An extra special Retro sweet of the week!

Avid retro sweet fans will have heard last week’s scary news that things are not looking good for one of our all time favourite, iconic 80’s treat…


Yep, the future of Wham Bars could be at risk :o. Now, we know that you all adore Wham Bars as much as us all here at Chewbz HQ. Last time we featured the mighty Wham as our Retro sweet of the week, it was one of our most popular giveaways ever!

So while we keep our fingers crossed for our favourite Chews, we thought we’d give you another chance to give your tongue some serious retro tingles!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell us why you think Wham Bars deserve to stay!

Our favourite 15 comments will win a pack of the four Wham Bar flavours above. So stand by Wham’s and show your favourite sweet some love!

All comments need to be received by 9am next Monday, the 3rd October.

157 thoughts on “An extra special Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Sharne machin says:

    They should stay as they are an iconic retro sweet and u can’t take that away from future generations they were sold at my school and people used to buy fistfuls and spend dinner who could eat the most without there jaws aching or keeping a bit in ur mouth then cruching the space dust don’t think teachers were happy in the afternoon with 20 hyper kids :)))

  2. laura banks says:

    god i love these sweets always reminds me of going to my swimming lessons when i was little and getting one out of the vending machine

  3. Ciara G says:

    Wham bam thank you mam, they are classy and very sassy…thats why they should stay…best mouth tingling bar ever!! 🙂

  4. Ciara G says:

    Wham bam thank you mam, they are classy and very sassy…thats why they should stay…best mouth tingling bar ever!!

  5. Sarah H says:

    OOOOOO Wham Bars why wouldn’t you want these tongue tangling, fizz tastic, chewy bars. Part of the fun was to open the bar and see how sticky it was, chewing down the bar finding some extra fizzy bits and not been able to answer your friends as your jaw is in overdrive – AMAZING!

  6. lucy sherwin says:

    Wham bars are wonderfull. I was only introduced to them a fews back by my hubby and I love em and I’m gutted that I had been missing out for aLl these years. I like em so much they were used as a centre piece for our wedding. They can’t go they have to stay.


  7. Kat Short says:

    Corr Blimey these are the original pull ya teeth out chewy bars of gum binding tongue tingling heaven. These are what made swimming lessons worth jumping in the pool with your Pj’s on.. promise of the vending machine afterwards!!

  8. Sam Stevens says:

    You take the grey skies out of my way, you make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day……. different Wham I know, but same smiley lovely yummy feeling.

  9. Liam says:

    I remember my first Wham bar. I was six, and it was attached to a copy of the Beano comic, which came out every Thursday. After carefully taking off the sellotape (so as to avoid damaging the front cover) I remember the taste…sparkly, sweet yet sour goodness. From that moment on I was hooked on Wham bars – and if they go it will be a sad day in the history of sweets. Long live Wham!

  10. Tracy Nixon says:

    OMG I was a fan of the sweets and the group!!! Loved all of those chewy bars like the Refreshers bar and the Highland Toffee bar!!! Please enter me into the draw!

  11. emma sly says:

    I adore sham bars.. I haven’t had one in years.. plus.. I’m ill atm, and they’d make me feel much better 🙂

  12. Keith C says:

    Oh no, these just can’t go!!! I’ve put my foot down, so its all sorted now! These were the present I bought my sister the first time I actually bought an xmas present with my own money (rather than my parents giving me one to pretend was from me!).

  13. Ant says:

    I love wham bars, when i was a kid i lost a tooth as it got stuck to the surface and when i opened my mouth it stayed in place

  14. tony says:

    Wham bars must stay! they are the best chewy ever, they take me right back to high school, when a Monday after double Chemistry was only tolerated with the thought of my trusty Wham bar waiting for me at lunchtime! Save the Wham bar before it go goes!

  15. Glenn Hutton says:

    Wham bars are the best,
    so chewy, so sweet,
    they bring back great memories,
    they cannot be beat,
    please leave them alone,
    to get stuck in my teeth,
    if they go forever.
    I will suffer such grief!

