Retro sweet of the week

We’re spoiling you this week with a real sweetshop classic for you to win!

If these are as popular with all you Chewbz fans, as they are with us here in the office, then we think you are going to love our choice …

Strawberry Bon Bon copy

It’s the iconic Strawberry Bon Bon!

HOW much do you all love these?! We just can’t get enough of the Bon Bons dusty shell and how it turns into such chewy deliciousness!

We love ’em so much, that they just had to go into our brand new Luscious Love Box (because they are pink and just so sweet, obviously!).

Fancy winning a jar?

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell us how much you love Strawberry Bon Bons. We will then vote for our favourite comment here at retro sweet towers, and our favourite will win the jar!

Make sure you leave your comment before 9am on Monday 6th February.

107 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. Rebecca Coyne says:

    bon bons…now there’s a brilliant choice for sweet of the week. I love all bon bons but especially the strawberry ones. Love how when you first tried a bon bon they were so completely not what you expected. so soft and chewy and full of flavour. Yum

  2. carol coldicott-stirmey says:

    I love them so much,if I do not get sent some for making this comment, then it won’t just be a raspberry fart in your direction,as I will follow through! To hold back the raspberries,send me the strawberries!

  3. Denise Blythe says:

    Strawberry Bon Bons take me back to the old fashion sweet shops with jars and jars of sweeties all lined up on the shelves, so many to pick from but Strawberry Bon Bons we’re our top favourite, I think it was the powery sweet strawberry taste as you popped them in your mouth – Mmmmm! I can taste it now! Lovely!

  4. Ally says:

    Scrumtastic! Always got caught red-handed eating these sweets – impossible not to leave any evidence behind 🙂

  5. Jane Delaney says:

    I love Strawberry Bon Bons are they are also my sister’s favourite sweets – so much so that she’s nicknamed Bon Bon!

  6. Mel Chambers says:

    I Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve them … Lots!

  7. jenny sewter-white says:

    I love strawberry bob bons soooo much, used to eat them all the time when i was a kid and now when i have them it makes me think back to the good old days when i was young and carefree! They taste so good and are really juicy!!

  8. Bethan says:

    I love them,
    My brother loves them,
    My mum loves them,
    My dad loves them…

    …but I will eat them ALL!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jean Bolsover says:

    Cor! These take me back! I preferred the strawberry one to the lemon ones. But i’d eat them both anyway!

  10. kristy rogers says:

    Bon bons are yummy bon bons are cool, they were my favourite sweet back in the days of school
    Lemon was bitter, strawberry sweet, both chewy inside my most favourite sweet.

  11. Sarah Cooper says:

    I love them because they remind me of my childhood when I used to get a Pick N Mix from Woolies. Bliss!

  12. LISA says:

    MMMM yumm, these are my fav sweets of all time
    they taste soo good my mouth is watering just thinking about them
    I would eat them every day if i could 🙂

  13. Louise MacGregor says:

    When I was just a child,
    Hungry, lost, sans vocation,
    The thought of these made me wild,
    Months of despertae delectation,
    A heavenly mix of guilty hands,
    Smeared with white-pink dust,
    And then the months of half-formed plans,
    “I must have them, I must, I must!”
    A centre that melts under my tongue,
    I innocently widen my eyes,
    Look, I wrote a poem about some,
    Please let me win this prize!

  14. Katy says:

    Frankly: me and a jar of Strawberry Bon Bons? I give it five seconds until they’re all Gon Gons! 😉 Mmm… Yom Yoms! (Okay, I’ll stop now, I promise!)

  15. Joanne Harrison says:

    Gotta say there’s really not many sweets i don’t like. Actually now i’ve come to think about it there’s none…HOWEVER bonbons are without a doubt the creme de la creme of all sweeties! omnomnom…

  16. audrey halliday says:

    Strawberry Bon Bons, remind me of going to school, We had a half hour walk and either my friend and I took it in turn to buy these from the shop at the top of the hill to eat on the walk.

  17. Alana says:

    I love Strawberry bon bons because strawberry is my favourite flavour – and it’s my nickname! They’d be great arranged in a heart shape on top of a chocolate cake to give to my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

  18. NICOLA T says:

    Haven’t had bon bons for years. Used to last for ages and i used to like the chewy bit in the centre.

  19. AMANDA says:

    Delicious, fantastic choice, they are one of my favourite child hood memories and last for ages. yum Yum

  20. Genevieve says:

    BON BONS! so good they named them twice 🙂 I love them lots, they remind me of walking home from school with my grannie, she would always have a bag in her pocket.

  21. Erin says:

    I used to eat so many bonbons that I’d end up with sores in my inner cheeks.
    I love them so much, I cannot stop when I start !

  22. emma kinsey says:

    bon bons are my fave
    they get me through the day
    strawberry flavour are the best so let me win the rest

  23. KIERAN WALSH says:

    my Aunt, use to bring me home, a big a bag, from woolworths, were she worked every friday (pay day), such lovely childhood memories, now i know why im cuddly, thanks for comp

  24. Sylvia Witham says:

    Pop them in your mouth
    And the hard dusted shell
    Turns to soft chewiness
    I remember well
    I love this strawberry bonbon
    And I love all the rest
    But of all the sweets you sell
    Bonbons are among the best

  25. michelle beatty says:

    i love strawberry bonbons so much
    that i’d fight for them like a gangster
    then i’d shove them all in my mouth at once
    and end up looking like a hamster ;O) xxx

  26. Hannah Jeffery says:

    I love bon bons, I used to be quite good a French in school and the always remembered the word for good by visualising a sweet bon-bon!! my mum even bought me a pack for passing my GCSEs, what a legend! 🙂

  27. tracey belcher says:

    I love chocolate but I love Strawberry Bonbons more
    I can not resist them when I pass a sweetie store
    To prove how much I love them I would give away for free
    That Golden Ticket that I found to Willy Wonka’s factory

  28. sarah lee says:

    I would love these strawberry bonbons as they remind me of when i was about 8 years old at school-my best friend used to buy them and give me some as we dawdled our way home from school!

