Retro sweet of the week

Another week is here, which means it’s time for a brand new Retro sweet of the week and your chance to get your sticky fingers on some free Chewbz goodies!

This weeks prize is a real retro treat, that all you bubble-blowing fans are going to love!

Large Bubblegum Machine

It’s our totally cool, Bubblegum Machine!

How sweet do these look? We’re currently a little bit obsessed with the one we have in the Chewbz office, and love giving the handle a quick turn whenever we go to use the printer!

If you want to make your desk the most popular around, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell us why you’d love to win this Bubblegum Machine. We’ll even throw in an extra Tub of Bubblegum Balls, so you’ll be in bubbles for ages!

The competition will close next Monday the 27th February at 9am, so just make sure you comment before then!


A huge thank you for all your brilliant comments, fantastic Chewbz fans. We wish we could send you ALL a Bubblegum Machine, but our favourite comments this week were from:

Liz Turnbull
Roo Black
Rebecca Curnow

Liz TurnbullShriyaRoo Black and Rebecca Curnow. Congratulations guys!  You should have all received your Bubblegum Machines by now so we hope they have taken pride of place on your desks ;).

164 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. anna smith says:

    im sure my sister would love this! especially after being ill the last week of term and for her birthday this would definitley cheer her up! now shes almost munched her way through her valentines day sweets!

  2. Joel Derkacz says:

    I had one of these as a child and in recent weeks my childhood home has unfortunately been raised to the ground, destroying much of the contents. Would be a great boost for me and my personal memories.

  3. Katie Mackenzie says:

    They take me back ^_^ I had 1 similar when I was young…. My son would like this, mind you so would I lol x x

  4. Danielle Vedmore @tinkertink2010 says:

    I would love to win because I want to see the bubblegum balls go round and round!!! Plus I looooove chewies!!! xoxo

  5. Cher Waite says:

    So I could have a bubble blow off with my boyfriend, I officially rule at the art of blowing bubbles so it would be a certain victory for me, the choddy queen!

  6. chris miles says:

    I’d love to win this bubblegum machine because it would brighten up my office and I’ll be able to blow bubbles to distracted myself from work! lol x

  7. Ally says:

    Always a treat to put some money in one of these when i was little – used to try to guess what colour you would get 🙂

  8. kelly o'neill says:

    I think I deserve these sweets as my brother’s girlfriend is giving birth to my first neice as I type! I’m trying to find things to keep me occupied while I wait for news, im on tenterhooks! I’m so proud of them both! Xxx

  9. Carrie Nugent says:

    Awesome! I know a lovely little lad who deserves one of these! Great giveaway! 🙂 xxx Happy Wednesday!

  10. Carrie Nugent says:

    My posts keep disappearing so pls excuse if you get two! I would love to win one of these for my little boy. His name is Jordy, he’s utterly gorgeous but has been so poorly for a good two weeks now, missed all of his half-term being stuck in bed, this would make his day! Pls delete other post if it appears! Not trying to enter twice! xxx

  11. Rebecca Coyne says:

    I would love to win the bubble gum machine for unconventional reasons
    Everyone loves bubblegum, its perfect in all seasons
    But I want to win so it can adorn the table at my wedding party
    To make my buffet look really quite arty
    The guests will all love to help themselves to these sweets
    And with an extra tub, there will be plenty of treats
    I think it would look good and cause plenty to chat
    “wow look at that bubblegum machine where did you get that”

  12. Chelsea Butler says:

    OMG, I would love to win this, I am currently studying really hard so that I can get into University, I know that this would help me massively.

    I spend around 16 hours a day studying, you dont know just how much this would help me,so long as i can keep my dad away from it.

  13. JOHAMER says:

    My middle sister used to have one of these and used it as her money box. I found a way of opening the machine and pinching all the bubblegums without having to pay any money in , it was wicked of me but i did love doing it

  14. Mel Chambers says:

    I’d love this because it’s fun and funky – and I could use it to bribe my kids (do this for me and you can have a go on my bubblegum machine…)

  15. Abbie Hardman says:

    Well my partner would like to answer this on my behalf…..
    Please let my girlfriend win then i might get some peace and quiet whilst she is busy chewing!

  16. Emma Gallagher says:

    This is like me very retro! I have a jellybean dispenser but would love a bubblegum one to match!!

