• Click to view Tubz & Treats Retro Gift Box!
    Tubz & Treats Retro Gift Box
    Our Tubz & Treats Retro Gift Box may well be the new kid on the block but its guaranteed to be a firm favourite to all our retro sweet fans. Packed with Fried Eggs, Cola Bottles, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Anglo Bubbly and loads more!
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  • Click to view Retro Cube!
    Retro Cube
    Our new Chewbz Retro Cube is bursting with great flavours from all your favourite retro sweets, this great value for money cube is sure to please no matter if this is for a gift or as an indulgent treat for yourself.
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  • Click to view Pocket Money Box!
    Pocket Money Box
    This little box of treats is our latest in our range of gift boxes, devised to keep the price as low as possible, so that children can afford it with their pocket money... yet have enough sweets to satisfy the needs of anyone. This box contains a variety of 22 types of sweets to choose from which means you are spoilt for choice.
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  • Click to view Best Value Sweet Box!
    Best Value Sweet Box
    This Retro Sweet Box is the best value box we stock. Crammed with luscious Retro Sweets including Shrimps, Flying Saucers, Kola Kubes and more, this will put a smile on anyone's face.
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  • Click to view Sweet Shop Gift Boxes!
    Sweet Shop Gift Boxes
    From 19.95
    A box of pick and mix retro faves, filled to the brim with old-school sweets. The perfect present complete with Kola Kubes, Fried Eggs, Flying Saucers, Shrimps, Popping Candy and so much more!
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  • Click to view Red and Shiny Gift Box! Red and Shiny Gift Box is Limited Edition!
    Red and Shiny Gift Box
    Very posh and shiny on the outside, and bursting with bright and tasty retro sweets on the inside, Chewbz Red and Shiny Gift Box is brilliant for all those sophisticated sweet teeth out there.
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  • Click to view Box of Sweet Delights!
    Box of Sweet Delights
    This gift box is a beautifully presented box of delights including 8 ribbon-tied bags including Dolly Mixtures, Love Hearts, Giant Strawberries, Shrimps, Rosie Apples, Parma Violets, Giant Bananas, and Friendship Rings.
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  • Click to view Lovers Pantry!
    Lovers Pantry
    Our new Lovers Pantry tray contains 6 types of yummy sweets. It is an ideal gift to let that special person in your life know exactly how you feel about them, or if you are trying to woo someone then what better way can you think to win their heart.
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  • Click to view Cupids Cube!
    Cupids Cube
    This transparent cube is full of all your favourite love sweets, packaged to present to your perfect partner immediately. This gift is sure to allow you to steal that loved ones heart or just cement the love you have for each other.
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  • Click to view Tuck Shop Gift Boxes!
    Tuck Shop Gift Boxes
    From 20.95
    A tasty tuck shop box, cram packed with enough retro treats to put you in a haze of childhood sweetie happiness for weeks!
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  • Click to view Luscious Love Box!
    Luscious Love Box
    Don't be stupid, Cupid! Choose our brand new Luscious Love Box, which is guaranteed to shoot straight to the heart of your loved one!
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  • Click to view Deluxe Red Gift Box!
    Deluxe Red Gift Box
    Make a real statement with this amazing deluxe red giftbox full to the brim with tasty retro sweets... perfect for sharing!
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  • Click to view Pick 'n' Mix Gift Boxes!
    Pick 'n' Mix Gift Boxes
    From 19.95
    We're giving you the chance to make up your very own sugary creation, with our Pick 'n' Mix Gift Boxes, YOU choose the retro sweets that go inside!
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  • Click to view Golden Oldies Gift Boxes!
    Golden Oldies Gift Boxes
    From 19.95
    Relive those happy memories of days gone by, with a Gift Box stocked full of simply the very best traditional British retro sweets!
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  • Click to view Fruity Mix Gift Boxes!
    Fruity Mix Gift Boxes
    From 19.95
    A juicy Gift Box that's full of all your favourite fruity boiled retro sweets. This mix is guaranteed to get your mouth watering!
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Retro Sweets Gift Boxes

Our retro sweets gift boxes are full with old fashioned sweets, a perfect present for retro sweet fans of all ages. Choose from the 4 retro sweet gift boxes below and we will get it sent out straight away.

What our customers say

I ordered a Chewbz Retro Sweets Gift Box, WOW its perfect. I ordered it for my friends 30th Birthday present, it had everything she could ask for. I am now looking to buy for another Birthday, as the delivery was really fast too.

Sheryl , West Midlands