Chewbz posh new office!

Team Chewbz moved into our brand new office this morning, complete with some new artwork!

Of course, being the sweetie haven that we are, we had to invite Willy Wonka into retro sweets HQ…

Willy Wonka!

… and who wouldn’t want a bit of The Hoff to brighten their workdays ;).


A big thanks to Dom for these inspired works of art!

P.s If anyone wants to pop by, we’ve also got a few sweetie jars to tempt you 😀

4 thoughts on “Chewbz posh new office!

  1. Sue Maben says:

    I must say i love the new artwork.Especially the Johnny Depp(Willy Wonka) one,gotta love that man.The Hoff well what can one say very retro but love the frame,lol.Hope you are very happy in your new offices.We are still enjoying our tubz,being very good and not overloading on the sugar.Best Wishes,xx Sue xx

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