Retro sweet of the week

Sweet greetings Chewbz fans!

Thanks so much for all your fantastic comments on last weeks post. We love reading through all your brilliant entries, and hopefully this week’s sweet will bring back even more sweet memories!

We’ve chosen a little something chewy, zingy and totally retro-tastic…

Refresher Jar

Yep, we’re giving you the chance to win this here jar of tasty Refresher Chews!

Doesn’t that yellow and blue wrapper take you right back to the days of pocket money and trips to the corner shop on your bike? Ahhh :).

If you’d like to win this jar, then all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. So tell us why you love Refreshers the most, describe your favourite retro sweet memory or just try and make us smile!

The winner will be the comment that is voted favourite by us here at Chewbz HQ. Just make sure you enter before 9am next Monday the 5th March.


Wow, thanks SO much for another week of fab comments Chewbz fans. We really really love reading through all your sweet memories, poems and declarations of retro sweet love! It makes it really tricky for us to pick winners though, as you are all so brilliant, but we have finally chosen our three lucky sweet fans….

Congratulations to: MichaelMichaela Smith and David Nixon.  A jar of Refreshers will be heading your way later today. We’ve just sent you all an email, so check your inboxes!

A massive thanks again to everyone who commented. This weeks competition is now open if you weren’t lucky this time. Check it out here :).

Michaela Smith
David Nixon

146 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. SARAH ROBERTS says:


  2. mrs wendy williams says:

    I love Refreshers because, they remind me of my childhood, going to the shop to buy them and couldnt wait to get the wrappers off them and when i started to chew them the sherbet inside would make me pull funny faces, those were the days when there wasnt a care in the world. 🙂

  3. Holley says:

    I love Refreshers bars!!! So perfect! A lovely sugary kick up the backside to bounce you through the rest of the day!

  4. Amanda White says:

    My other half bought my a full box of refresher chews for my birthday last may, needless to say they didn’t last very long. I have been unable to find them in shops since!! Eating these gives me a reason to go see the sexy dentist down the road! (My other half is the dentist!)

  5. jess hughes says:

    when i was a child i couldnt eat choclate without coming out in a nasty rash. so i spent my pocket money on retro sweets like refresher bars 🙂 even now that i can eat choclate i will always pick sweets over choc 🙂 true love <3

  6. Terri says:

    They remind me of being a wee girl and going to the shop to get some, they eating them on the way home whilst making faces when you bit through the sherbety bit in the middle!

  7. jamie says:

    i think these are fab after you eat two or 3 your jaw starts to ache but u just cant stop eating them lol 🙂

  8. samantha williams says:

    They’re awesomeness in a little packet…and you know what they say..the best things come in small packages 🙂

  9. Tony Pattison says:

    I get a warm feeling inside as they take me back to my childhood,we used to get 2 for 1 old penny.

  10. teesh naga says:

    yum, they remind me of my childhood, when i was chasing my friends around and when we were done our parents gave this to us as a reward! something to look forward to..

  11. Amy Turnbull says:

    Refreshers definitely take me back to my childhood – popping to the newsagents down the road with their selection of penny sweets, then these badboys for 5p each – they were worth sacrificing the other 4 sweets for! Always used to make sure I had one of these in my 20p bag of sweeties 🙂

  12. Ally says:

    My son loves these because they are SO zingy – i love them too and the only reason he shares with me is because he knows they will stick my teeth together for a while 🙂

  13. Lisa James says:

    I remember growing up and buying these for a Penny. And still to this day I will buy them. They say Opal Fruits made your mouth water. Nothing compared to Refreshers.
    I also used them to add posters to my bedroom wall,LOL
    Parents were not Impressed!! But there you go. You have your uses. But prefer the Zingy Zang Juices!! Best Sweet ever to this day!

  14. Katie says:

    I love them as they are tasty, tangy and sweet! Only thing to keep me quiet for at least 5 minutes, love them!

