Retro sweet of the week!

Happy Monday retro sweet fans! It seems like a long old while since we had to work an entire week doesn’t it?!

Hopefully our nostalgic Retro sweet of the week will help to cheer you up a little bit :).

This weeks sweet is…

Butterscotch Tub


Now these are just lovely! A proper British favourite, we’re sure you all have only the sweetest of memories of these.

They really remind us of our Grandparents, did yours seem to have a never ending stash of Butterscotch whenever you visited too?

These old fashioned sweets really haven’t changed a bit. They still have that smooth, classic taste that we all know and love. Our Golden Oldies Chewbz just wouldn’t be complete without Butterscotch!

If you’d like to win some of these, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell us what you think of this weeks Retro sweet of the week.

The Chewbz office will vote for our favourite comment to win the sweets, so make sure you enter before 9am on Monday 16th May.

Now get reminiscing :D.

136 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Keith C says:

    I seem to remember these being rectangular shaped, and coming wrapped in gold paper. My sister loved them, which made me decide to pretend to hate them, sibling eh!? 🙂

  2. Winifred Davidson says:

    I love the creamy taste of butterscotch and also they are marvellous to suck and so last a long time

  3. TINA CORDER says:

    I could never understand where the scotch bit came from butterscotch it still puzzles me to this day!

  4. Liz Simpson says:

    Our parents used to give them to us children to suck to shut us up on long car journeys.

  5. Pamela Gossage says:

    We used to have these when we went on car journeys. I simply love these.

  6. Teresa Naughton says:

    Nostalgia is not what it used to be but these sweets bring great memories.

  7. stephanie young says:

    god I love these its making my mouth water just thinking about them!! 🙂

  8. jen says:

    My mouth is watering just looking at them! I’m pregnant and REALLY fancy these, Wethers Originals just dont cut it!

  9. Charlotte Ali says:

    Love the way your nan always has some at the botoom of her handbag with loads of fluff stuck to them lol

  10. Luisa L says:

    I always remember my grandad having one of these stuck to his ass and covered in fluff! Me and my brother sniggered all day long, we thought it was the funniest thing ever!! We still loved them though!! ahhh the memories..

  11. Tracy Nixon says:

    Ahhhh the childhood memories come flooding in – you can’t beat good old soothing suckie sweets!!! tweeted xxx @TracyNixon

  12. Denice says:

    Mmmmmmm yummy used to only get butterscotch on car journeys and always got told it was to stop me feeling car sick! To this day I still seek these out on long car journeys 🙂

  13. Jane E Blackford says:

    You are sooooooo cruel – I am going to have to go and buy some of these tomorrow now, I remember them so well I can taste them!

  14. john meredith says:

    Butterscotch isnt for the faint hearted.
    Its your tongue that doesnt want to get parted.
    From this sticky, lasting taste.
    A quarter of these I would order in no haste.
    Memories of long car journeys as a child.
    Its my mum who would eat these but it was me and my brother who would go wild for that oh so buttery flavour.
    Chewbz do me favour please send me some and I will be all of a quiver!

  15. Debbie G says:

    Always reminds me of my grandad who had a ready supply of them in his pocket…so became a lover of them myself

  16. gemma henshaw says:

    butterscotch flavour is my favourite flavour in anything especially sweeys!!

  17. Kerry Robertson says:

    They are amazing, not had them for years though, will have to sort that out!

  18. nadine says:

    i remember my mum saying i wasnt allowed to buy these as i would choke, she always said they would slip down your throat when you were not looking! i used to totally ignore this abd buy them anyway,they were gorgeous mmmmmmmmm

  19. Lisa Pope says:

    Yes I used to get these and they were rectangular with sharp corners that stuck in the roof of your mouth until you sucked them enough they went smooth and crunch them!

  20. Linda Osborne says:

    Butterscotch, my mum’s favourites still gets them for a treat, she’s 85 hasn’t any teeth, not sure if it was the Butterscoth’s fault, if your very lucky she ocasionally shares ….

  21. Cheryl Seddon says:

    These always remind me of my Granny, we always used to see who could make it last the longest and not crunch it!

  22. Andrew Hindley says:

    Butterscotch evokes memories of the playground of hopscotch and tag and ringa-ringa-roses

  23. JoC says:

    Possibly one of the least appealing sweets to look at and get an unfair rap as oldies sweets, but they are unbelievably delicious to taste and very moorish…kids often shun then due to lack of colour and presentation – but that just leaves all the more for me 😉

  24. chris bull says:

    Love butterscotch 🙂 Had some chocolate covered at the weekend, it was yummy

  25. Jenny Price says:

    I forgot about butterscotch sweets – they are gorgeous a real blast from the past

  26. Simon says:

    Back in the hot summer of ’47 in the heart of yorkshire my grandparents first tasted the delights of butterscotch.
    Nan has passed on that love to me through the butterscotch that appear from her handbag everytime I see her!