  29. kim mayhead says:

    I love Strawberry Bons ! I have’nt had them for years. I forgot about the icing sugar at the beginning and then when that melts, you’re left with the chewy sweet that makes your mouth water so much YUM !!!!!

  30. Janine Atkin says:

    yummy, and if i did win these, the family can forget any fanatsies about sharing. not happening. the strawberry jar of heaven is for my taste buds only

  31. linda curtis says:

    i love them as i love the way the sherbet melts on your toung and they remind me of when i was little we could by a little bag of them for six pence and the would get weighed out from a massive jar good memories

  32. Karen says:

    Occasionally my Mum would take me to an old fashioned sweet shop near the cinema in Barrow in Furness and generally after staring at all the gynormous jars on the shelves around the shop, I would choose a quarter of Strawberry Bonbons. I loved the colour of them, the icing sugar dusty coating and the wonderful chewiness of the centre!

  33. joanne hassall says:

    always used to get a quarter of bon bons sneakily eat them in class then when the teacher asked me a question i couldnt answer cos my teeth was stuck together….ahh good old days lol

  34. Joanna Moran says:

    I love them so much – funnily enough my local sweetshop was called The Bon Bon so my mum always bought them for me whenever we went in there! x:)

  35. kerry sharpe says:

    They are my ultimate favourite, so chewy and tasty. The strawberry ones are DEFINITELY better than ordinary or lemon ones as they are lipsmackingly delicious

  36. Araminta Brown says:

    Bonbons are heaven. The perfect mixture of sweet powderiness and chewy inside. They were 23p a quarter from the corner shop and they will forever remind me of sitting on the swings in the sunshine with my pink stripy paper bag full of bonbon goodness.

    Bonbon means “goodgood” and could not be more aptly named!

  37. Danielle Quin says:

    Overly tasty
    Nearly perfect
    That is why i love them!!!

  38. Samantha Ripley says:

    remind me of my youth, my sister used to buy these with her pocket money and i used to pinch them hehe

  39. Andrew Brown says:

    I would so love eating these delicous sweets , I would share the sweetness with my sweetness because she also loves Bon Bon’s .

  40. Teresa Sheldon says:

    Strawberry bonbons are my all time favorite sweets from my childhood, every friday I use to get a quater out of my pocket money, oh happy care free days, there seemed to be loads in a quater then

  41. Rachel Jones says:

    How well I remember this lovely sucky sweets. After school dinner we used to run over the road to the little sweet shop where all the sweets were lined up in big jars in the window and along the shop walls. I can taste that strawberry bon bon in my mouth right now. yum

  42. sam mcgrail says:

    Always a little dissappointed when the icing sugar melted away, so frantic chewing required for next desperate instalment!
    Fillings beware!!!

  43. Sally Peevor says:

    I absolutely love bonbons – their taste, their texture and the fact they’ll keep all my colleagues quiet for a while!!!

  44. nell jones says:

    There’s no bz like chewbz … & there’s no need to make like a busy bee in the strawberry patch to get a buzz … just treat your taste buzzds to a strawberry bon bon for a taste of summer!

  45. Kristy Brown says:

    I LOVE Bon Bons, the way you can’t resist to chew em, then they get stuck to your teeth. They don’t disappear in your mouth like some sweets, it’s definately the sweet to eat!!

  46. Micah Horton says:

    Strawberry Bon-bons from bygone years,
    I could eat them `til they come out my ears,
    So flavoury, chewy and oh so sweet,
    To win this prize would sweep me off my feet!!

  47. lauren says:

    mmmmmm yum 🙂 bon bon are so mouthwatering they have been my favroute sweet for so many years. i would love to be the winner of these tendering mouthwatering strawberry bon bon 🙂

  48. Isobel says:

    Strawberry Bon Bons Whats not to love the taste the texture and most importantly the burst of flavour they don’t dissapear like some sweets do 4 thumbs me and my bff Strawberry BON BONS RUL (:

  49. Dawn Roberts says:

    Bonbons are my favourite sweet
    A powdery and chewy treat
    A burst of strawberry so divine
    I’d love these sweets… please make them mine

  50. Anna Wilds says:

    Bought some bon bons for the kids the other day and ate the lot of them before they got a look in, a great prize to make it up to them…..(perhaps)!!!!

  51. Becky Moore says:

    A straw poll in our house made strawberry bon bons the fave!!! Mom cos they remind her of when she was little – son because they are yummy and chewy – and we can share too!!!!!

  52. Jessica Smith says:

    I absolutely love strawberry bon bons! I used to buy them constantly, but they are sold a lot less nowadays 🙁 would love to win some!

  53. JANE says:





  54. Dawn Chapman says:

    loved them when i was at school bought them by the quater and used to suck all the powder off first!

  55. james bramall says:

    Theres nothing better than Strawberry bon bons, its like winning the lottery everytime you chew.

  56. Hannah Trevillion-Wash says:

    mmmm bonbons – and strawberry ones too, just what we need to remind us of summer with all this snow about!

  57. Elizabeth Cauwe says:

    Strawberry bon bons are one of the best inventions ever made. i would live on them for the rest of my life if i could. bring on the bon bons !!!!!

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