Retro sweet of the week!

Happy Monday retro sweet fans! It’s been a busy weekend of orders here at Chewbz HQ, so we’ve all been over in the warehouse loving preparing lots of bags, Sweetie Jars, Gift Boxes and Hampers!

Now we know you’ve all been waiting to for us to reveal what this weeks Retro sweet of the week is, so we won’t keep you guessing any longer!

This week it’s the turn of…

Giant Gobstoppers

The Giant Gobstopper!

We’re convinced these were created by Willy Wonka, as we’ve yet to demolish a whole one :o. These are certainly not for the inpatient retro sweet lover, they will definitely keep you quiet for a few hours/weeks!

Since we launched our 99p Sweetie Bags, these have been a real hit, so it seems lots of you are wanting to take on this sugary challenge!

We’ve got five of these to give away this week, and our favourite five comments will each get their own Giant Gobstopper :D.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. Tell us why Gobstoppers rule, how long you reckon it will take you to get through one of these or just tell us your sweet memories!

All comments need to be in before 9am next Monday 13th June :).

70 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Celtic Meredith says:

    Gobstoppers are not a sweet for the faint hearted
    Its hard candy keeps your mouth alive
    Be it 4 hours or 5
    Gobstoppers are the one
    Willy Wonka and Slugworth made it fun
    Was yours everlasting!!!???

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would love to win these as I was never really allowed them as a child (my parents were worried I might cholk!!!). I think they would help me to stop picking between meals as I would have something to suck on constantly!!! Great prize !!! Thanks so much xxx

  3. Chris Mckenzie says:

    A Gob stopper, a stopper for the Gob much needed when in the company of woman, ah peace !!:)

  4. danielle heath says:

    everybody likes something to suck on and these are always the most mouthwatering sweets ever! it takes so long for the sugary layers so go down. best word to describe them…. nothing, your mouths too full to say anything!

  5. louise gourley says:

    i would love to win these…and as i talk so much i’m sure the rest of my family would back me up so they’d get a few hours peace and quiet!

  6. Nicole Constable says:

    I would love to pop one of these in my other half’s mouth, he never stops talking!

  7. Jamie-Lee says:

    If your a parent then gobstoppers are a must have for you and your family. Perfect to keep children quiet, they can be used as a substitute when giving up smoking, they can be given as a pressie and also can be used when dieting as i have found i want to nibble all the time and by having a gobstopper its a good 10 mins before i need another. So before i know it after 6 gobstoppers over an hour has passed and i have not eaten myself out of house and home

  8. JoC says:

    time to eat one – oooh let me see…..AC²=AB²+BC²: BC²=AC²-AB²=13²-5²=169-25=144: So, BC=root(144) =12mins (approximately) 😉

  9. jamie sainsbury says:

    Gobstopper rule because i could give one to my son and daughter while watching my fave tv prog as they always seem to talk all the way through it and when its finished they stop 🙂

  10. Gary Hogarth says:

    Giant Gobstoppers are great, better than you average sweet, when I put then in my mouth I *sdvs jkdsvlnvsdknvs sdvkslvndslvds dsvknvds sfdvdsv……can’t speak

  11. Jane Davis says:

    Would love to give these to the kids… will give me peace and quiet!!! Used to last forever as a kid.. only problem was where to keep it when your jaw started to ache!

  12. Richard Holmes says:

    Dont think I did get through one of them. I remember having jaw ache and finding one in my pocket, seem to recall washing it ‘a bit’ and carrying on!

  13. Jane Adair says:

    Alas unless I manage somehow to win all 5 (4 kids and a husband) I fear that 1 will just never suffice, not even as an earplug !

  14. Emma says:

    I have never tried one of these before – I would like to so I can see why they are so popular!

  15. jemma price says:

    hahaha got a funny story, for an april fools day joke, when my brother reach the yellow bit of the gobstopper, he used it to be a pretend cricket ball, and threw it to my dad, and he batted it sooooo hard, that it exploded… well funny.

  16. gemma henshaw says:

    would definitely like to win these as would keep my other half quiet for a while!!

  17. RUTH PALMER says:

    I reckon a gobstopper would give me 5 hours of peace n quiet if I gave it to my eldest daughter!! :o]

  18. Pamela Gossage says:

    I would love to give my son this . It would take me back to when he was a little boy

  19. R Proietti says:

    If you thought a Terry’s chocolate orange was hard to crack. ..Or, even a coconut.
    Try an everlasting gobstopper!
    I swear these things are made of the same thing wrecking balls are made from.