  15. fran says:

    really really really wana win these they r my faverate all tym sweet jibbers we call them because they make u pull sum weird faces lol zxxxxxx let me win thissssss xxxxxxx:)

  16. Jessica Hall says:

    I love refreshers. I love biting in to them and tasting the sweet taste of the sherbet. One of my all time favourite sweets ever

  17. Claire Thackray says:

    Refreshers take me back to when I was a kid! I always used to get them from the Fruit and Veg van that came round the neighbourhood when my Gran used to pick up her groceries!
    So whenever I eat refreshers now (fifteen years on), they just remind me of my Granny! <3

  18. Kirsty says:

    Whenever I have refreshers they remind me of when I was younger and used to go to the little local sweet shop (sadly closed years ago) for a 10p mix bag, there always used to be a refresher chew in there and I always saved it until all the other sweets had gone.Save the best until last. Yummmmmmmmmmm

  19. Donna Sadler says:

    Refreshers are AMAZING!!! Loved them as a kid and love them know, even though I find it takes longer to chew them with these teeth!! haha!! I like to chew one end off, suck the sherbet out then demolish the rest lol

  20. Leanne says:

    Im doin this on behalf of ma husband who is currently serving out in Afghanistan and these are the only things he wants in his comfort boxes, these are his favourite sweets of all time. He needs the energy in his line of duty and these give him the buzz he needs to keep him goin, please consider ma hero x

  21. Tina says:

    these are one of my fav’s I still sneak one unto my shopping each time I go to tescos and make sure its finished before I get home!!

  22. sharon griffin says:

    The old school tuck shop used to sell these, every breaktime me and my friend would buy a couple of these lovely yellow chews and have just long enough to chomp on them before the school bell went for start of lessons 😀

  23. Laura Andrews says:

    These were my faves when i was little. And i still love them as the big kid that i am now! Much better than some of the sweets that were around, and lasted longer than them as well. Love the flavour and love that they had sherbet in them. Wouldn’t mind winning some, if not, oh well! 😀

  24. Stacey Powell says:

    I love them! when i ate them as a child i would either cough or sneeze the sherbet use to get me lol but don’t have that trouble now 🙂

  25. Jean Bolsover says:

    I remember chewing on these, making your mouth feel all tingly because of the sherbet. Then my jaws began to ache and the sweet getting all stuck to my teeth. But alas, i still could not resist them!

  26. Sarah clarkson says:

    Omg I love refresher chews they are my favourite all time retro sweets…. Well one of them 😉 I love it from the moment you bite into them, your taste buds start tingling but your teeth can’t help but chew… Tingle, chew, tingle, chew omg I love you….. They sure are chewtastic.

  27. Liesl says:

    Reminds me of my childhood ages and ages ago. I must confess that when my twins happen to have these in their party bags they tend to miraculously disappear. Sorry, just too tempting! If I do win will share, promise 🙂

  28. kirsty burke says:

    aaah, simpler times, when you could by a sack of these for 20p.. things have changed so much. There isn’t a week that goes by without some new fangled sweet that comes out, well they can keep them! glad refreshers are still around and still the lovely same old taste that i remember from my childhood. bring on halloween when i pinch all of my daughters from her loot bag x :)im a mean mummy!

  29. michael says:

    One of the few sweets still around that instantly make you think of day trips to the beach with your mates, and playing marbles in the school yard, IF ONLY LIFE COULD BE THAT SIMPLE AGAIN…

  30. Gemma Turner says:

    I love them… I love how when you unwrap them, you end up getting sticky fingers from the wrapper <3 My retro memory would be at school when we used to put 10 refreshers in our mouth- chew them up until they were broken and then take a swig of some lemonade. Oh my god.. amazing! It feels like your head is going to explode with foam!! Good times!!!

  31. Sarah says:

    A magic little chunk of sweet, first met at age of five,
    My love for them has never waned, so glad they’re still alive.
    Halfpenny chew it is no more, nostalgia has a price,
    But who should care when faced with their tongue tingly taste so nice!

