Retro sweet of the week

Happy Monday sweet toothed friends!

We’re back again to help you kick those Monday blues, and transform you to nicer times by giving you the chance to win… some free retro sweets!

This week the Chewbz office have chosen…



We bet you remember these from after school trips to your favourite corner shop. Once you made it trough the hard outer shell, you reached the chewy bubblegummy reward, ahh! These definitely give your jaw a good old workout!

Our Jawbreakers even come with some awesome free stickers, so you can be the envy of the playground office  ;).

So delight your inner child by leaving a comment on this post, and you could win a bag of these retro sweet challenges!

All you need to do to be in with the chance of winning is to leave a comment on this post, before 9am on Monday 30th January. The winners will be the comments that bring the biggest smile to our face, so get sharing those sweet memories Chewbz fans!

81 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. Mia Walmsley says:

    Ooooo me and my friends use to love these when we were at school!
    We use to see how many we could fit in our mouths and see who could be the first to chew them into a massive ball!
    I always failed! my mouth not big enuff!! hehe xxx

  2. claire woods says:

    I would love to give one of these to my son Samuel – it might actually make him stop talking for 5 minutes and give me and his dad some peace and quiet!!

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh wow! Do I remember these? I remember sending my dad on a hunt for these for me to all the shops in a 10 mile radius. I first tried one at my friends house(I call her a friend, although she could be rather spiteful at times) and I really wanted to get these Jawbreakers as they were so nice.
    Anyway, on that day of first trying these sweets, my friend had decided to be rather spiteful to me, and along with locking me in her bedroom for a whole hour and telling me that I was never going home again which resulted in me peeing myself (I was around 6 and absolutely busting for the toilet, and just couldn’t hold it anymore), she told me that these were called ‘Gumbly Gobstoppers’ to prevent me ever getting any of my own. Needless to say, my dad didn’t have any luck getting me any of the sweets and he also received some rather odd looks whilst asking. So you can imagine my delight when I finally discovered these sweets in a local shop on a high shelf about a month later and realised that the reason I couldn’t lay my hands on them was because we had been asking for the wrong name. I’ll never forget Jawbreakers and I also used to like the stickers that came with them, and my favourite ones were the fiery hot ones.

  4. Joanna Moran says:

    I would love to win some of these because I remember my mum buying them for my brother and I. For some reason she seemed only too happy to buy them for us!???

  5. Jean Bolsover says:

    I used to love these, but painful on the teeth! Ah, but nether mind, they tasted too good to resist! Wonder how my kids could handle them? Love to give it a try!

  6. Craig J says:

    I’ve loce to have one or two stuck in my jaw for the whole working day. Would be fun dealing with customers looking like a hamster.

  7. Pete says:

    I love the layered ones, where different colours appear as you get down to the secret centre. I could make an analogy here, but presumably it’s a family site… 🙂

  8. Rebecca J Smith says:

    I used to love these – used to traipse to the other end of our village aged 7 just to buy these!

  9. Daisy Bryan says:

    Wow, I remember these! They really did used to make my jaw ache as I would eat so many of them! Plus I used to love how they would make your tongue go bright red, hehe 🙂

  10. Morowa Brenya says:

    I longed for these, was only ever allowed sweets on a Friday as a treat…teeth lovely now though 😉

  11. Jade says:

    I remember buying these on the way back from school! The dangers of choking in public, breaking your jaw, or walking around with red stuff all of your face was definitely worth the taste of those succulent jawbreakers!

  12. gemma says:

    I loved these as a child, my brother and i used to compete to see who could put the most fire ball ones in their mouth!

  13. trevor griffiths says:

    If only they’d occasionally lived up to their reputation and broke the odd teachers jaw, just a little, to give us the odd break ourselves way back when.

  14. donna mcgahey says:

    jaw breakers :O havent had one in years my kids dont share them ,if i won sum id be the meanest mummy n sit n eat em right infront of them haha (just kidding) i remember buying these in the local shop behind my mums back we wernt allowed chewing gum totally loved racing my friends to see who could finish the shell first to get to the “forbidden” chewing gum always tastes better when your not allowed them

  15. claire broughton says:

    your jaws they break,
    them teeth they ache,
    they take us back to retro days
    when you childhood became a haze
    but thanks to you they’re back to chew

  16. Hayley Vernon says:

    I used to love these sweets! Such a yummy taste and were always a cheap treat when i popped into the shops 🙂 wow makes you realise how fab you childhood was! Miss them days <3

  17. Hannah Ellis says:

    Oh this takes me back – playing pranks on my brother and breaking one of his teeth – ops! Still many years older Id try the same thing ;-p

  18. Vicky Louise Brett Robinson says:

    I love these & my son was eating one this afternoon! He likes them as much as I did as a child! The best side effect is that it kept him quiet for ages trying to eat it!