  17. Jean Bolsover says:

    I remember these! You’d put your money in & hopefully the colour you wanted would come out. I’d always end up with the one i didn’t want, but it didn’t stop me chewing it!

  18. James Allford says:

    I would love this as I have just spent 6weeks recovering a foot operation and I have just had my braces taken out so it would be a nice treat, another point i love your sweets and I buy some for most ocations thank you it’s a great little machine and I have always wanted one and I will have to keep comeing back to refill it

  19. Gemma says:

    OH WOW! I remember this from my childhood and haven’t seen one in years. It takes me right back to when times were good. I would love to win this for me and my brother and rekindle our memories when we used to have these. I remember we were allowed one after dinner if we were good. Would definately make my day if i won this.

  20. Kristy Brown says:

    Ohhh fantastic, they put one of these outside the flats where we lived in Germany last year!! Didn’t take the kids long to try and break into it!
    I would love to win this as I am trying to stop smoking and find that chewing takes my mind of the need to smoke!!

  21. Kirsty Fox says:

    I should win because I love Bubbleguma and if I feed enough of them to my husband maybe it will stop him talking, lol!!

  22. Liz Turnbull says:

    Pick me, please pick me! I would love to have this on my desk as I love bubblegum – I have promised my team I will tidy my desk if I win and as a chatterbox in an open-plan office chewing bubblegum keeps me quiet : )

  23. Arabella Bazley says:

    Someone has to save you!!! Chewing gum and bubblegum are not suited to a lady but I am sure with a great deal of personal self-sacrifice I could work my way through the contents then refill it with more wholesome gobstoppers 😉 xxx

  24. Lisa Waugh says:

    I would love to win this bubble gum machine for my hubby who is a sweetaholic!! He eats sweets everyday. Its our 13th wedding anniversary on the day you do the draw so i would love to tell him about my win if i am lucky!!

  25. Shriya says:

    Well , firstly I LOVE SWEEEEETS 😀 !!!! and i love bubble gum , i think it will be a yummy treat and a cool thing !!!!!! I AM OBSSSEEEEDDD WITH SWEEETS EPISCALLY BUBBLE GUM 😛 I love the chewing in my mouth and the differet colours and the machine is like EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! swirling down and straight into my mouth !!!!!GO BUBBLE GUM , GO GO GO , BUBBLE GUMMM , GO BUBBLE GUMMMMMM YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Abi Woodyear says:

    I love the look of this bubblegum dispenser. It would brighten up my office desk a treat and share it with my work mates. On the other hand it would look great in my lounge – Choices, choices 🙂

  27. laura banks says:

    i love bubblegum i always remember when i was younger my mum used to never let me have it this is so cool would look lovely in my living room

  28. Sally Smith says:

    I’d love to win this – it’s something I always dereamed of having when I was a kid, so it’d be a dream come true!

  29. Shriya says:

    Well , firstly I LOVE SWEEEEETS !!!! and i love bubble gum , i think it will be a yummy treat and a cool thing !!!!!! I AM OBSSSEEEEDDD WITH SWEEETS EPISCALLY BUBBLE GUM I love the chewing in my mouth and the differet colours and the machine is like EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! swirling down and straight into my mouth !!!!!GO BUBBLE GUM , GO GO GO , BUBBLE GUMMM , GO BUBBLE GUMMMMMM YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love these sweets and when i was small i always eats these chewysweeets YUMMMMY YUMMMM IN MY TUMMMMY

  30. Elizabeth Murray says:

    I love to live life in a BUBBLE, when you get ROUND to it, ‘CHEWS’ me. It will BLOW me away and I’ll have a BALL with this fab retro bubblegum machine!!!

  31. trevor griffiths says:

    All those stories I was told as a kid about swallowing ,I’m now advanced in years, were untrue and it would be lovely to have gum on tap as it were.

  32. don erwood says:

    you gotta love a bit of retro chewyness. why chew on the end of a pen when you can chew on one of these lil beauties? Grand stuff..

