Retro sweets, oh how we love you!

Phew! Things have been busy here at Chewbz HQ this week. We’ve been drowning in Love Hearts and gushy messages of devotion are flitting in and out of the Chewbz warehouse!

Anyway, if you’re not a fan of us on Faceboook (err, why not?!) we want to direct your attention to our extra special Valentine’s competition…

We have one of our brand new Luscious Love Boxes to give away to one lucky romantic retro sweet fan!

Luscious Love Box

To enter, you need to leave a little love note to your favourite sweet on our Facebook Wall. So simply tell us what your chosen sweet is, and why you it so!

The Wall Post that receives the most Likes will be the winner, so tell all your friends to Like your posts… you could even share with them, maybe ;).

PLUS as we have been so impressed with all your love notes, we will be choosing five more of our favourites to win a jar of Love Hearts each. Awww!

You have until 9am on Friday to enter, so go get scribbling!

13 thoughts on “Retro sweets, oh how we love you!

  1. Elizabeth Wallace says:

    Fruit Salads are my favourite retro sweet in the world because they taste so fruity and so good that once I have one I just can’t stop. They smell great and they are so good to chew! I also love them because nowadays they are such a rarity, having a Fruit Salad is like all my Christmas’s come at once.

  2. sharon griffin says:

    i love you jelly babies, so fruity and squishy and yum,
    i feel bad biting your heads off though when you go into my tum.
    the red ones are the best ones but the green are lovely too.
    delicious jelly babies i am chewily in love with you ♥

  3. marie judd says:

    I love sweets!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the sweet song,
    Song of all the sweets,
    Caramel and butterscotch
    Bullseyes, raspberry treats;

    Treacle toffee, acid drops,
    Pastilles, crystal fruits,
    Bubble-gum and licorice-sticks
    As black as new gum boots;

    Peppermint creams and aniseed balls,
    Tiny sweets and whoppers,
    Dolly-mixtures, chocolate drops,
    Gigantic gob-stoppers;

    Lemon sherberts, jelly babies,
    Chocolate cream and flake,
    Nougat, fudge and such as give
    You tooth and belly-ache.

  4. lesley hamilton says:

    rolo’s cause they are delicious letting the chocolate melting and chewing on the toffee

  5. miss kymme smith says:

    My chosen sweet is maltesers because i love to just suck the chocolate of to get to the honeycomb centre and they just melt in your mouth.

  6. stephanie meakin says:

    Love hearts, I always pick out the ones that mean something to me and my hubby and hide them in his car/coat/pockets etc as a little romantic surprise!

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