  19. laura banks says:

    i loved these i always remember having to cycle to the next village as a kid cos our shop did’nt sell them

  20. Jenny Barker says:

    Has the office had a comp to see who has the biggest mouth ie who and how many can they fit in :0)xx

  21. tracy says:

    wow these take me back to my child hood me and my mates seeing how long we could hold them in our mouths before they were burning our tounge off !! lol and the sour addition they brought out were defo a challange 🙂

  22. Julie Hogg says:

    This takes me back to when I was a kid, we were always buying these and highland toffees…. straight after school swimming straight to the vending machine!!

  23. tracey belcher says:

    I remember when a kid at school got one of these stuck between his teeth and his sums at the top – It was so so funny we were in class and not supposed to have sweets he got asked by the teacher what was in his mouth so he quickly rolled it up to the top of his mouth and opened his mouth to show the teacher he had nothing!! Everyone, teacher included could see the lump in the top of his mouth and he couldn’t move it back down again! He sat there dribbling trying to release it!

  24. Jordan Pimm says:

    Lmao oo them sweets that burnt your mouth when i was younger cause they were hot lol and terribly hard haha but love it when u see how many u can fit in mout and how long lol and then tell people they were the best but then seeing there face when they seen it wasnt what they expected lol love em !!!!!!!!

  25. tracey moody says:

    When I saw this my Jaw nearly broke from the Mahoosive GRIN I had across my face on remembering these gorge sweets & from when my mum said I couldn’t have em’ as “They’ll break your b****y Jaw”……er?

  26. Lewis Pearce says:

    My friend literally broke his jaw eating one of these. He now has a metal plate to hold his jaw together!

  27. Lauren Main says:

    I remeber when I was younger my Mum banned me from eatin’ these, ’cause I choked on one! But I can’t help myself, they’re lush 😀

  28. Hannah Jeffery says:

    Oh my lord, when i saw this comp I just had to enter! When I was pregnant with my son Ted I craved these like absolut mad! So much so that my other half sneaked lots of them into my maternity bag. When my little pudding arrived I had a HUGE chewing gum ball in my mouth! I recommend these sweets for labour more than gas and air! CHEW CHEW CHEW and PUSH! 🙂

  29. lorraine polley says:

    i remember these, could do with some jawbreakers now as my son seems to have a bad dose of verbal diarrhoea!!!! he cant seem to be quiet!!

  30. karen harrison says:

    would love to give them to my son he talks for england and would like a bit of piece for 5 mins and hes 25

  31. Kaz Bridges says:

    Need to win these or I might have to come and pull your hair or poke you in the eye na na na na na ( sticks out tongue)

  32. Maria Messruther says:

    My friends and I used to spend our dinner money on sweets and these were on my dinner list lol.

  33. Samantha Atherton says:

    Mum never used to let me have these, think she thought i might actually break my jaw. Use to buy them on the way home from school and have to try to finish them before i got home.

  34. AVRIL BOWMAN says:

    I come from New Zealand and these were my favourite sweets. I used to go to the local sweet shop and spend my pocket money on these sweets because they lasted longer then all of my other sweets.
    Thank you hope to win, brings back memories.

  35. aisha says:

    i remember these when i was back in primary school , we used to have a competition to see who could fit the most in at once and you never had a jawbreaker without an achy jaw afterwards , definately live up to their name

  36. Vicky Everson says:

    I misread the post about having to traipse across the village to get these as having to trapeeze across the village and momentarily forgot about my love of sweets whilst wondering where this place was and if I could live there… oh yes, and I like Jawbreakers too 8D x

  37. Rob Clayton says:

    Wow, i used to love these. not sure if my teeth would survive them now though, but id sure give it a go.

  38. gillian logue says:

    i used to love these when i was little i could fit at least three in my mouth at the same time lol me and my friends used to have a competition to see who could handle the really hot ones for the longest our faces would be bright red and our eyes watering slevers coming down our chins lol the memorys go on but for the lightweights who couldnt handle them we would use them to chalk the pavements lol great childhood memories

  39. Kim James says:

    I’m 19 And I Love Love Love These Sweets.
    My Boyfriend & I Have Competions To See Who Can Get To The Gum First (I Have Stronger Jaw & Teeth So Most Of The Time He Loses) I Remember The Film Hairspray I Used To Always Have One That Was Bright Red In My Mouth Just Like Penny? Correct Me If I’m Wrong Please.
    My Jaw Aches After Two Whole Packets I’m Getting Kind Of Addicted To Them But I Can’t Help Myself. Lol. xxx

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