  32. Sarah Burke says:

    I love refreshers! Those tangy, chewy sweets take me straight back to my childhood when I used to buy them with my pocket money at our local newsagents. They are literally a “blast from the past”. 😉

  33. Steve Lee says:

    While my favourite sweet when I was young was ‘beer bottles’, (a sign of things to come no doubt – shame nobody paid attention), a lot can be said for the true awesomeness of Refreshers and if you send me some, it might just get me off of my beer bottle obsession! 😀

  34. Rachael says:

    Refresher chews are fantastic for chomping on while I’m at my desk at work. They’re yummy and give me a perfect excuse not to answer the phone! 🙂

  35. james darrington says:

    My nan always used to buy me the little mushroom sweets when she would pick me up from school, good ol’ days.

  36. keith mitchell says:




    Awesome giveaway….drool

  37. michaela smith says:

    just one sight of my favorite childhood sweet brings the 1970s flooding back in an instance. The blue & yellow wrapper still reminds me of comics and lucky bags. snoopy,bagpuss and the flumps ahhhhhhh and long sweet childhood summer days xx

  38. Catherine Jones says:

    I loved getting refreshers as part of my 20p sweet money! Those were the days when you could actually get penny sweets for a penny… the 80’s seem like a looooooooooong time ago 🙂

  39. Amanda Jacobs says:

    Refreshers are so fizzy
    They make me go all dizzy
    Wrapped in yellow and blue
    They make me chew and chew.

  40. markD says:

    I had a box of these for Christmas and offered one to my Wife – who after chewing for a minute,told me that her loose tooth was now out! This meant that i can now enjoy the rest of my favorite chews all on my own!

  41. m l smith says:

    I love Refresher chews the most becuase they have and always will be the DADDY of all retro sweets.

  42. Rosa says:

    I love sweets and snack on them all the time (bad for my teeth I know, and I get told off by my dentist brother for it…) Refreshers are my absolute favourite. This jar would keep me going for a few hours I’m sure! Haha

  43. kaz black says:

    i think refreshers are the best in the world ,so tasty so refreshing and so chewy ,just dont get a look in as my partner eats them all xxxx

  44. Jill Ferguson says:

    Refreshers were so tangy and zingy, but I used to leave them in the bottom of my satchel all day and the walk home from school would be spent trying to peel of the wrapper, ended up with bits of paper in my mouth as well. My favourite sweets were Cherry lips, still are!

  45. David Nixon says:

    i love refreshers because as a child they pulled out most of my baby teeth. resulting in money from the tooth fairy.. to spend on more refreshers. it was more a Delicious circle than a viscous circle 😛 see what i did thar?

  46. Jennifer Jack says:

    These sweets are lovely, takes me back to my childhood not only mine my brothers and my mum too would love these, so that when we eat them we can go back to that place of when we first ate them. x

  47. leanne edwards says:

    i loved refreshers when i was growing up (and still do as a mum of 3)..i remember getting pocket money and buying a bagful of these…yummy!

  48. Paul Ellams says:

    I just love them because I don’t get them much now I’m an adult, And they are so refreshing.

  49. Hel Cruse says:

    Hmm, Refreshers. remember how they used to seem sooo big for your little mouth, and it was quite a struggle to get one in. I remember squeezing one in, and I chewed in through it, and I hit a pocket of sherbet… just as I was gasping for breath, amidst dribbles, and the sherbet hit the back of my throat, and the refresher went shooting out my mouth and landed on the grass in front of me. Dang. Wouldn’t say no to another one though!

  50. Gill Thurgood says:

    Refreshers – a sweet stroll down memory lane. Dad bringing them home on Friday nights for us, finding 5 in the bottom of my Christmas stocking, seeing who could make theirs last the longest at Guide camp, helping make long car journeys bearable, buying them in school tuck shop, always by my side when revising. Like a good friend,still there and a lot of fun!