  33. Salma Hussain says:

    It’s my 23rd birthday this Friday, and I was feeling abit depressed and old before my time; but winning these would take me right back to my childhood when i used to save my pennies patiently to buy these, then make them last as long as possible! 🙂

  34. Laura Carroll says:

    My husband is a mature student and I’m currently bringing him lots of cups of tea and sweet things to encourage him with his coursework and revision! I’d love to be able to bring him the occasional bubblegum as he loves it and it would definitely cheer him up – plus, if he’s too busy chewing, he won’t be able to complain about how hard the work is! 🙂

  35. Maya Russell says:

    I’d love this bubblegum machine because it would sure impress my boss. I might even get a promotion.

    (Sweet Shop Assistant)

  36. emma brown says:

    i would just love love love to win just so i can be a cool mummy lol my kids would do anything i asked as long as i keep the balls rolling lol

  37. Amy Wood says:

    Who wouldn’t love this!!! theres nothing better than seeing who can blow the biggest bubbles or adding more and more pieces every time the flavor starts to fade! reminds me of when I was younger

  38. Roo Black says:

    Well, I would like the bubble gum machine because….. I am some what of a bubble gum maistro, world champion bubble blower infact!! Another thing you might be interested in is that when I was at school they used to call me Ross ‘the bubbles’ Black, and sometimes just called me pop for short. Probably because of the sound my bubble gum made, but I like to think it was just because I was popular!! 8D

  39. Beverley Keenan says:

    The best by gum, beyond compare, flavours to savour anywhere. It’s all GUM in the best possible taste!

  40. corin phillips says:

    hi i have 4 chilcdren, a bubblegum machine would be heaven in our house it would give us some well deserved peace and quite.

  41. Louise says:

    If I was to win, it could be troublesome,
    my desk laden with all that gorgeous bubblegum,
    people would stare, they may sit nearer,
    surely they’d notice, it would become clearer,
    they could discover I’m not actually working,
    I’m posting comments and downright shirking,
    Oh the dilemma and confusion of what to do,
    I’ll leave it in your hands it’s up to you!

  42. KIERAN WALSH says:

    hi, great comp, why would i love to win? well with a great prize like this, why not?, its retro smart, and full of lovelybubble gum

  43. Stacey Rowe says:

    I’m always telling my sister she’s full of hot air and her mouth never stops going! This would be a great way of putting her excess air to good use and keeping her quiet for a while, plus the bubblegum might make her breath smell a bit nicer…to say she’s fan of spicy food would be an understatement! So we would all benefit from this prize!

  44. keith mitchell says:

    I would let my kids chew on these until their jaws ached….what a wonderfully peaceful time i would have….aaahhhhh

  45. Greig spencer says:

    LOVE TO WIN as i looooe sweeties

    and i would share with my work so we can all stop bickering and start eating sweets instead

  46. Adam Lines says:

    This would bring back so many memories for my mum when she was a kid. I remember she always used to tell me how she’d go down to the shop with her friends and get bubblegum from one of these machines. Would love to see the look on her face if I one day gave her one. 🙂

  47. Sheryl Anson says:

    My think bubble is thinking bubbles, chewing bubbles and blowing bubbles. Please don’t burst my bubble!

  48. helen rhoads says:

    i would love this would make me feel like a kid again looks great fun,would have to hide it from the kids!

  49. Susan Ellams says:

    Because it looks so colorful and will certainly brighten up our office, Better than a plant any day.

  50. JANE says:

    I want to win these because like you said I want to make my desk the most populist around to be honest I never take anything in to work for the others to share with me but if i won this I would share with all my office mates so let the bubble see the gum.

  51. Mark Whittaker says:

    Retro, what do you mean retro, Im old enough to remember them first time round. Help me relive my mis-spent youth !

  52. Janine Davies says:

    I’d love to win would really brighten up my desk at work and make all my friends and work colleagues jealous!!!

  53. Glyn B says:

    When I was a kid you could get bubble gums 2 for a penny.

    Ah those were the days…could you bring them back for me with this?

  54. Pauline Wilson says:

    I would love to win this for my 7 year old daughter, she has always wanted one of these but I don’t know where to buy them. I’m sure I would like a go of it too! I would keep it for her birthday in April as an extra surprise

  55. lorraine polley says:

    i’d love to win this for my kids, although they are 26,24,23,and 20, i could do with a bit of peace and quiet!!!! please let me win, at least they would all be chewing at the same time

  56. Ange Hook says:

    There’s just something about watching those little bubblegum balls dropping down the tube and wondering what colour you’re going to get!