  16. Ann Graham says:

    Wham bars were so much part of my childhood, I will always remember the feeling waking up on a Saturday morning knowing it was time for my weekly treat

  17. Nicola Woodings says:

    I only have to read “tongue tingling coloured crystals” and my mouth is drooling a little in anticipation!

  18. alison wakefield says:

    Wham Bars are ledgendry there’s no way they can go anywhere. WHAM BARS to STAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  19. Gemma Harrison says:

    Wham bars are brilliant and deserve to stay. Taste delicious with added nuggets of crunchiness. Perfect!

  20. Simon says:

    WHAM bars are the only sweet that makes me physically drool. It’s not big, it’s not clever but it’s loadsa fun.

  21. gemma says:

    Wham bars are the best, you can get them all stuck in your teeth and scare people by smiling with wham covered gnashers!

  22. summer says:

    i love wham bars! I love the fizz and the chew and trying to take a bite and stretching itout as far as i can reach!!!! looooove wham!

  23. Rachel Adams says:

    I hope it’s just a ‘Careless Whisper’ that Wham bars are going to disappear, as they take me to the ‘Edge of Heaven’, I really hope it won’t be the ‘Last Christmas’ that they are here…

  24. Ian Price says:

    Wham bars are a national institution, I’ve so many fond childhood memories of Wham bars. They’re juicey, tangy and chewey and both my kids love them and I’m sure all generations of the Price family will. Wham bam thankyou mam!

  25. Angela Sandhu says:

    its such a memory! My dad used to have a sweet shop when we were little and me and my sister used to go there everyday for our Wham bar!

  26. Mark Rayner says:

    I love wham bars….takes me back to my childhood of sitting with my wham in hand and peeling off the wrapper but leaving small bits of wrapper stuck to the bars which you had to pull off bit by bit and this took time but hightend the anticipation of eating that yummy treat…mmmmmm.

  27. Caroline French says:

    Wham bars are the best retro sweet! There’s nothing like them and they used to keep me quiet for a goof half hour so hoping they will do the same for my children! (Plus my husband would LOVE the sour one!)

  28. Joanna Dawe says:

    Wham bars are great i love it when they go really chewy and stringy and h it on your chin you end up wit

  29. Christine S says:

    My kids love them and they think I’m lying when I say I bought these as a child! Dont break my kids (and mine) hearts by taking them away!

  30. Tim Bain says:

    There’s no other sweet that streeeeeetccccccchhhhhheeees like a Wham does, it’s a toy as well as a sweet 🙂

  31. Penny says:

    Wham bars must stay, just think what generations to come would be missing out on. My mouth is watering just thinking about the whammy goodness!

  32. Rick Smith says:

    “WHAM BAN THANYOU NAN” – thats what i’d say to my nan when she brought me one. Love these so want to try them again.

  33. Kate says:

    Oh! Please! Wham Bars have to stay. Will always have fond memories of these sweets. The most memorable being when me and a friend bought a pack of miniatures. She lost one of her teeth chewing one and then about ten minutes down the road, I did the same! Brilliant!

    (They were baby teeth, don’t worry, folks!)

  34. carrie hobbs says:

    These chew bars, really are stars, they have been passed from generation to generation, to become no more would be a disaster! I don’t care what you do, but please ensure that Wham Bars are here for my grandchilren and great children, in the words of Buzz – make sure these bars last from infinity and beyond!

  35. nichola says:

    These are classic chewy bars and i want my chilren to experience them when they grow up, i remember munching on these in class when the teacher wasnt looking the strawberry one is the best

  36. JoC says:

    Strange one this…I have no recollection of the term ‘WHAM’ at all – not after that visit to the hypnotherapist in the 80’s to cure me of some fixation I apparently had for something or other? 😉 Please remind me what I’ve been missing

  37. Holly says:

    This pregnancy I’ve craved Wham bars like you wouldn’t believe! They need to stay as im guessing that, at the rate we’re going through them, my little one will be growing up to be a huge fan too x

  38. Naomi Allard says:

    Wham bars Will always have fond memories of these sweets,especially hiding them so i could eat them all!!!!!

