Sweets for your sweet ♥

*** Gushy Valentine’s post alert! ***

It’s time to think beyond the chocolate box and choose retro sweets for your sweetheart this February the 14th!

Our Valentine’s retro sweets range has just landed, and with a little over three weeks to go until the most romantic day of the year, here’s a little sneak peek into Chewbz romantic offerings!

After working with Cupid, we’ve developed the ultimate Valentine’s gift to delight your sweet-toothed loved one.


Luscious Love Box

The Chewbz Luscious Love Box!

Sweet eh?! Here at retro sweet towers, we’re so proud of our lovely Luscious Love Box. Packed inside a glossy red box we’ve included Heart Throbs, Strawberry Bon Bons, Juicy Lips, Candy Necklaces and plenty more of the most romantic of retro sweets ever. There’s enough Love Hearts to share and even a great big glistening Ring Pop in case you decide to pop the question ;).

Or if you’d rather treat yourself to this feast of retro loveliness, we know you totally deserve it… and promise we won’t tell!

Take a look at our Luscious Love Box, and the rest of our Valentine’s retro sweets gifts here ♥.

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