  27. Jasmine Collier says:

    These are on of my favourite sweets, eating one of these takes me right back to my childhood, we always had these in the car to eat on long journeys!! If we made too much noise we couldn’t have one!!!

  28. nicole says:

    yes i rememebr when i was a tiny tot on car journey with my granda and he would offer us all a butter scotch the whole car would be silent for 5mins with only the sounds of all this chewing going on, then my little hand from the back of the car looking for some more lol

  29. Sian Giles says:

    ***Her impression of homer simpson drooling *** Mmmmm Butterscotchhhhh mmmmm nom nom nom

  30. nikki says:

    Remind me of my nan, her pockets always contained theses gorgeous sweets. Ahhh, lovely memories, thanks to butterscotch. R.I.P. NAN, MISS YOU. XX

  31. Janice Channer says:

    Oh wow…butterscotch…it reminds me of my childhood and going to see my Nan and Grandad….he had two little jars on the shelf…one with butterscotch in and one with foxes glacier mints in and we could just help ourselves….bliss!!

  32. Sue Harrison says:

    It’s ages since I’ve had butterscotch and I love it .. definitely a long journey sweet xx

  33. Grace Mercer says:

    wow, I remember my grandma having a special draw for her butterscotch and whenever me and my brother went round she used to grab a hand full out of the draw and throw them up into the air and me and my brother had to compete to see how many we could get, and what ever we retrieved we would be able to take home with us 😀

  34. Jill Jones says:

    Crikey haven’t had these for years. Just to be a favourite with my pocket money (sixpence lol) as they lasted longer than other sweets.

  35. Ruth Worthington says:

    My mum used to give me butterscotch sweets after I’d been travel sick to take away the bad taste in my mouth. Arrrhh Sweet memories

  36. Nikki says:

    My grandad always had these in the glovebox of the car.Made Sunday afternoons a real treat.A drive in the counrty and some butterscotch sweets. Mmmm !

  37. RACHEL MURRAY says:

    Thanks to these, I will always choose butterscotch flavoured things like mousse’s etc.

    Good old traditional sweet!!! Nom nom nom nom nom 😀

  38. Sue R. says:

    aah Butterscotch, the grown up sweetie.
    Shouldn’t be wasted on the young.
    Like yer posh auntie, the grand old lady of boilings!

  39. caroline french says:

    My dad always had (and still does!) a few of this in various pockets albeit slightly unwrapped and with a free amount of ‘fluff’ attached! fantastic taste, can be crunched in a second or sucked for ages!….i always prefer the suck then chew approach! mmmmmmmmm also a perfect aid to have out and about for restless children and a naughty mum trying to find a substitute for a nicotine carving on a night out!

  40. Rick Smith says:

    Delicious, they remind me of when my parents would take on a long journey. My mum would always give us a butterscotch sweet to keep us quiet.

  41. linda thorn says:

    love butterscotch especially when i am on my own so that i can eat the lot. yum yum

  42. Sue Elvin says:

    These take me back a bit to the years when I used to spend my bus money on sweets at the sweetshop at the crossroads. I used to eat them on my walk to school. No wonder I had so many fillings!

  43. Laura says:

    Ooo, I chuffin love butterscotch. Butter and sweets – what could be a finer combination.

  44. nicola harrison says:

    love em x i always have them in the car glovebox and everybody know`s i do x and yes they all nick one when they jump in !

  45. kate coldicott says:

    Hi, these reminded me of a retro dessert – butterscotch Angel delight.Love both.

  46. michael worth says:

    i used to work in a cornershop that sold sweets in jars,butterscotch was 1 of the more popular sweets.people of all ages enjoyed them,the only problem with that was we kept running out.
    always such a smooth taste everytime you have 1,everybody should try these.

  47. lesley sanderson says:

    mmmm These sweets are making me hungry 🙂 I remember i would always pinch one out of my grandma’s coat pocket when i was a child, if i won this competition i would give them back to her xx

  48. Jennifer Stokes says:

    These remind me of 12 hour coach journeys to Devon when I was young and before there were motorways. We either had butterscotch or barley sugar sweets to keep us quiet!

  49. Hazel rush says:

    Mmmm… I absolutely love butterscotch it’s so so so so sooooo yummy in my tummy!!

  50. Sally W says:

    Butterscotch conjures up memories of small rectangular sweets, very neatly wrapped individually in gold foil paper.

  51. Stuart O says:

    Butterscotch makes me think of Angel Delight and kids full of E numbers after they’d eaten it.

  52. Daniella Abraham says:

    I’ve not actually eaten a butterscotch since I was 10, I’m 31 now so to have one would be a very nostalgic treat!

  53. Ruth Longville says:

    Butterscotch…..mmmmm…. always reminds me of my Gran. She used to sit in the back seat with us as children on our way to our annual holiday in Bournemouth and she would always dish out the butterscotch to us kids before we had even left home!

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