Retro sweet of the week!

Wave goodbye to those Monday blues, and take a trip back to the bright and beautiful 80’s with this weeks Retro sweet of the week!

We just couldn’t let another week go by without choosing this iconic bar of tangy good stuff as our sweet of the week!

So it’s a chewy bar, has super retro packaging that’s 80’s-tastic, and it’s Raspberry flavour gives your tounge a serious case of the tingles!

Yep, you’ve guessed it. This weeks Retro sweet of the week is…

Wham bar

The Wham Bar!

We know you’re all as crazy for Wham’s as we are, cause you’re always telling us how much you love ’em in our Retro Sweets Chewbz 🙂

If you’d like to win some Wham Bars, just leave a comment on this post. Tell us why you love Wham Bars, or reminise about any 80’s memories!

The winner will be chosen next Monday, the 11th April, so make sure you get your comments in before 9am on the 11th to be entered 😀

166 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Susan says:

    I sang to Wham, danced to Wham and loved chewing on a Wham Bar.
    Those were the days, Whamtastic!

  2. Sarah says:

    OMG!!! WHAM!!! I loved these!! funny enough me and my H2B were talking about these last night on the phone and saying how much we loved these and how we wondered if they were still around!! I defo think these would be great in our wedding favour bags!! 🙂 They are Whamatastic

  3. Sue Maben says:

    I remember buying these fro my children many,many years ago and then pouting to them to let me have one of theirs.Money was tight,when isn’t it,lol,but they always had their pocket money and they always shared with Mum.I love these and haven’t seen them for years.My mouth is watering thinking of the sparkles they made on my tongue,mmmmmmmmmmmmm.Heaven.x

  4. sharne machin says:

    WHAM bars another great one chewbz 🙂 they used to sell them in the school canteen for 10p! everyone used to buy loads and eat as many as they could before the end of dinner… dont think jamie oliver would have been happy!

  5. Alysha Smith says:

    OMG Whams are a absolute classic!

    Wake me up before you go go,
    I love Wham bars and I think you know know!

  6. D Turner says:

    A real blast from the past. I’ve not seen these beauties in ages. Always good for getting rid of those wobbly teeth and loose fillings!

  7. suzanne oneill says:

    I love Wham bars. I still buy them now if i see them in the newsagent. I’m not sure if they are still 10p but i remember when i was younger they were and i used to think it was amazing that i could get 10 wham bars with my £1 lunch money. Good old days =] x

  8. Coversnail says:

    I remember that Wham! bars were the first Christmas present I actually bought for someone, rather than having my parents buy it and pretend it was from me! I got my sister 5 Wham bars and very badly wrapped them up myself and everything! Awww… 🙂

  9. Zoe Mackie says:

    Yummyyyy The best retro sweetie going 🙂

    Wig Wham Ban

    Boom – Simply awsum <3

  10. Catherine says:

    I still love Wham Bars now! You can buy mini ones (different flavours) in a bag as well now although the original are still my favourite. My children always buy me some for Christmas too yummy! They where always my sweet of choice on the sweet shop stop on the way home after school!

  11. Rebecca says:

    Reminds me when i was at school, using my pocket money to get this lovely treat. Loved the little pieces of fab flavour in the middle of the wham!!

  12. James Benford says:

    Nothing better then putting a wham bar in the fridge overnight then breaking a tooth trying to eat it the next day.

  13. liz denial says:

    Wham bam thank you mam, I’d love this prize, take me back to the good old days of the 80s with big hair, lots of makeup & great music

  14. Denice says:

    I remember looking forward to the ice cream van on a saturday night so I could get my wham bar to chew on watching the generation game, just loved these bars, they are part of my childhood 🙂

  15. Rhonda says:

    Ah, I used to LOVE Wham bars as a kid! I wish they would bring them back, I remember me and my friend going to the shop and we would always pick a Wham bar over anything else!

  16. Jenny Price says:

    Some how these passed me by, can’t remember them, so would love to win & try them.

  17. gemma henshaw says:

    wow i love these – i can remember being brought them as a chld in the 80s – as i’m 30 this year these would be a perfect reminder!!

  18. Laura Westwood says:

    Wham bars are classic …. my brother loved them more than me….he was addicted to them. Happy days 🙂

  19. Jo Jones says:

    Wham really takes me on a nostalgia trip! The groovy 80s!!
    Would love to win this prize.

