Retro sweet of the week!

Back to school time retro sweet fans!

We always get nostalgic around this time of year, does anyone else crave the thrill of a new pencil case around the start of September?!

Apart from the excitement of new stationary, what we miss the most about our school days is of course… the tuck shop (and after school trips to the corner shop) :D.

So we thought to celebrate the start of the new term, we would choose a tuck shop classic!

Fruity Pop

Fruity Pops!

You just can’t beat these for some fruity lollipop goodness, these will take you right back to those carefree days ;).

Red is still the ultimate favourite and first to go here at Chewbz HQ but we think poor old Yellow is pretty underrated!

Fancy winning a stash of these? Simply leave a comment on this post, and our favourite will WIN some of these classic retro lollies.

The competition will close at 9am on Monday 12th September, so make sure you get your comment in sharpish!

91 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. sharon wormald says:

    I LOVED these!!You seemed to get soooo many in a tub,will ahve to see if my grandson likes them too!!:-)

  2. Nicola says:

    My faves are the purple ones my kids always get these lollipops in party bags and if they get a purple one they always offer it to me )

  3. NICOLA T says:

    When i was younger and had these lollipops i used to untwist the top and fold the wrapper down still leaving it attatched underneath the lollipop itself. This gave me a little Superman to play with and eventually eat.

  4. Keith C says:

    These were really awesome, the package made them look great. I seem to remember sucking these and they also seem to end up with sharp edges?! Weird!

  5. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    These are yummy! My daughter’s had them a few times in her sweetie tin and I must confess to pinching one once in a while!

  6. Kevin Paddock says:

    Late at night, when your sure of a fright
    nothing better than a Turkish delight.
    It feels you with warmth and a touch of naughtiness
    and so often you end in a mess!

    Got to love the old retro sweets!!!

  7. Dolly Fairley says:

    I loved these lollies even though my parents made me paranoid that I was going to cholk and die sucking one! They were constantly telling me to not run around with a lolly in my moth in case I trip and fall and cholk on it and die!!! What a thing to say to a child lol! I have to bite my lip when I see my own children doing the same – luckily I am first aid trained and would know what to do!!!!

  8. SARAH LAMBERT says:

    I use to love these when i was growing up soo yummy, Luv all the flavours wud just luv to win this prize 🙂 xx

  9. Sarah says:

    My ‘child of the 80’s’ memories are freaking out at this competition lol

    i heart retro lollies <3 oh to be young again lol

  10. nicola barter says:

    These would keep my four year old quite for a bit!! cant chat non stop with a lolly in your mouth now i know why i was given so many of them as a child :-)!!

  11. Samantha Hodges says:

    Love Love Love these lollys!! They remind me of childhood holidays at the seaside for some reason!! My son is now a big fan of them too!

  12. Rachel Bramley says:

    Oh I love these! My favourite flavour is either the strawberry or blackcurrant, just like everyone else! Please enter me into your competition as I would love to win 🙂

  13. Maria Knight says:

    Good god my fiance would LOVE these, his 27 on the 17th Sept and feeling all hot and flustered that his getting close to 30…….maybe these would make him feel abit younger?! 🙂

  14. Gareth Green says:

    Lovely sweets.

    Try unscrewing a shower head and placing one of these sweets inside. The next person to use the shower will then get covered in a slightly sticky sugar syrup. It’s even better if they have a fluffy towel.


  15. sheena wylie says:

    your Fruity lollies make me smile,
    I haven’t had one in a while!
    I am a yummy mummy and would like one in my tummy 🙂

  16. Caroline Ashton says:

    I used to fight with my dad over these – I bought them with my pocket money as a kid and he kept nicking them to do his impression of Kojak. The impression used to go over my head – but his nicking of my sweets didn’t! He didn’t love his baby!

  17. Vicky C says:

    The purple ones are the best! I love these but haven’t had any for years. These are so much better than those powdery ones.

  18. Lindsay Taylor says:

    I do like an orange lolly
    That flavour is the best!
    It makes me rather jolly…
    …Hang on! So do the rest!

  19. Kayleigh Stewart says:

    Mmmmm delicious! I don’t have to share them if I win do I? May just hide them, the darling boyfriend likes to steal from my sweetie stash. Men!

  20. simon hoskins says:

    Super sucking awesome sweets retro sweet dudes. I’m sure the kids would very much enjoy a go on these luscious lollys! Best go buy a stack of toothpaste for after!

  21. Lou Chambers says:

    I’m with you there when it comes to pencil cases & stationary 🙂 Thankfully I have 4 kids to buy for so I can still get my september fix when buying for them, although I walked away from the till when hubby was paying as I really didn’t want to know what it all cost.. Yikes… 😀
    They’ve all had a great 1st week back with smiles all round, fingers crossed that it lasts a little while longer.

  22. Karen Dixon says:

    oooohh yum yum i might share them with my nephews or i might hode them and eat them all myself – i taste them already yum yum

  23. Betty Parlanchin says:

    Mmmm mMmmm mmm! they look delicious!! nothing like a classic sweet to make your mouth water and brain relive some amazing memories!!

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