Cherry Lips are a classic retro sweet…

Cherry Lips are a classic retro sweet from the 70s and 80s. These delectable juicy red lips are soft and chewy, bursting with a distinctive cherry flavour, a definitive favourite if I do say so myself.

Bursting with sweet and tangy cherry flavour, Cherry Lips are a classic featured sweet among the traditional pick and mix. These vibrant lip-shaped gummies boast a strong and juicy flavour, making them a refreshing and moreish confectionery choice.

That unmistakable cherry flavour and chewy gummy texture takes us straight back to our childhood! Perfect for sharing or indulging on alone, or even send a loved one your cherry kisses with these sweet delectable sweets. Packed with flavour and loads of gorgeous gumminess – they are the perfect gift to send for an anniversary, Valentine’s or even just to spread some love.