  39. Darren says:

    Wham Bars have to stay!! Not only do they taste great but what else are kids going to use to help entice that wobbly tooth out. A wham bar was my number one tool as a kid to help pull a loose tooth out and I always bought another one with the money the tooth fairy left!

  40. e.malcolm says:

    WHAM! BAAM! THANK YOU MAM! Use to grab loads of the 1 pence sweets back in my school days, sneaking them into school and hiding them from my friends under the table while a lesson was going on! Fantastic!

  41. Paul Green says:

    Wham bars are great i love it when they go really chewy and stringy and h it on your chin you end up wit

  42. Ashleigh Summerskill says:

    Nothing you can say could tear me away from WHAM bars. Nothing you could do ’cause I’m stuck like glue to WHAM bars. I’m sticking to those bars like a stamp to a letter, like birds of a feather we, stick together. Now I’m telling you from the start, I can’t be torn apart from WHAM bars!

    You best be believing, I won’t be deceiving WHAM bars…..

    As a matter of opinion I think they’re tops! My opinion is they’re the cream of the crops.

    I could go on AND on….WHAM BARS <3


    They need to stay because they are amazing!!! Im an 80’s child so I grew up on them! Kids of today need them! Please don’t go Wham!!! xoxo

  44. Greekmick says:

    Can our kids not grow up and experience the great taste of wham bars and take the risk of them pulling out their fillings without the threat of them disappearing from our shelves. Long live the Wham!

  45. Rebecca Denyer says:

    I love Wham bars but they arent as big as they used to be and they dont seem to have as much of the fizzy bits in them

    Still love them though x

  46. Jo Bromley says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know you could still get these – what a blast from the past!! They were so chewy and fizzy and scrumptious, they should be around forever!

  47. Claire says:

    I love Wham bars, so fizzy and chewy! They should stay because if they go I’ll feel old being able to talk about the sweets of times gone by from my childhood!

  48. Julie Smith says:

    I love Wham bars because as a child from the 80`s they bring back so many memories…They used to make me laugh as it tickled on my tongue…..Loose them and u loose part of the 80`s

  49. Mark Palmer says:

    Wham Bars must stay in case the Earth is invaded by aliens desperate for something tasty to chew on. If there are no Wham bars for them, they might start on us!

  50. Corinne Faulkner says:

    OMG these are just sensational and remind me of the group Wham hehe irresistible taste and remind me of my childhood that’s why they should stay!!

  51. Luci R says:

    I used to get one of these everyday for 10p from my school tuck shop. My daughter now has a choice of carrots, apples and grapes in her school’s tuck shop for 25p. Kids of today don’t have it easy so please don’t make it worse by getting rid of the mighty Wham altogether ( even if they are smaller and not as fizzy).

  52. Julie Greenwood says:

    How could anyone even think of getting rid of Wham bars an 80’s iconic treat they just need to advertise them to a new generation of kids I’m sure the would be a best seller the kids of today always end up liking the same things we did and we all loved them:)

  53. Deborah Nicholas says:

    These were my favourite and I wonder if they still make you pucker up when the sourness hits your tongue!!

  54. Frances Heaton says:

    I grew up with Wham bars, my best mate and I crunched away merrily, happy days, losing Wham bars would be like losing my best mate.

  55. Helen Keene says:

    Here’s my reason as to why Wham bars should be allowed to stay forever:-

    They put the boom-boom into my heart,
    They send my soul sky-high when the fizziness starts.
    Jitterbug into my brain,
    My mouth goes chew, chew, chew and my friends do the same.

  56. katherine grieve says:


  57. NANNY SUE says:

    My grandchildren and myself love WHAM BARS. Please stay forever and ever, because nanny sue and grandchildren to love eating them all the time.