  20. Tracy Nixon says:

    WHAM BAM YOU MY MAN!!! YEAH!!! lol!!! Well I’m 36 on the 18th so I was a big fan of Wham during my teenage years..then a Brosette…and a fan of New kids on the Block…5 Star…A-Ha…Jason Donovan…Kylie Minogue (still am!)…ooooh the memories are flooding back now! I love Wham bars – in fact, I am more of a chew person than a choc person! Anything from Refresher bars to Wham bars is what I like. I’d love to win some so please pop my name in the hat!!! I am a follower on Twitter and have tweeted xxx

  21. Brenda Corbett says:

    WHAM bars another great one chewbz 🙂 they used to sell them in the school canteen for 10p! everyone used to buy loads and eat as many as they could before the end of dinner… dont think jamie oliver would have been happy!..

  22. simone lee says:


  23. sam blyth says:

    i remember losing a tooth to the mighty wham bar…… didnt put me off though. Gotta love a bit of Wham 😉


    I would give the bars to Susan the first posting I cant compete with her comments

  25. Winifred Davidson says:

    What a wonderful reminder of childhood, oldies will be queueing up for wham.

  26. Chanelle Star says:

    I just love Wham bars when i bite in to a Wham bar …my mouth explodes with so much flavour it feels so fruity!
    There Really nice and tasty!
    My Favourite Chew bar by far 🙂

  27. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    God, I miss everything about the eighties! The clothes, the hair, the music (remember when we all fancied George Michael?). Really miss the sweets too – particularly Wham! Bars and Spangles.

  28. Lucy Payne says:

    OMG I luvvv Wham bars havent seen therm around for years. It is my 30th Birthday soon and these would really bring back some memorys!!!

  29. CarlaB says:

    Wham, bam, I am a man, job or no job you can’t tell me that I’m not!!! Man I loved the 80’s!

  30. charlotte says:

    Love Wham bars, My mum banned me from them because of my teeth but always used to try sneak one when she wasn’t looking!

  31. toniq says:

    Omg, I miss the 80’s, big hair, donnington, guns n roses, bojovi, duran duran, and swoonnnnnnnn Morten harket from Aha! xxxxx

  32. melanie says:

    OMG I had forgotten about these. I used to buy 5 at a time with my 50p pocket money from our local shop. I fancy one now LOL

  33. Jennifer Thorpe says:

    oh wow! what a blast from the past! I absolutely adored wham bars – fantastically fizzy 🙂

  34. Katy Roberts says:

    Wham bars… they were great! I lost 2 teeth to Wham bars (not at the same time, I must add!.

    Daughters came home from a party recently with something that looked like a Wham bar so I had one but it didn’t have any fizz. Would love to give them a taste of the original and the best and this time I would definitely like to keep all my teeth!

  35. Gemma Harrison says:

    I don’t miss the 80’s. It was defiantly a time for cheesy music, bad fashion and horrible mullets and perms…however it was a great time for sweets. We had 2 shops in walking distance that did a vast selection of penny sweets and had rows and rows of jars of sweets. Most trips to the shop took ages, we stood contemplating what sweets to buy and my sisters always got a wham bar and a packet of meenies.

  36. Richard Holmes says:

    Wow Wham bars. Used to love them. Chewy yet even better when frozen. My mother was always telling me off for digging into the freezer trying to find where I had hidden it from my bother.

  37. kirstine meredith says:

    Forget the pop group and go for the bar….
    The chewier the better its Wham bars by far!
    Tingly, tangy taste that would last forever.
    10p in my days was always the best.
    Forget rowntrees fruit pastilles these pass the test.
    Bits of hard candy make them even more delightful.
    Just dont tell the dentist oh my now that would be frightful!!!!

  38. Emma Hawkins says:

    I used to get wham bars in the shop in my lunch time from school. I pulled my filling out eating one!!

  39. Pete A says:

    The only reason I go through the pain of the dentist is so I can hammer the wham bars with no fear!

  40. John Lynch says:

    I remember eating one in the school playground and wondering what the large lump was in the middle of the chewey bar, before realising it was one of my back teeth, 20 minutes of spitting blood later i arrived at maths late. It was embarrassing to tell the teacher infront of the class i had lost a baby tooth as i was 15 at the time. That said im almost double that now, and still have one baby tooth left.

  41. vicky says:

    I LOVE wham bars sooooooooooooo much cos im a child of the 80’s,rock on! My teeth however dont like them alot!

  42. Isabelle Smith says:

    well i wasnt born until the 90’s but shows how awesome they are that i remember them and there still around. I used to get loads on the way home from school back in the day, hmm i fancy a wham bar now

  43. stuart payne says:

    I remember at school losing my front tooth to a wham bar and the tooth actually embedded itself in the bar. I was called sweet tooth for years by my friends.