    However, these taste lovely!
    They also provide a fitness workout for your tongue and jaw.
    (Who knows, it could work wonders for ‘turkey neck’).

  20. Claire says:

    I’d love one of these gobstoppers, I’d give it to my dad…to keep him quiet while I’m revising!

  21. Rachael Lines says:

    Oooh I am shaking with devious intentions this morning, I am usually at work TRYING to get on with it, we have already been warned this motnth we fell short of targets last month and there is too much chatter going on. Now I am a fairly decent person who would like to imagine that I do my very best to ensure I earn my wages, and do what I am paid to do!

    Well within minutes of being back in our office the staff were all slating the managers, moaning and groaning – and for the rest of the day there was as much mindless chatter as in previous times.

    So I could do with winning a crate box of these, one for each of them!! So they can write up their reports in peace and get on with the paperwork that needs doing on time!

  22. JAN says:

    years ago a gang on us bought sweet false teeth from a local corner shop
    they tasted awful web thought they tasted waxy and very naughtily we added some string and made them into a candle

  23. Sandra says:

    a gobstopper would do wonders to keep my boss sweet… and stop him telling me what to do 😉

  24. Laura Sterling says:

    i would give one to my mom so i could put tv on with out her talking all the time

  25. Nicola says:

    Have you ever tried putting a whole one of these in your mouth.Now I thought i had a big gob but even I,m hard pushed to fit it in mine.:)

  26. Lisa Ellison says:

    Gobstoppers rule because when I have one my family get a chance to talk. While I was quiting smoking i always had mine on hand to suck when I needed a cigarette

  27. katrina walsh says:

    I have honestly never managed to get down to the end of one despite many happy years of trying lol 🙂

  28. Hazel rush says:

    I used to love these! My mum hated me having them I don’t think I ever actually managed to finish one !

  29. Jennifer Stokes says:

    Me and my sisters used to eat these on long coach journeys to keep us quiet. Every 5 minutes we’d take them out of our mouths to see what colour they had changed to, then we’d wipe our fingers on our clothes. Our Mum was always complaining about our multi-coloured fingermarked skirts!!!

  30. Pearl says:

    Gobstoppers were banned by my mum when my siblings and I were children because my sister choked on one when she was 6…my grandad had to do the heimlich manouvre and then she puked all over the living room carpet…

    …of course what my mum didn’t know we did couldn’t hurt her so they were to be eaten as fast as we could after school on Friday’s! Have you ever actually tried to eat one of those quickly? I’m surprised we have any teeth left…

  31. Deb Henderson says:

    Took ages as child to get through one of these, as we kept taking them out to look at the different colours.

  32. Paul Marshall says:

    I would love to win these! Then I can put in my girlfriend’s gob and then it would give her nagging a rest!!!

  33. Ruth Worthington says:

    I’d love to give these to my kids it might actually stop the incessant bickering with each other

  34. Kelly Hooper says:

    My mum would go mad everytime I bought one of these as it took me a week to eat one and id end up cutting my tongue open half way through from licking it to try and get it small enough to fit in my mouth!

  35. Jacqueline Anne Hewitt says:

    My Mum was a dental nurse so I was never allowed these. However, my brother and I used to sneak to the shop on our way home from school! We used to play a game where we had to keep two of them in our cheeks for as long as possible! We looked like hamsters! My record was an hour and 45 minutes!

  36. Stacey Schofield says:

    oooh i remember making my tongue sore with these when i was a kid i used to lick em that fast to beat my sister to finish them. dont think i ever finished a full one before her! would love to have another attempt now we are grown up!

  37. Mayur Koya says:

    Gobstoppers are the best as they bring back memories and they were the best as they go on and on. 🙂

  38. nicola harrison says:

    This is one of my many favorite sweets i love the different layers especially the one`s with chewing gum in the middle , yum yum x have`nt had one in years just said to hubby ” do you remember the giant gobstoppers ” he said he does and he`s going out to get some for me & the kids to have some peace ! lol x

  39. Isabelle Smith says:

    i love sweets 🙂 i think it would last me about 3 days, i think my jaw would hurt though to get through it that fast though

  40. Chloe Cunningham says:

    These are the most unhygenic sweets ever and they made my tounge so sore but I loved them! Haha!
    I would love 1 please!

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