and last year we let him have one for the first time and it brought back all those memories. I told him the story of what we used to do. Then a couple of weeks ago my brother came round and My son told him everything and we all burst out laughing.

  43. tracey wall says:

    i used to try and make fizzy drinks out of these when i was ittle – it never worked – now i would take them to work to cheer everyone up on a monday morning

  44. Darren Parr says:

    I remember chewing the whole strew after getting them too wet to get any out and working my way down in sections of chewed up plastic.

  45. Jay Islam says:

    I lost half my teeth to eating sweets but that still hasn’t put me off!

    Sherberts were my fave and now are my childrens favourites too, i use them as an excuse to buy some! hehe.

  46. charlotte elizabeth says:

    I used to love these as a kid, i used to buy them every day after i finished school from my corner shop, there was a trick to eating them, you had to make sure you didn’t get the edges wet or the sherbet wouldn’t pour out 🙁
    The strawberry ones where my favourite.
    Sweets like this don’t half bring back memories 🙂

    I would love to win some of these, its been a while hehe!

  47. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    These are sooooo nice. I have vivid memories of these from childhood. I used to tip the sherbet into a dish and make my own dip using one of those hard licorice sticks. Lasted me for ages 🙂

  48. Michael Ward says:

    Surely you can see that I
    Highly deserve to win these
    Extra special sweets.
    Being that
    Evidently I am really
    Trying to spell sherbet down the first column 🙂

  49. Patricia Avery says:

    As a child I remember standing in the sweet shop struggling to decide what to spend my sixpence pocket money on. One penny would always go on a packet of broken crisps but the rest went on sherbet but which was always hard to decide: straws, fountains, lemons, flying saucers and dib dabs were among my favourites. Sixty years later the family now treat me to these on my birthday and at Christmas as I prefer sherbet over chocolate any day 🙂

  50. Hannah Whitling says:

    I loved these as a kid, havent had them since, actually forgot about them. Used to figure out how many we could get with what money we had as a group, and beg for more pocket money if we couldnt get enough after sharing them out. Would love to have them again.

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