Retro sweet of the week!

It’s Retro sweet of the week time again!

Sorry it’s a little late, but we were so busy in the warehouse yesterday that there was no time to post 🙁

To make up for it, we’ve chosen one of our most popular retro friends…

Now, we can’t think of a better way to brighten our morning, than to turn our thoughts to our favourite retro sweets.

Plus, it gives us the excuse to run some essential taste  tests ;).

This week’s chosen sweet is… Popping Candy!!!
Popping Candy!

There’s nothing quite like the sensation a handful of Popping Candy can create. It crackles and pop’s in your mouth, in your ears and even feels like an explosion in your brain!

Popping Candy is definitely one of our all time favourite retro sweets. Passing around the Fizz Wiz certainly kept us going through our busy Monday!

What do you think of this weeks Retro sweet of the week?

Are you mad about Popping Candy too?

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