  57. donna lewis says:

    I can pretend it’s from Willie Wonka and guess which flavour I’ll get next,
    Beef and Yorkshires or maybe Chicken Soup or maybe even fruit salad.

  58. Laura Williams says:

    I’d love to win this bubblegum machine because I have 6 children, and the bright funky bubblegum machine would have my kids in awe.. It would have pride of place (high up of course so couldn’t be reached by kiddy hands!) and I could use it to make them do some jobs for me… “if you tidy your room, you can have a bubblegum from the super duper machine!” I reckon this could work!!!! 🙂

  59. Sally Hatton says:

    I’m stuck all by myself in a pokey little office and rarely get to see anyone. I reckon with this on my desk everybody will want to come to see me and it will certainly brighten the place up.

  60. SUSAN HALL says:

    It would be so useful in my office as with my colleagues and tradesmen in and out all the time it is very noisy so some bubble gum may quieten it down a bit!

  61. Sarah clarkson says:

    I would really love to win this so I could give it to my hubby…… Then whiles he is busy chewing I could eat the sweets I have just ordered for him 😉 yummy hehe

  62. Natalie Mitchell says:

    Ooh I would love this! I’m a fan of all things fun and funky so this would suit me down to the ground! My fella would appreciate it too as it would shut me up for a while. Thanks for the awesome comp! 😀

  63. Andrea Johnson says:

    My little boy bought one with his Christmas money and was so happy. It then broke a few weeks later :'( He was devastated as he’d wanted one for ages. We’d only just let him start eating bubblegum too. He’d love a replacement.

  64. Tracy Grant says:

    WOW, I’d so love a bubble gum machine, they remind me of being a child, only they were much bigger, I remember standing starring lovingly at the brightly coloured balls, mom wouldn’t let me have bubbly gum, every now and then dad would get me one, without mom knowing, if I had a bubble gum machine now, I could help myself, probably still feel like a naughty girl getting one, looking over my shoulder if mom was watching LOL

  65. Sue Tanner says:

    I would love to win this bubble gum machine as a present for my eldest grandson as he is bubblegum mad

  66. Patricia Edwards says:

    Going camping with biker mates this year, would love to see their faces if this was placed on the camping table. Love it

  67. Ally Edwards says:

    I’d love to win a Bubblegum Machine because I’m such a bubbly personality, I’m forever blowing bubbles!

  68. kelly o'neill says:

    Just a follow up from my first post, I am now the proud auntie of a very beautiful little girl Lily-Mae born 8lb 3oz xxx

  69. Matt says:

    Great memories of sweet shops in the 80s – plus my nephew and nieces would love it. Really hope I win this.

  70. Susan Law says:

    Always wanted one of these as a child – now I’m a grown up I would love to have this in the house for my children

  71. Tracy Hanley says:

    love these machines , we all like to see who can blow the biggest bubbles so havent a surply of bubble gum would be great , i might even win the biggest bubble blowing 🙂

  72. Lesley Bain says:

    These are so fun!!! I’ve never had one of my very own before, and would love to have this in the kitchen for me and my kids….I wonder who would get sore jaws first! 😀

  73. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Bubble gum brings back memories of my little dog Trudy who has long since gone to doggy heaven.She rolled in some gum at the park one time and we had to clip all her fur.She looked very funny with her furry little head and bald body.

  74. Julie Hogg says:

    I would love to win this as it takes me back to when I was a kid getting these in your 10 pence mix ups… well when 10p mix up meant loads of sweets not like now lol, so fingers crossed x

  75. Sandy Goodson says:

    Chewing’s my name, chewing’s my game. Chewbz is the answer. Bubblegum’s my aim!

    Thanks nom nom!

  76. Jenny Barker says:

    Need a supply of bubble gum as my son is trying to learn to blow bubbles and its the most funny thing you have ever seen the faces he pulls and bubblegum flying all over the place :0)xx

  77. Sheri Darby says:

    I’d love to win this – it would be so cool
    Til the bubbles burst on my face and I look a fool!!

  78. Alexandra says:

    I’m getting my braces off after 3 looong years, and am looking forward to being able to chew bubblegum again! Help a gal out! 😉

  79. Jackie Foster says:

    When I was a small girl on my way to school one day I put a penny (old one , it was a long time ago!)into a bubblegum machine outside a shop , The flap got stuck open and there was an avalanche of Bubblegum tumbling out, I quickly lifted my skirt to catch them and then ran off to school to share them with my friends !!! I always feel dreadfully guilty when i think of it now but at the time i just thought it was my lucky day !