  58. strewthie says:

    I used to eat loads of wham bars as a kid, Im not sure how I’ve kept my own teeth, I now have kids of my own and find myself running round after them with a toothbrush, not being able to deny them one of my favorite treats !

  59. Amanda Dow says:

    I think Wham Bars should stay as, not only are they a part of my childhood, those poor people who work for McCowans will be able to keep their jobs!

  60. Binky says:

    WHAM bars are just legendary, they have been there since my childhood and I still enjoy them today.
    I remember walking home from school when my Mother came to collect us and on special occasions we was aloud to call into the local sweetie shop, Nellie Norris’s, to pick a treat, mine was always WHAM, the lovely pink chewy bar was my favourite, I loved the way it lasted, instead of going quickly like chocolate or the like.
    WHAM bars are just part of most peoples growing up and their memories.
    This memory I have tried to pass onto my children too.
    Thank you for helping me relive some lovely memories from more innocent times.

  61. Allan Smith says:

    Wham defines childhood. Its just that simple. When you think back to going to the sweet shop, Wham is the first thing that pops into your head. Plus its the only sweet that tastes the same now as it did back when it first came out.

  62. Steve s says:

    I love wham bars, reminds of when i was younger, and i used to eat these when i had a loose tooth, soon got it out 🙂

  63. Lou Chambers says:

    They HAVE to stay…. Because….

    They’re chewy ,tingly & bring back memories of fun
    They’re fruity, fizzy & can be eaten on the run

    They may look a bit shorter, some say they have shrunk
    But that is no reason to send them to the dump!!!

    🙂 Save our Wham Bars 🙂

  64. Belinda Hendry says:

    wham bars what can i say u either; put the bar in your mouth and pull and pull just to get a tiny bit off and left with a big dangly sweet, or get the whole sweet out the wrapperroll it up and pop the whole lot in your mouth and u chew abd chew till your jaws ached and then start to pull funny faces, god i luv them sweets

  65. Laura Barrett says:


  66. Sarah T says:

    Wow haven’t had a wham bar in years but can still remember the taste, would be such a shame if they stopped making them. might have to go and stock up and reminisce about the good old days

  67. Sarah L says:

    When my brother and I were younger we had a ‘Sweet Box’ Made up of sweets that my brother and I had brought with our pocket money. When we were good we were allowed and item from our ‘Sweet Box’. You could always guarantee that a Wham Bar was going to be in the box. 🙂

  68. Jessica Gyte says:

    I think I am single handedly keep Wham bars in production – I love them and buy them whenever I have some spare change at the bottom of my pocket!
    I used to have these on a daily basis as a teenager and it would be sad to see them go. Please please pick me as your winner for this competition – I think after my Wham bar dedication, I think I deserve some freebies 🙂 x

  69. nicola harrison says:

    i just love these x car`nt help pinching the kids sweets , especially the mini wham bars x

  70. katrina walsh says:

    Wham Bam thank you Mam! (just planning my message of thanks to you should i be the lucky winner) 🙂

  71. Yvonne Brownsea says:

    Wham bars deserve to stay because they are soooooo delicious, but also because there aren’t that many original sweets about these days, so it would be a shame to lose another classic favourite! x

  72. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Afternoon sweetie fans!

    So sorry it’s taken us so long to announce the lucky winners.
    We’re just so amazed by all your sweet comments here on the blog, it’s taken us this long to choose our favourite 15 comments.

    After much debating, our lucky winners are:

    Glenn Hutton
    Kat Short
    Sarah H
    Tim Bain
    Rachel Adams
    Amanda Dow
    Helen Keene
    Luci R
    Mark Palmer
    Jessica Gyte

    Hooray! Congratulations guys!
    I’ve just sent you all an email, so go check your inboxes now!

    Thanks so much again for all the sweet memories guys :).

    Chewbz Kayleigh x

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