  44. Christopher Bell says:

    Wham bars!! OMG!! These are second only to the Iron Bru bars which had lovely little nuggets of sugary iron bru crystals or something!! Chewing on iron bru bars and watching Thundercats on TV – Love it! Can’t wait for the thundercats film thats gott be coming out soon! 😀

  45. Lynne OConnor says:

    Couldn’t believe my luck when I came across bags of these last year, and snapped up a bag. Tasted just as great as I remembered, with that great fizz on your tongue.

  46. RACHEL MURRAY says:



  47. julie reed says:

    Omg there’s no other words than I want whams! I’d give them all to my kids to give to there dad for fathers day! They are his favourites! His nana use to own a sweet shop with whams (think he may have taken payment for working there with these! Shhh)

  48. Nicola B says:

    Who doesn´t love Wham bars? My mum, that´s who. When I was little I wasn´t allowed to eat these delicious pink fizzling bars of deliciousness because they weren´t teeth friendly. I´m a grown-up now and I can eat them whenever please. So there!

  49. Julie Brett says:

    I remember buying these when I was about 12 and they were about 12p then too. Love this fizziness and the pink colour and they always got stuck in your teeth.

  50. Naomi Allard says:

    wow! what a blast from the past! as someone just said!
    Just want to see them back just so yummy!

  51. Lisa Collins says:

    I love Wham bars! They take me back to being a kid, standing infront of the sweetie aisle working out what i could afford with my pocket money.

  52. K Bailey says:

    WHAM BARS !! ohhhh i love these they used to be sooo tangy and fizzy and ever so chewy totally remind me of my childhood yummy

  53. Natalie Goatley says:

    I love wham bars becuase when I was a kid my mum used to give me my bus money but i’d buy two wham bars and run all the 3 miles to school. Id be exhausted but it was worth it.

  54. Jennifer Stokes says:

    My mum used to drop us at the Saturday Matinee at the cinema and go and get her hair done. We used to buy a Wham Bar each on the way in and they would last the whole hour!

  55. Rhydian says:

    Love Wham bars they take me back to sitting on the sofa after school and watching Thundercats.

  56. Craig Jeffery says:

    AHHH Wham Bars – why can i only find them in the corner shop? They should be everywhere! Are they band? I love Wham Bars as they bring back the school days of buying them after school (or before if i didn’t get caught haha) and chewing until my jaw hurt so much! I remember once when I couldn’t eat my dinner as my jaw hurt so much and I was in so much trouble – I was only caught out my the Wham bar stuck in my teeth and the purple stains down my top! The Good Old Days – please bring them back!

  57. chelsian says:

    Have to watch these bad boys, pull your fillings out if your not careful, cant get enough of them though!!

  58. ange says:

    sitting under the bridge at the top of my close, chewing on a Wham Bar whilst trying to sing…..Wham, bam – I am, a man
    Job or no job, you can’t tell me that I’m not…..ahhhhh the 80’s!

  59. Lou Chambers says:

    Total Blast from the past 😀
    I Loved these when I was younger, I ditched the 10p mix & got a Wham bar instead, Yum…..

  60. sharon griffin says:

    This takes me back to my high school days back in early 80`s. i used to buy one of these for my walk home, lovely and sticky and chewy and made me thirsty but loved em. x

  61. Kieran Walsh says:

    its tangy flavour, i loved to savour. it was a bar of the eighties, iadore, please please, can i have more!

  62. Dawn says:

    I remember Wham bars at school during lunchtime brought from the ice cream van that was parked in the school play ground. In summer we used to buy an ice cream as well and use the wham bar as a scoop to eat the ice cream…we were just too cool!

  63. James Yeates says:

    i love wham bars, my fillings don’t. Never used to be a problem when i was a kid!

  64. Victoria Dunn says:

    I love Wham bars.I used to put them in the fridge so I could snap them and eat them in pieces.

  65. Rachel says:

    I used to love Wham bars! I’m sure they weren’t good for my teeth but they were worth it!

  66. Katie Brigden says:

    Great memories – spending my pocket money at the corner shop. Wonderfully chewy, sweet and fizzy 🙂

  67. Sandra says:

    Wow, wham bars – loved them! I haven’t had one since… ooo at least last week 🙂 they’re fab, love the fizzzzzzz

  68. Chris says:

    Stopping at the newsagents on the way to school and grabbing a wham bar to chew my gums off the rest of the way to school! The good ol’ days

  69. Gemma Poulding says:

    I have not had a Wham bar in a very long time and for some reason I now feel like watching some 80s films such as Back to the Future!! I would love to win this prize

  70. Kelly Hooper says:

    Wham bars bring bak memories of sneaking down the shop after school with 50p out of my money box. Loved them 🙂

  71. katrina walsh says:

    The taste of the actual bar was scrummy enough but the fizzy bits were unbeatable! I work in a shop now I always feel a little sentimental when a kid buys one of these as they were my fave!

