Is there a more iconic sweet than Love Hearts?


Is there a more iconic sweet than Love Hearts?

A sweet instantly recognisable with its embossed decorations and lovable messages. These sweets are cuteness personified.

Love Hearts currently come in six sweet yet subtle fruity flavourings from the pure white we get the sweet and simple flavour of slightly tart vanilla sherbet.

From the soft yellow Love Hearts we can discern the sherbet-like flavour punched with a distinct sharp lemon aftertaste. The green is almost identical to the yellow but with a hint of lime overpowering the palatable sherbet fizz. Orange much like its namesake contains a sweet flavouring of orange. Purple is an unusual, slightly perfumed berry-like flavour which packs a punch and Red perhaps the strongest of all has a distinct cherry flavour.

In 2008 Swizzels Matlow held a competition to see who could come up with the best love hearts message. My personal favourite from the winning entries was ‘Think Pink’, we’d love to hear what you would have written?

Did you know? The concept of Love Hearts sweets actually existed in the Victorian Era. The sweet short love-related messages were originally dedicated the name ‘Conversation Lozenges’ and were a popular confectionery among the Victorians.