  51. Judy Park says:

    I used to recieve my 6d weekly pocket money every Friday after school and Mum would take me to the village shop so I could buy sweets, I used to spend ages gazing at all the jars but always came out with my favourite Refreshers. Now that previous week I had asked about where babies came from and Mum gave me a little talk about a tiny seed growing in Mummys’ tummies. I was desperate for a brother or sister, so on recieving my shiny sixpence that Friday, I pressed it back into Mums hand saying. “You keep it Mummy and buy a packet of that Baby Seed.”

  52. Will Tunnicliffe says:

    I remember the size of them when I was a kid. Trying to get a whole one in my mouth and then biting into it was something of a feat. After a lot of jaw-aching chewing, the fizzy hit was worth the while. Talk about sharp though!

  53. lorraine polley says:

    good old fashioned retro sweets, u cant beat a good chewy sweet, cost a little bit more now than when i woz a kid, a looooonng time ago, but worth every penny!

  54. Danielle Vedmore says:

    I love them because they remind me of being little and going the shop with my mum and pestering her for them and parma violets, black jacks, fruit salad and drum stick lollypops. Still love them now. Just had a pack of parma violets! xoxo

  55. Janine Atkin says:

    i love the way refreshers get stuck in your teeth and you can enjoy them for a good half hour after while your digging them out!

  56. lexy law says:

    i love the zing of these sweets, yummy my earliest retro sweet memory was when i dropped a rather melted wham! bar on the dog he was eating it off his back for hours!

  57. LISA says:

    I love them as they taste soo fruity than yumm they change flavor from being fruity to zingy in seconds, soo tasty who wouldnt love them 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  58. Emma Lowe says:

    oh i remember these sweets. not sure how old i was but i remember being on my bike chewing one of these when my tooth came out. the sherbet in the middle used to make my face screw up, but i loved them.

  59. Hannah Whitling says:

    I remember these from my childhood, absolutely loved them, and liked the refresher bar that came out almost as much. Havent had any for a few years now and i would love to have some again, and go back to the days of fun and worry-free times. They’re just great sweets that surely no one can dislike.

  60. DENISE CROSS says:

    My kids love it when I have a Refresher because when I hit the sherbet inside my face takes on a mind of its own and I can’t help pulling the most ridiculous faces which makes them laugh which in turn makes me laugh!

  61. Courtnie says:

    I love refreshers! Chewbz sweets you know me from facebook! how i love sweets and i havent won !! My friends have and i love your sweets PLEASE LET ME WIN! I would love to win.. Ive shared your page and everything! WE <3 CHEWBZ SWEETS!

  62. emma kinsey says:

    i remeber flying saucers used to love them would love to try refreshers again use to buy them off the mobile sweet van

  63. Courtnie says:

    I want tooo Win!<3 I really LOVE YOUR SWEETS! ive never one before! it would be amazing BECAUSE i love SWEETS! and my family does!!!!!! PLEASE!<3<3<3<3

  64. Julie Hogg says:

    When we were kids every single time we come out of the swimming baths we use to buy these… when they were a lot bigger, well seemed a lot bigger :)… we used to have competitions to see who could get the most into their mouths, I used to win hands down everytime, I suppose a combination of loving these along with having a big mouth helps 🙂 xx

  65. Agata says:

    Refreshers are like good old wine. Perfect while they last and will keep you smile every time you think about them later on. They will bring back great memories.

  66. Linda Guest says:

    OMG Refreshers take me back to a school trip to Chester zoo. I spent all my dinner money on them and they lasted me all day!!!

  67. Nick Hopkins says:

    I love Refreshers because I have fond memories of eating them with my brothers when I was a kid.

  68. Teresa Measures says:

    I remember it taking ages to get the wrapper off them the sweet and fizzy taste and how my jaw used to ache from chewing but it never stopped going back for more, those were the days!

