In our sweetie bag…

We were left unattended in the Chewbz warehouse this afternoon, and just ‘cos it’s Friday… we had to treat ourselves to a little retro sweet run!

Just like the ultimate pick ‘n’ mix dream, here’s what I filled my bag with…

In our sweetie bag

YUM! Fizzy Bubblegum Bottle, Banana, Milk Bottle and Heart Throb heaven :D. There’s even a sneaky roll of Chewits in the back there, who remembers them?

What do you think of my choices? Would you like the chance to raid the Chewbz warehouse too?!

Have a sweet weekend!

Chewbz Kayleigh x

One thought on “In our sweetie bag…

  1. Rebecca Coyne says:

    Think you have great taste Kayleigh!

    Chewits…not had them for years. oh i want a pack now they were lovely 🙂

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