  80. Lauren Purdy says:

    I LOVE these, reminds me of when I was younger. If I won one I’d defo take it to work, I’m sure it would make everyone very happy :O)

  81. Lynne Ducker says:

    I would love to win this bubblegum machine for my son so that he can take it back his yellow themed room at uni and then he can share it with his friends whilst they write their assignments.

  82. Nicholas Wojdylo says:

    I had one of these when I was younger and it broke!!! I was gutted. Would bring back some good memories if I won this!!!!

  83. Sian Borrill says:

    I would love to win this because I love bubblegum and it also looks so retro and would look really cool in my room 🙂 x

  84. Sarah clarkson says:

    I would love to win this to give it to my hubby so I could eat all the sweets I have just ordered for him as he was chewing these 😉

  85. Andrew Cakebread says:

    I love blowing bubbles despite the annoyingn sensation of peeling it off afterwards, this would bring many hours of blowing fun it would be great to win it

  86. Nickie Chapman says:

    My office is completely away from everyone else’s, it’s not on the way to anything – there’s not even a window. I’d love to have something to entice more people to come and visit me! 😉

  87. jalila djelassi says:

    my kids would love this!. they are a tiny bit bubble gum mad, it drives my sister mad when they all sit chewing in her ear. my mum says they look like a field of cows chewing grass! haha

  88. Laura G says:

    I’d love a bubblegum machine because I’ve never been able to blow bubbles and it would give me an opportunity to practice daily and brush up on my bubble-blowing skills (plus it’s really cute!)

  89. CLAIRE DAVEY says:


  90. Hannah Whitling says:

    Remember wanting one as a child, would still like one now having seen it again, lots of bubble blowing!

  91. Nicola Marie Reynolds says:

    I’d love to win because I’ve always wanted one since I was a kid, and never got one *boo*

  92. Lloyd Treadwell says:

    Well as my nepwhew for his sins is a West Ham fan, he’s forever blowing bubbles and this will help in two ways, 1) to allow to keep blowing bubbles with the gum and 2) to give us a break for his constant chatter about his beloved team.

  93. Althea morgan says:

    Everyone at work is always asking me for gum, so I’ll have a supply and they can help themselves!

  94. Micah Horton says:

    The bubblegum machine should be mine,
    It would help to take me back in time,
    To when I was a child blowing bubbles,
    And getting sticky, and dirty and in all sorts of trouble!! 🙂

  95. Rebecca Curnow says:

    I would reward my-self with a bubblegum treat every time I finish a piece of uni work… or maybe give the handle a cheeky turn every 500 words (though 100 words would be sufficient right?)…. Who knows, the chewing/blowing bubbles process could inspire my work. Retro sweets are definitely brain food! 😉

  96. sarah clarkson says:

    i would love to win this so that i could give it to my hubby…… then whiles he is chewing away i could sneakily eat the sweets i have just ordered for him for our wedding anniversary on monday 🙂

  97. Leslie says:

    When I was little and had bubblegum I used to have to hide from my mum as she hated me chewing gum as I got it everywhere (hair, clothes, bed etc etc) I would love 1 of these to remind me of my childhood 🙂

  98. Shriya says:

    OMG !!!!!!

    POP IT , POP IT ,

  99. appyouse says:

    THE retro sweet of all sweets,
    we all wanted to chew,
    but were never allowed as it wouldn’t do,
    but we all tried to sneak when our parents weren’t looking
    until they’d find our gum stuck to our beds – whilst we were znooking !! z z z z z z z

    But to own a machine to produce our own bubble gum
    would be amazing to think we could be ,once again, chewing yum !!!!!

  100. Reece Precious says:

    I love to log in to retro sweets,
    I yearn to ogle at the treats.
    And the new Chewbz bubblegum machine,
    Leaves my kids ever so keen.
    They’ll blow and blow and just wont stop,
    Until at the end it will all go POP!

  101. isobelle forde says:

    I would love this for my family on card night, (Im always the banker)! so when we play Fish, Blackjack, 21 or Poker we could maybe let the penny pot accumulate and use Bubblegum balls as collateral!

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