  69. sue willshee says:

    Oooh I loved refreshers! I also loved fruit salad and black jacks. I can remember being able to get 4 sweets for a penny instead of paying a fortune for each single sweet. Ah the good old days…but I think that over the years I’ve paid tenfold for the ability to get cheap sweets …my dentist bills are astronomical! 🙂

  70. Suzanne Roberts says:

    I loved Refreshers as a kid and ate lots of them. I’m in my 40’s now and my kids love them also. I often give them to my kids as a treat for good behaviour. 🙂

  71. sara guy says:

    I love refreshers. I love the way my eyes go all funny when the sherbert escapes onto your tongue. My day and my son also love them. I think my addiction to them might be hereditary.

  72. Huuto panda says:

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  73. Beverley Keenan says:

    The refresher experience makes tastebuds tingle, sweetness and juicy and flavours mingle.

  74. Fran Light says:

    My favourite retro sweet memory was my Dad buying my sister and I liquorice fountains and promptly swiping the liquorice stick out of them to eat himself! Neither of us ‘girls’ can stand liquorice but we loved sherbert, so it was a cunning move on his part … but we didn’t mind because eating sherbert with our fingers was fun, messy, but fun!

  75. Rikka Borston says:

    I would love to win this, so I can enjoy them while I still have a few teeth left.

  76. georgina sudron says:

    Refreshers remind me when i was younger and i used to love the taste of the fizz and the zing wonderful and they were very tasty too they were the kind of sweet what gives me comfort and when i was bored i used to like to go the shop and buy some and it used to keep me content

  77. clare parker says:

    I am addicted to refreshers and still buy them today, i buy them for the kids but i end up eating most of them once you start you cant part love em.

  78. Hannah Jeffery says:

    Haha, intsant memory of my sister trying to impress a boy at school, she was casually chewing on one of these and flew into a coughing fit as she sucked the sherbert too hard! I’m such a cruel sibling I laughed so hard I actually let out a small bit of wee! This in turn took the attention away from my sister’s faux pas and scored her a date!

  79. Margaret says:

    Mmm refreshers. I used to love buying my 10p mix and getting a refresher chew in it. They seemed soooo much bigger than the other chews like black jacks and fruit salads, and nothing matched that tongue-tingling sherbet (although I mst admit Wham bars come a close second!)

  80. ROY PEPWORTH says:

    I used to own a sweetshop with a very good childrens range of sweets and one of our top sellers was refreshers both in tablet and chews. JUST CHEW ON THAT

  81. debbie says:

    Aw there was nothing like the fizzy burst of these gorgeous chews while watching ‘Valley of the Dinosaurs’ after school with my sisters.

  82. dee young says:

    i love refreshers as they remind me of my childhood, even now when i take my 2 daughters to the shop I cant resist and buy some. My kids used to ask what they were and I let them try them and now they love them too!!

  83. Adrian Clarke says:

    I used to drop some into a glass of lemonade and watch the glass fizz over. Then i would gulp the sickley Juice & still have the chew of chews to eat at the end , although they used to go a bit brittle after spending half hour in cold lemonade!
    Happy days!

  84. Laura Carroll says:

    I used to get Refreshers as I reward if I had kept quiet during church! 🙂 Love them, they’re the sort of sweet where you really KNOW you’re eating a sweet, they have such an awesomely tangy taste, not like some of the lesser sweets which can be insipid!

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  86. Steve says:

    The long sultry summer days of my youth, a long bike ride in the country, relaxing beside beside a stream and chewing Refreshers to give me the energy boost to get back home for tea, how I wish I was young again

  87. Sean Maguire says:

    I just love the fresh zingy taste. They remind me of Fridays as a young boy. You get your pocket money and run to the nearest sweet shop…Stock up on flavours but eat them all within the hour !!!

  88. Elizabeth Murray says:

    Retro from the get-go and chewy to the max. As my mom always said, ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts!’. Refresher Chews are jaw-achingly great!