  72. Sue H says:

    Haven’t seen these for years, are they really still available? They used to be my treat when I took my now 34 year old daugher to buy some sweets with money from her Grandparents.

  73. Kimberley Howes says:

    I love wam bars, I remember buying them every Thursday from my school tuck shop. Yummy

  74. MARY MULLARKEY says:

    Because they give me that childish, fizzy, fuzzy feeling that I’d get when I’d eat them when I was a child!
    Oh please take me back to my youth!!

  75. claire green says:

    Wham bars are great i love them!!
    if you put them in the freezer, they snap into pieces that can be added to your ice cream as a topping – very yummy!!

  76. sandy hallett says:

    ooh they were my favourite at school – used to suck them and they’d last ages.

    sandy hallett

  77. Ryan Buckingham says:

    Wham bars are just devine, the cheweyness that the dentist loves when you teeth are becoming loose, and of course the best bit, is getting into the middle. the “sherbert” that tingles the taste buds. I can stil remember the taste.

  78. Ruth Worthington says:

    Wham Bam thank you mam, been pulling out children’s teeth since the early 80’s. I Love Em!

  79. sherri hough-fordham says:

    i used to love the tangy tingly feeling on my tongue when i had a wham bar yum yum yummy!!!!

  80. Luisa L says:

    I loved wham bars, I used to walk home from school so that I could spend my bus fare on Wham Bars!

  81. holly mercer says:

    Every friday when my dad would come to pick us up and take to his house, he would let my brother and sister and I, spend 30p in the local shop and I would almost always have at least 1 (if not more) wham bar and once when they didn’t have them I cried!

  82. Amy Rees says:

    I love wham bars because I was an 80s baby and it reminds me of the good old days! Trying to cut back on chocolate but have a sweet tooth, so this could help keep my sweet craving at bay!!

  83. Judith Luscombe says:

    Sorry to say I cant remember these when I was a child but definitely can recall nibbling off the ends of these bars when my children were small. They were gorgeous!!

  84. Angie sandhu says:

    My dad used to have a newsagent when we were young in 70s and 80s. Me and my sister always used to sneak in the shop and have Wham bars and other retro sweets! At that age all our friends were so jealous!!

  85. Susan Robinson says:

    Wham bars take me back to the days of long, hot summers doing absolutely nothing but play the day away and eat wham bars

  86. AliceB says:

    I loved Wham Bars, I had a weekly ‘sweet allowance’ so used to buy 2 wham bars, some pink shrimps and a sherbet fountain each week. I haven’t had one for ages! Please bring back my sweetie memories.

  87. sian matthews says:

    I love wham bars, I might be in my 30’s but I still buy them, my sweet shop sells little ones so they’re easier to carry in my pocket

  88. Richard says:

    Wham bars are lovely.
    Would sometimes warm them up a tiny bit in the microwave, they’d be warm, soft, chewy….. and a little messy lol.

  89. Annelien Mes says:

    I love wham bars, I remember when they were available for 10p each! gotta love the 80s sweets

  90. Ross Taylor says:

    I once used a Wham Bar to work out a loose tooth, whilst on holiday at Berwick Holiday Centre.

  91. Laura says:

    Please enter me, I remember it was always a good day if I got one of these from the Spar after school!

  92. P Phillips says:

    My parents knew how much me and my sister loved these so they used to use them to bribe us to behave.

  93. Debbie Weinhold says:

    Wham Bars bring back memories of the good ole days when I was a young nipper. I used to love pocket money time and being taken to the local sweetshop. Wham Bars were always one of my choices!

  94. Emma Oldfield says:

    Sweets today were not as good as in my day (as everything else). I need to prove to my daughter that this is true 😉

  95. Sarah Lycett says:

    I still like a Wham bar or two… so chewy so it’s not gone in a flash, and tastes delicious… my mouth is watering as I type!

  96. Susan Peart says:

    I like them, but my are the ones who usually sneak them in the shopping trolley without me knowing!

  97. nicola harrison says:

    i just lurve wham bars have`nt had one for years x there so zingy x fond memories x

  98. Zara says:

    hey’re probably the only good memory I have from school – looking forward to lunchtime so I could go to the newsagents and clear them out!

  99. Andy Clifford says:

    Wham Bars! Cool!! I remember getting these from the local shop when I was a kid. Loved them, it was the kick of the fizz that did it!

  100. Elaine K says:

    Oooh now they’re a blast from the past! I remember the first time I tried one and how surprised I was at the fizz in the crackly parts….Mmmmmmm!! Sometimes they’d be soft and chewy and other times they’d be hard and snappable, but always deliciously tasty. 🙂

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