  89. Nadia Mitab says:

    Just seeing that familiar yellow and blue design makes me smile and take a trip down memeory lane 🙂 I loved to buy refreshers when I was little from the corner shop with all my pennies that I saved up during the week, simpler times x

  90. Roo Black says:

    I like refreshers because….. my mothers maiden name was refresher, so I guess I have some sort of natural affintity with them. And if I was to win them, it would be kind of like they were coming back to a loving home!

  91. Jeremy Andrews says:

    Refreshers refresh my mouth and memory at the same time. I have great childhood memories of collecting glass coke bottles around the park and trading them in for refreshers at the park sweet shop. On a good Saturday I could get over 10.

  92. Arthur Wilson says:

    Its often said the summers where longer and the sweets were bigger and maybe maybe that is true. But the sweets of my childhood tasted great and to be honest still do

  93. Meryl Rees says:

    I remember I used to have a ‘Ten Pence Mix’ from the shop and most things were half pence, but these huge refreshers were 1p. I always chose one though, they lasted in my mouth for ages and ages!! I love childhood sweeties 🙂

  94. Lesley Wright says:

    Just seeing the blue and yellow wrapper makes me smile and takes me back to my childhood, you always felt you were getting lots for your money because they lasted ages,I am 60 and dont remember a time when there were no refreshers. My grandchildren now like them as well

  95. Joanne Hover says:

    They remind me of being at boarding school and I was always very homesick. Our treat was to take our ‘pocket money’ and go to the tuck shop where I would always zoom in on the refreshers!! It was one of my sunny moments in some unhappy times.

  96. Joany says:

    I remember when I was a kid, my friends and I used to have competitions to see who could finish a refresher without chewing. The tingling on the tongue was unforgettable and I never did win.

  97. Gareth says:

    I love the memories of the sweet chewiness before the hit of the sharp sherbert. Then trying to prize your jaw apart again :-[]

  98. aisha says:

    they remind me of when i was younger and my mum used to come home with big bags full of them , we never had a day where they were not in the cupboard

  99. NIGELWV says:

    Who needs Botox when you can have refreshers! At Christmas I was given an alternative selection box, full of retro sweets, my face hurt for days after hours of chewing and fizzing,and contortionist face pulling. What a refreshing change from chocolate

  100. Kristy Brown says:

    I love the way you chew them until the insides come out and you pull a funny face as the sherbet hits ur tongue….then you spend the next 10 mins chewing the rest of the sweet and picking it off ur teeth 😉

  101. LORRAINE MALPAS says:

    loved them as a kid – now i buy them as an excuse that they are for my grandaughters – but they don’t get much of a look in – lost count the amount of times i have lost a filling chewing them – but cant resist them – still love them the taste is irresistable – yummy x

  102. mellissa williams says:

    A fruity, fresh and tasty sweet on the tongue,
    Refreshers makes me feel forever young.
    Bringing back memories of my walks home from school,
    The thought of buying 10 pence worth,
    Would make me happy and drool.
    It’s a sticky, chewy, yummy sweet,
    Trying to eat it without chewing,
    If you can that’s some feat.
    So Refreshers thanks for reminding me of my childhood
    Now I buy them for my son as they taste so good!

  103. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Ohhhh….these take me back to my childhood!

    We used old pennies – 240 of them made £1 – and sixpence got me a fab bag of sweets which always included these little treasures 🙂

  104. hayley says:

    well i love refreshers cos they are refreshingly refreshing when ya feeling a little too mumsy and want to remember the younger years they are fab fab fab x x

  105. Claire Phillips says:

    I just love these sherbety chews…remind me of when I was a kid and could buy them for 1p from the corner shop

  106. susan hancox says:

    Oh My Goodness, this sweet brings so many memories of my childhood/
    Going to the shop on pocket money day, carefully unwrapping so the sherbet didn’t spill (didn’t want to waste anything). and your jaw aching from chewing too many lol

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